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Cloud Strife and Zackary Fair stood in their living room, staring at the official document that the blond had just read out loud.

"So…what does that mean?" Zack asked, regarding the paper warily.

"Okay." Cloud started, raising his hand palms up before lowering them.

"Ready?" Zack nodded with a playful smile. He loved Cloud's unnecessarily lengthy explanations, though sometimes he felt like he should be offended at the simplicity.

"Ready." Zack announced nodding his head for emphasis. Taking a deep breath, Cloud began as though he were speaking to a 12 year old.

"You remember out first year in college, yes? We didn't do so hot, and the dorm room was horrible."

Zack was going to interject that they had met in that horrible dorm room, but thought better of it.

"So the next year, being the mediocre students we are…." Zack broke in with an "Amen!"

"We found a way to get extra credits and free, excellent, off campus housing. The very reason that we..." He paused and pointed between Zack and himself before gesturing around their two-bedroom apartment, "live here."

"Okay." Zack nodded slowly.

"But what does that have to do with our house?" He asked, picking up the paper from the table. Cloud sighed, almost looking depressed.

"We got all of those benefits because we signed up to house any foreign exchange students if they transferred. Signed up to live with them, help them adjust, manage. We got an apartment off campus so we could more conveniently show them 'American life'…" Cloud walked over and sat on the couch next to Zack, who hand long since opted to relax during his friend's monologues.

"We signed up for it because there hasn't been a foreign Exchange Student at out school in years. We thought we had cheated the system…live for free, pass easy…but…"

Cloud flopped his head back on the couch, pulling the paper from Zack's hands.

"There is someone coming to live with us."

The two sat in silence for a moment, allowing everything to sink in.

"So…" Zack started with a grin. "We're going to have someone living with us?"

Cloud looked at his dark haired friend, smiling back softly.


Over the last several minutes, Cloud had experienced many changing emotions. On one hand, he was upset that it wasn't going to be the same. For the last two years he had lived in this apartment with the best friend he had ever had. For the last two years it had been just Cloud and Zack, and he wasn't sure if he ever wanted that to change.

But on the other hand… Cloud was ready for something new. It wasn't that he was unhappy, that was far from the truth, he just felt like something was missing. Who knew, maybe somehow this new roommate 2ould be good for the pair. Lord knew that their household was lacking in the 'exotic and worldly' department.

It was with this reluctant excitement that he grinned and stood from the couch. Regardless of how they felt, it was happening, and preparations had to be made. Besides, if he was half-keen to the idea, Cloud knew Zack was probably bursting at the seams. One look at Zack's huge smile confirmed his suspicions. He was surprised though when the older boy's smile faltered and looked at Cloud with stern eyes.

"Does this mean we have to clean?" when Cloud nodded and Zack groaned in agony, one thing became apparent to the blond; while cleaning didn't sound fun, he was going to have to step up. If he didn't make sure things got done, nothing would.

"Fine!" Zack mock-snapped, standing from the couch and prodding Cloud with his finger. "But hear this Clean-Queen, I'll clean the toilet until the cows come home, but I am not vacuuming!"


All but collapsing onto the couch in exhaustion, Cloud and Zack looked around, basking in fruits of their labor. They had started cleaning bright and early so they could make the most of their day. Of course, 'bright and early' in any home of Zack's meant 'noonish'. So ever since twelve, the boys had scrubbed, swabbed, dusted, vacuumed, and mopped. They'd used every ounce of willpower in them to actually throw away the 'treasures' they had accumulated over the two years, and though said treasures had served no purpose but to clutter since the day they entered the house. It hurt the pairs hearts to say goodbye. It was now seven p.m., and all the cleaning had taken it's toll on the two limp bodies.

"…Cloud…" Zack muttered the best he could without moving his mouth.

A quiet grunt was his only answer as his friend seemed reluctant to move as well.

"I don't think I can make it to my bed."

It was sad but true. The dark haired male wouldn't have stood from that couch if he found out Waffle house was serving free eggs. And anyone who knew Zackary Fair knew how he loved Waffle House.

Beside him, Zack heard cloud release a breath.

"Me either…" They sat, sprawled out on the couch, in silence, both staring longingly at their bedroom doors before Cloud spoke.

"Screw it. Sleep on the couch."

Zack had no words of protest as the two did their best to squeeze into a laying position on their, clearly not meant for sleeping two, couch.

After feeling Cloud shift for the third time, Zack gave up and rolled onto the floor. What did he care? He could sleep anywhere, plus- he had cleaned this floor, may as well experience it.

Silence reigned for another short while, both trying to pass out but being too tired to sleep, before Zack's voice broke the peace.

"Hey Cloud?"

He was happy that the darkness covered his face, as there was no way he could say this without a horrid grin. He took the undistinguishable gargle as a 'Yes, dear Zack, please; do go on.'

