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"I am not Submissive!"
by Chronos Astral

Uzumaki Naruto, 18 years of age, Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, Konoha Jounin, Number One Most Surprising Ninja, most likely candidate for next Hokage, and one of the strongest and finest Konohagakure no Sato has to offer, had absolutely no freaking idea how this was happening.

Within the blanket of night, within the roomy confines of his generous home, he was surrounded on all sides, arms, legs, and even torso locked in place, rooted firmly to the spot with no means of escape. Despite the air-conditioned ventilation of the modest chamber, he could feel sweat dripping off him in gallons, anxiety and fear etched in his scowl. He was, in the literal sense of the word, in a bind, boxed in by a most formidable opponent.

'How did this happen!?' He mentally screamed, finding no will to speak it, afraid of the repercussions of making a sound amid the stifling silence.

His thoughts traced back to the events of that afternoon when, as Shikamaru could better voice, the 'Trouble' began.

Naruto felt one of his famous grins creeping up. Being a Jounin meant better ranked missions. Better ranked missions meant better pay. Better pay meant better lodging. Which would explain why he was standing before a modest though larger than normal abode with a grin of triumph, watching as his shadow clones entered and exited the residence lugging various belongings and furniture.

With his recent savings (and minor prodding of the Hokage) he had finally been able to afford this new home which was hands down hell of a lot better than his beat-up rundown apartment which he had lived in for the most of his life. He wasn't going to miss the place either.

The two-story Western home was large, almost massive even, located in a quiet spacious suburbia in Konoha. Game room, training room, lovely garden (Good zen too), cable tv, spacious living room, nice decor, what more could he ask for. It's even got a pool! A freakin' pool! He's always wanted a pool.

The color of the exterior was a modest white, stylish windows littering its sides. 'White?' The blond thought. 'Can't have that. I'll have to get to work on painting it orange!'. With that set on his mental to-do list, he entered his new home, admiring the design work of the building. His feet padded audibly on the wooden flooring, along with the sounds of other many footsteps, courtesy of his clones.

"You, setting up the picture!" He addressed the clone crouching horizontally on the wall, straightening a rather detailed painting of a bowl of ramen. "Don't get shoeprints all over the wall!"

"Yes, boss!" He saluted and resumed his work.

Naruto inspected the training room he specifically requested. It was a large room with traditional tatami mats spread out on the floor, plain white interior, numerous scrolls, wooden targets, and weapons made for practice lain about. Satisfied he proceeded to the stairs, removed his sandals at the base and traversed over to the second floor where the smooth carpet flooring brushed the skin of his bare feet.

To his right was the entrance to his new bedroom which he had an air-conditioner installed, a device from Sunagakure that regulated the temperature in a room. His new pad housed a silky king-sized lavender bed fit for seven with an abundant amount of fluffy grey pillows arranged neatly on top of it. Across from his grand mattress was a high-quality television set equipped with a surround sound stereo system outfitted all around the room. Naruto resisted the urge to cry in sheer joy.

On the sides of the room were closet doors large enough to fit all his clothes and sleepwear as well as a few other personal belongings. The floor was fitted with a rather inviting grey rug surface that felt soft to the touch. Another door led to a very clean bathroom with an invitingly large tub. He couldn't wait to try this one out.

Everything looked to be in order. The clever management of his savings as well as a few investment plans (with help from Shikamaru) he was more than capable to have afforded such an impressive house with plenty left over for other items. It was no Hyuuga mansion, but it sure beat the hell out of his old apartment home (three times over!). Being a Jounin rocked!

After a few more hours of work, he had finally finished moving in all his things, ready to settle in for the day. He was cut-off by the sound of his doorbell ringing. 'I have a doorbell!? Sweet!'. Filing this in his 'cool-stuff-my-house-has' list, he made his way downstairs, dismissing his clones along the way. He raced excitedly to the form of his first guest. "Sakura-chan?"

Haruno Sakura had grown much more beautiful over the years, letting her exotic pink hair grow a little more to her shoulders, her eyes an alluring emerald green. In this time she had also honed her medical-ninja skills, becoming one of Konoha's great medic-nins, second only to her master, Tsunade, and on par with Tsunade's other apprentice, Shizune. Today was her day off, seeing as she wore more casual clothing. "Hey, Naruto. Is this your new house?"

