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The Cullen's Moments of Randomness

Air Hockey


"Rosalie, can I give you a make-over?" I asked for the eleventh time that day.

"No! I already told you. I spent like, ten whole minutes doing my hair this morning." Rosalie replied while filing her already perfect nails.

"Grrrrr..." I muttered. It was a sunny day today. To sunny to go to school. And I was sooooo bored. I already re-organized my make up, played EVERY board game in the house with Edward and Rosalie until it I ever got bored and Esme says I can't go shopping. Sorry dear. Her words echoed on my head. If someone saw you, they might think that you're skipping class. No one seamed to want to do anything. Suddenly, an image appeared in my head.

Wow... I thought. This is probably the most stupid and crazy thing I have ever seen and will do.

"... I think Jasper and Emmet will need our help pretty soon." I said between giggles. This would be interesting.


Emmet and I were in the midst of an intense air hockey game. The puck was speeding down toward me but I shot it back at him. Waves of fury were rolling off Emmet at an almost unbearable rate. Emmet was always a sore loser. I was beating him by three points. That just goes to show, I thought to myself. Strategy ALWAYS beats strength. Almost as if he heard me, a slow growl emerged from Emmet's chest.

"ARRRAAGGGG!" He shot the puck towards me with all his strength. The puck came straight toward my head. I ducked and turned around, to see the size of the hole that the puck would make in the wall. But instead of a huge crash, I heard a soft spat! The puck was sticking to the wall.

"Ummm... where is the... noise and the crashing... breaking... colapsing... eeehhhh..." Emmet said in a small voice.

I walked closer to the puck stuck to the wall. It almost looked like a giant piece of red bubble gum had been stuck to the walls. Then I realized what happened.

"Ummm... Emmet? I think when you hit the puck, that, it sort of ... well... melted. And now it's melted... to the wall." I said softly. He just nodded sheepishly next to me. We stood there, looking at the puck on the wall for a few moments, when I realized there was a small train of smoke trailing off of it. And, before I could react, it burst into flames.

Emmet screamed like a little girl and jumped on my shoulders. I soon joined his screaming, but in a less girly way. The flames started to crawl it's way up the wall. Emmet screamed even louder when a small spark almost hit his nose.


Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Fire! Fire! Were all gonna DIE! I thought. In my panic I accidentally sent waves of terror and hopelessness toward Emmet. Big mistake. He screamed so loud I thought my ears would explode. Emmet's iron mussels gripped me even tighter, until I my bones felt like they were going to break.

Someone help me! I thought in desperation. Underneath Emmet's screams of terror, I could have sworn that I heard music in the back-round. Superhero music.


"Ok, Rosalie. Here's the video camera." It should start in about half a minute. Remember. Turn on the music when I give the word." Alice whispered to me. I nodded and flipped open the camera. Alice ran into her room to change, so I crept down to the bottom of the stairs and pressed the record button. Jasper and Emmet were playing air hockey.

Poor Emmet, I thought. He's losing. Come on Emmet you can beat him! I know... oh what am I saying. Neither of them are going to win. I am! Ha ha ha! Oh, and Alice will win a little bit... Here comes the good part!

"ARRRRGGGG!" Emmet shot the puck straight at Jasper's head.

Man Emmets got some muscles! And now the puck is stuck to the wall. Alice was right. Emmet and Jasper do need help. Wow! The puck is on fire! Gasp! Is that my husband screaming? Geeze, Emmet sounds girly.

"Ok, Rosalie. Turn on the music." Alice said form the top of the stairs. I clicked the play button and superhero music filled the air.

"Never fear! Super Girl is here!" Alice dove off the top of the staircase, her red cape swishing behind her. Emmet and Jasper turned around and watched Alice stride toward them with to full buckets of water. She set them on the ground and struck a super pose.

"Do not be afraid. I will destroy this evil villain!" She picked up one of the buckets and threw the water on the fire. It sizzled and died down until only a small black spot was left on the white walls. Then Alice picked up the next bucket and threw it on Emmet and Jasper.

"I have conquered all. This house will be safe... for now!" She smiled smugly and put her hands on her hips like Superman. Just then Esme walked in with her gardening gloves and a shovel in her hand.

"Kids, are you ok? I heard sc... AHHH! MY WALLS! Theyareruined! Iworkedsohardtogettheperfecttextureonthatwallandnowthereisabigblackspotinthemiddleofit! Icantlivelikethis! EmmetandJasper,thishasyournameswrittenalloverit. Explaintomewhathappeded..." Esme started to talk so fast that no one could understand her.

This is going to make a great home video. I thought while rolling on the floor laughing.


Edward drove me into his driveway after a long day of school.

"Thanks again for picking me up from school." I said to Edward

"Any time dearest." Edward squeezed my hand lightly. Suddenly, his brow furrowed and he glanced worriedly at his house.

"Is something wrong?" I asked as I stepped out of his car. But my question answered itself. I could faintly smell smoke in the air. My eyes widened and I glanced at Edward. He was already making his way to the house. I ran after him, almost tripping on a beetle. When I got to the door it was quite a scene to take in.

Alice was standing next to two empty buckets in a superman costume, her hands on her hips and a smug expression on her face. Esme was staring at a black spot on the wall, shouting something to fast for me to understand. Rosalie was lying on the ground, laughing so hard that she would have been crying if she could. Jasper was crouched on the ground with water dripping off his hair and looking around with embarrassment. Emmet was dry sobbing in a corner, also covered with water. On top of it all, Edward was laughing so hard, I thought I could feel the walls shaking.

This was one weird day.

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