"I just want you to know…"

He knew it. He was already trying not to laugh.

"Well, I know how insecure you are." Cloud's eyes flew open.

"But no matter what- no matter who moves in with us, you'll always be number one in my heart, Cloud."

Cloud grimaced and rolled his now re-closed eyes at Zack's antics. The blond idly wished that he had the energy to throw a pillow at the hyena of a man on the floor, but some things could not be helped. Instead he waited for the laughing to die down before speaking in a dry voice.

"Goodnight Zack."


It was on the third day since receiving the letter that Zack and Cloud began to get antsy. Zack because Cloud wouldn't let him touch anything, for fear of dirtying their perfectly cleaned apartment before the new guy showed up, and Cloud because of Zack.

The letter had been very vague with the student's date of arrival, almost painfully so. It had simply stated that a student would arrive 'soon'. The two found themselves seated at the kitchen table, just as the day before. Ever since waking up on the couch the morning before, Cloud had laid down the law. Neither of them was to touch the sofa, the coffee table, or eat anywhere but over the sink.

All of this left Zack one thing; bored. And a bored Zack was a miserable Zack. And a miserable Zack made for a downright testy Cloud.

"Can we go to Waffle house?" Zack whined out, his eyes pleading as he cradled his stomach. Cloud cut his eyes to the side, regarding Zack coolly.

"We have no money. We spent it all on Clorox and other cleaning stuff."

He motioned his hand towards three bottles of bleach that hadn't even been opened. And that was after Zack had used half a bottle cleaning the toilet. Apparently the man had no concept of 'a little goes a long way'. Remembering this, Cloud glanced at the bathroom door. It had been left closed with a towel jammed under it to block the overpowering scent of Clorox that still overtook the bathroom. It was a miracle that Zack hadn't asphyxiated.

Zack groaned again, happy to make his displeasure known.

"But I'm still starving! Can you make me sandwich?" Zack had lost all kitchen privileges, for now, as he made a mess no matter what he was making.

"I can't Zack. We're poor college kids. We have no foo- shit!" The blond jumped up from the table, his hands finding his hair in a remarkable amount of time.

"We have no food! He could show up any day now!" Cloud carried his conniption fit over to the table by the door, grabbing his scarf and door key.

"Hey!" Zack rose, his tone suspicious. "Where are you going?"

"Grocery shopping." Cloud replied, reaching for the door. Zack's face screamed of betrayal.

"You said we didn't have any money!" Zack screeched, hands resting on his slim hips in disbelief. Cloud closed his eyes and turned to Zack.

"Correction- We don't have money to blow on Waffle House." He amended, turning back to the door. The dark haired man's eyes widened in shock.

"Waffle house is not a waste of money!" Cloud rolled his eyes, sparing Zack a look as he opened the door and smirked.

"Waffle House is disgusting and their food is shit."

"WAFFLE HOUSE IS NOT SHIT! TAKE IT BACK!" Sadly, Zack's word's only met the thick door of his apartment. Rolling his eyes and grumbling to himself, he decided Cloud's priorities were on longer his concern. Screw that anti-Waffle House bastard. Zack gave a smug grin as he walked to the couch. He was about to plop down when a voice echoed through the door.

"And I swear on Vincent's watery grave that id you touch that couch, Zack, I will wring your neck. I will find out!" Zack's jaw dropped before he let out a roar of frustration; how could Cloud do that do him? He always knew…and swearing on Vincent's grave was just dirty. Zack looked over to the counter where a water-filled bowl sat.

Vincent has been their pet goldfish; they had gotten him themselves the week they moved into their first crappy dorm together, as a housewarming gift of sorts. Vincent had been a wonderful pet. A little mopey, as far as fish went, but they loved him all the same. He had even made the big move from the shit-dorm to the apartment they were in now.

Then about four months ago, both Cloud and Zack awoke to find Vinny belly up in the bowl. After blaming each other with 'you were supposed to feed him-no you were' they both sobered up and flushed their departed friend. To this day they talked about him like he was still around. They even had a picture of him taped to the wall behind the bowl.

Zack sighed and walked back to the kitchen table. With one last remorseful look at 'Vinny', Zack shook his head.

…It was just a couch--he didn't need it.


Cloud walked down the street as he wondered just how much food their pathetic budget could actually afford. He was behind schedule, as halfway to the grocery mart he remembered having left his ID card with one of the women who worked the desks at the college. He was just leaving the offices, ready to finally get the shopping done, when he spotted a man, but not just any man…no, a drop dead gorgeous man.

He couldn't see his face from here, but he didn't need to. The man was very tall, with impossibly long silver hair that fell to his calves. Cloud would have been content with admiring him all day, but the beautiful stranger turned to face him, and he had a change of heart. That man was still gorgeous-but; on top of that, he was absolutely fucking terrifying. Ignoring the glare, Cloud hastily went on his way. To the grocery store it was!