The blond grinned at her former teammate. "Yup! Neat huh?"

She stared at the building in wonder. "Wow... You must be loaded to have afforded this..."

"I get by..." He said, still grinning.

The pinkette leaned in slightly, a bit of mischief sparkling in her eyes. "So... Are you gonna have a party?"

Naruto's eyebrows perked in query. "A party?"

"Of course. In commemoration of moving to your new lovely home."

"I haven't thought of that..." He put a finger to his chin, thinking the aspect over. "I haven't really settled in yet, but I guess I can-"

"That's great!" She cheered, not waiting for him to finish. The girl gave a loud whistle, which had summoned a crowd from out of nowhere. "Party at Naruto's!!!"

The crowd roared in approval and stampeded inside of the home, nearly trampling Naruto, who had wisely stepped away from the rushing group. In a panic, the boy swiveled his head through the door and was met with horror. The sound system had been turned on to some very loud music, with a large number of people chatting and dancing on his perfectly polished floor. There were food and drinks being served, mostly brought by the group. 'Were they planning this!? By Kami, there're crumbs everywhere!' His mind screamed bloody murder at the copious amounts of sake set for drinking. He ran outside, fearing that they had touched the pool. His fears were confirmed, seeing that they were already wading and playing in the chlorine waters.

He rushed back inside, trying to find Sakura within the crowd. "Sakura-chan!" He called out, trying to beat the volume of the music. He spotted a tuft of pink within the midst of the crowd and pulled her in. "Sakura-chan, what's going on!?"

"Sorry!" She grinned sheepishly. "We girls were planning to party at my place at first, but it was being renovated, so we decided for your place instead!"

"You 'girls'!?" He looked around the room once more, finding not a single male, only familiar female faces.

He had spotted a few of his friends. Yamanaka Ino, a blonde like he was, with amazing beauty and exquisite body, but equipped with a fiery aggression and mind jutsus set to literally mess with the minds of anyone willing to cross her. Hyuuga Hinata, the lovely heiress of the Hyuuga line, adorably shy yet fiercely strong and loyal. TenTen, a girl of some Chinese descent, was the captivating weapons mistress of Konoha, fit with not only a graceful physique but with a deadly arsenal of weapons. Sabaku no Temari, the Suna representative for Konoha, a hot-tempered kunoichi with a dynamite figure, was the Suna representative of Konoha as well as the older sibling of the Godaime Kazekage, Sabaku no Gaara. Then there was also Hyuuga Hanabi, the more refined and reserved sister of Hinata, who was blooming into a mature and beautiful teen.

There were also other faces as well like Ichiraku Ayame, the attractive daughter of the ramen chef Ichiraku Teuchi. There was also Haku, a girl who had initially claimed herself to be boy, was spared by Naruto in their fight, and now resembled Tsunami, mother of one of Naruto's younger friends, Inari. Tsuchi Kin was also amongst them, who thankfully enough had escaped Orochimaru's clutches before Naruto found her nearly dead. The same went for the foul-mouthed redhead that was Tayuya, whom Naruto had also brought back to Konoha to be nursed to health. Mitarashi Anko was presently drinking sake and eating dango, two of the eccentric Tokubetsu Jounin's favorite pastimes. Shizune, the Godaime Hokage's first apprentice, was also there, trying to reject the Jounin's offers to drink with her and failing.

The others he barely knew, but they constantly commented on how cute he was, seeing as he bore a great resemblance to the Yondaime Hokage. Short spiked blond hair that jetted to the sides instead of upwards like in his youth, whiskers that gave him an animalistic and exotic trait, deep cerulean eyes, and a charming facet that had a more childish touch than a mature masculine one. Add that to the fact that he was shorter than most males his age, the way he was called 'cute' translated as 'adorable' to him and thus irked him.

Naruto slumped down. He was never one to back down from a party, hell he was usually the life of the party, but this was just plain trespassing! But he couldn't bring himself to ruin all the fun either. He still had the reputation of being a grand party thrower to keep. With a deep sigh, he resigned himself to fate. So what if it was an all girls party? He owned the damn place anyway.

"Oiiii... Naru-chaaann..." A drunken slur addressed him in a disturbingly familiar way. An arm rested on his shoulder, feeling the weight of a person going down with it. The face of Mitarashi Anko peeked out from behind him and laid her head on his other shoulder, her sake-laced breath tickling his cheek. "Aren't you having fun, Naru-chan?"

That tone just spoke trouble in volumes. "Err... Somewhat?"

Bad answer.

"Now we can't have that..." She purred, pressing her cheek against his. He could smell a hint of lilac amid the strong scent of alcohol that lingered into his nose. The woman lowered her tone to a seductive whisper. "How about I show you some fun?"

The way she said 'show' and 'fun' in the same sentence sent his mind reeling into unpleasant thoughts. The way she licked the ridge of his whisker marks didn't help any.

"Bathroom!" He squeaked and swiftly detached himself from the intoxicated Jounin to bound towards a nearby restroom.

Which, unfortunately, was locked.

This was going to be a long day...

After hours of partying, twilight fell, settling into a dark night sky. The party-goers had left his home, forsaking the new abode with what looked to have been the aftermath of leaving wild monkeys unattended. A rather abundant amount of trash lay strewn about his living room, stains and smudges all over his new floor. Empty plastic cups and plates were left to rot and pile on the tables and couches.

The boy broke into a comically depressing sob. "So much to clean! They even left without so much as a 'Thanks for the party, Naruto!' or 'Sorry about the mess, Naruto!' or 'We appreciate your hospitality, Naruto!'. I didn't even get to eat any of the ramen, Ayame-chan brought!!" Seeing that sinking into deeper depression and outrage only made him much more tired after the events of that day, he decided to leave the cleaning for tomorrow and turn in early.

He shambled tiredly up the stairs, thanking Kami almighty that there was no mess to be seen on the second floor. He figured no one had thought of going upstairs. His thoughts were dashed by the sounds of activity coming from his bedroom.

'What the-?' Years of being a ninja taught him to be more wary of his surroundings before proceeding. He put an ear to the door, trying to make out the noise emanating from within. He heard the distinct blaring of his sound system going of lightly, followed by what he could make out as someone going through his stuff.

'Aw, hell no!' Steeling himself, he braced the knob of the door and opened it, revealing the trespassers.

"Wha-?" He was surprised to find the closest of his female friends within.

TenTen, Temari, Hanabi, Hinata, and Haku were sitting idly on the floor, watching what appeared to be an old movie about samurai and whatnot on his large new television. Sakura, Ino, Kin, and Shizune were sprawled on his bed, having a relatively pleasant conversation. Anko and Tayuya busied themselves with searching his belongings, looking through both closet and drawer for Kami-knows-what.

Anko and Tayuya seemed to be the only ones who had acknowledged his presence, with the purple-haired snake girl speaking up first in a more sober pitch as she rummaged through another cabinet. "What's this, Naru-chan? I haven't found any naughty things in your stuff at all."

"Yeah, dork, where'dya keep your porn?" Said the more brash and straightforward redhead, Tayuya.

Naruto went red at this and cried in defense. "I-I don't have any of that stuff! I'm not a pervert like Ero-Sennin!"

Tayuya, who doubted him somewhat, walked closer to the blond and leaned her face directly into his to glower at him. Naruto began to sweat nervously under her intense scrutiny and proximity. Like all the other girls he's known, the redhead had become quite beautiful over the years, having gotten rid of her silly-looking hat and Oto battle garb, and styling her red mane a little. With that added to how her choice of clothing exposed some of her fine cleavage and how she was unknowingly showing even more by leaning down had made him a human tomato.

Her cursed seal was gone though, as well as Anko's, with most of the credit going to Naruto, who had put up quite an effort to study how to remove it. With over one year and the help of at least thousands of shadow clones, he had found a way to completely erase the seal. Having Jiraiya take care of the sealing himself, the process was successful, severing their ties with the Snake Sannin, much to their gratitude. They had become good friends ever since.

Even though Tayuya had picked the name 'dork' as her nickname for him.

"Alright, I can see that you're not lyin'." Tayuya admitted, giving Naruto some space. "Though it just makes you more of a dork than you already are. What kind of guy are you?"

"What's that supposed to mean!?" Naruto demanded. "I'm a full-fledged man! I'm not a pervert either!"

"Shh!" TenTen shushed him absently, intently focused on the movie's climax. "Keep it down, Naruto. It's getting to the good part."

The blond twitched in annoyance at the nerve these girls were showing. He lived here and they were telling him what to keep quiet, because they were watching a movie in his own television!? "Hey-!"

"Sshhh!!" He was silenced again, this time with the combined efforts of TenTen, Temari, and Hanabi. He thought of pressing on, but seeing that he was already exhausted and he knew that he couldn't win, he reluctantly relented with a surrendered sigh and slump of his shoulders. Hinata and Haku gave a brief look of apology.

Tayuya snickered. "Some man you are."

Naruto gave a low growl but shrugged the comment away. She always did this, so he didn't mind all that much. It was Anko he was worried about, since she hadn't stopped grinning in his direction. He gulped as the snake woman stepped closer and did her trademark hanging off one of his shoulders seductively. "Now, Now, Naru-chan. Are you telling me that you don't have certain... urges?" The way she traced a finger up his spine as she said that made him shudder.

Naruto, either too frightened or flustered to use his voice, rapidly shook his head. This brought on a familiar though unwanted reaction.

"Kawaii! You're so cute when you're like that Naru-chan." Anko hugged him from behind, rubbing her cheek against his. To his growing ire, she was purposely pressing her ample bosom against him. Her grin widened when she saw that he was sweating.

Shizune took notice of the poor boy's predicament and decided to step in to help. "Anko-san, you're making him uncomfortable."

Anko faced her with a cheeky grin, arms still encircled around the younger boy's waist. "You want some too, Shizu-chan? Don't worry, I'll share."

"W-Wha!?" The medic-nin blushed madly at the implications.

Seeing that this was going to get way awkward, Naruto immediately excused himself. He sprinted off to to his bathroom, relieved that it wasn't locked like the one downstairs. For good measure, he locked it, letting a out a breath of relief after hearing the resounding click of the locks in place.

"Hmm?" A female voice sounded from behind him. 'Kami, I humbly ask that when I look back, there is no one there and I have only imagined Ayame's voice in my head.'

Slowly he turned his head to face the intruder. The sight of a rather attractive girl with long light-brown locks greeted him, gazing curiously at him from his bathtub.

With nothing to clothe her or hide her modesty except the small wisps of mist that were coming from the hot waters she was washing herself in.

Ichiraku Ayame smiled and waved in greeting. "Hi, Naruto."

Clamp! Click! Slam!

And he was out of the room like a bat out of hell. In addition, his respect for the usually merciful Kami had dropped a bit.

"Would you guys please ask if you wanted to use my bathroom? Or at least warn me if someone is!?" He shouted with a red face.

"Aww... What's wrong, Naru-chan? Didn't like it?" Anko said teasingly.

"It's not like that!" He started to vigorously claw at his scalp in his irritation. He needed a nice hot bath to calm down but considering that the facilities required were occupied at the moment, he just opted to get some sleep.

Easy, if you didn't have a group of girls using your bed.

"Say..." He began, drawing closer to the group to get their attention. "When will you guys be leaving?"

"Why do you ask? Is it because you don't want us to be here anymore, Naru-chan?" The purple-haired Tokubetsu Jounin made a playful pout, trying to appear hurt.

The blond boy rubbed his temple tenderly. "It's not that. It's just that it will be getting late soon and I really, really, need some sleep right now."

Ino took this as a cue to speak up. "We would go home, but..." She stood from her place on the enormous bed and strolled over to the windows, pulling away the curtains to reveal a rather heavy downpour of rain. How he hadn't noticed that a while ago, he had no clue. Probably due to his exhaustion.

Ino continued, flipping her light blonde hair a little to the side. "As you can see, we can't just leave now. The others had been lucky enough to have left a little earlier than we did, before the storm came."

Naruto felt something call to him from the back of his mind. Being a ninja for most of his life had developed this sense of sorts, an evolved sort of intuition, one that he dubbed as his 'Danger Sense'. Right now, it was going off like crazy, practically screaming at him. With a nervous gulp, he voiced a question he knew he was going to regret. "S-so... What'll you guys do now?"

The dark-haired Tsuchi Kin smirked, mimicked by Sakura. "We'll be staying her for the night, of course. Hope you don't mind."

At that point in the movie, the hero had been stabbed with a very rusty, very painful looking dagger. Hard. There was a shout of bloody murder, followed by the said protagonist's anguished screams of pain.

"That's gotta hurt..." TenTen winced as the hero succumbed to his sad fate.


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