"Ohh…" the secretary groaned, tempted to scream as Reno Sinclair stepped into her office.

"No, no, no. Not you again. You drive me up the wall!"

The redhead gave a saucy grin as he took a seat in the room. It's not like he had anything better to be doing. He was actually somewhat of an anomaly on campus. He could always be found, but no one knew what he here for. As far as anyone knew, he didn't have any actual classes.

The secretary was about the weigh the odds of pleading when the door to the left opened. Out of it stepped a young brunet who looked about as lost as a blind man holding a Where's Waldo book. In the man's left hand was a keychain and a card with directions, and clutched tightly in the other was a small slip of paper. As he stepped into the office, the door closing behind him, he cast a helpless look back, as though his very life force was left in the room, and for all Reno knew, it was.

"You look a little lost, yo." Reno inclined his head to the shaggy haired brunet before him.

He only received a blank, confused stare as the man looked at the door again, then at the objects in his hands. The secretary shrugged and much to her relief, Reno got up from his seat and approached the man, taking in his fur-lined leather jacket.

"Hey, can I help ya out?"

When he didn't receive an answer, Reno carefully reached out and took the contents of the man's left hand. Studying the name and numbers of the keychain, Reno was pleased to know exactly where the other man needed to go.

"Come on." Reno grabbed the helpless man's arm as he led him from the office, his captive giving one last pathetic look at the door, barely able to mutter a word as he was dragged away.



"He couldn't really know…Could he Vin?" Zack asked the deceased fish as he hovered over the couch.

He was debating whether or not to sit when an abrupt knock startled him, causing him to topple forward onto he couch. Zack cursed under his breath as he frantically tried to fix the ruffled sofa before he realized Cloud wouldn't knock. Quickly calming himself and giving a thumbs-up to the empty fish bowl, he answered the door, opening it and immediately wishing he hadn't.

"Got ya somethin" Reno drawled, cockily leaned into the door frame. Zack rolled his eyes and slammed the door- only then responding.

"What would I want from you?"

Reno was probably the only person Zack just flat out refused to get along with. No one really knew why, that's just how it was. This, of course, posed a problem as Reno and Cloud were rather close friends.

As Reno and Zack continued their 'through-door' argument, the leather-clad brunet watched on, torn between confusion and horror. Weren't people supposed to...you know...open the door? Now talk through it?

"Just open the door, Zacko. There's a guy out here for ya."

Zack cringed at the name Reno called him, before caving and opening the door. Peering around Reno, Zack saw the most abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous man he had ever seen. He continued to stare as he stepped aside, the brunet hesitating briefly before entering, hoping he wasn't going to be kidnapped. Slamming the door again on the still talking Reno, Zack rounded on the man.

"Hello, Beautiful." He gave his most dazzling smile only to be mildly offended to see the man looking at him in fear for his life.


Zack was drawing a blank.

Stalling for a moment he gestured to the couch, happy that he could sit on it, since this guy had finally shown up. After a few moments of trying to look as harmless as possible, Zack finally got the man to sit down.

"I'm Zack." He smiled, sticking his hand out.

The brunet continued to stare, as though he did not understand. Catching on, Zack made a very exaggerated motion towards himself.

"ME- ZACK!" He tried again loudly, the pointed across from him.


The man seemed to look hesitant, nervous, and doubtful.

"Eh, Squall Leonhart." He spoke with a thick accent that Zack couldn't place, much less understand.

"Uh…What?" He asked, not quite catching what the foreign man had said. Again, the man looked nervous and confused. He really didn't know what was wrong with this guy, he was only guessing that it was his name that this 'Zack' was asking for, though he didn't understand it when he gave it.

"Leon." He tried again, speaking as evenly and clearly as he could.

Leon took it he was understood when Zack beamed at him.

"Well Leon, give me one second! Be right back!"

Leon had no idea what the strange, hyper man had just said, but he was leaving. Thank God. Too bad it was only to the other room…

As soon as the crazy man had left, Leon remembered the paper still clutched in his right hand. Sephiroth had told him not to lose it, that it would help him when he met their roommates.

In the other room, Zack was dialing furiously and waiting for Cloud to answer his cell phone.

"Hello?" He finally answered.

"CLOUD!" Zack screamed, unaware that his friend's hearing would pay for that later.

"Cloud you have to come home now! The hottest man on the planet in on out couch!"

Cloud stammered.

"Uh..I'm almost home…5 minutes….I swear to God, if you stain the couch I will kill you!"

As Cloud realized Zack had already hung up, he began running for the apartment.

When Zack reentered the room, Leon was waiting attentively, now seeming more confident that he had Sephiroth's note to pass on. Surely that would clear everything up. \

Seeing Leon's outstretched hand, Zack eagerly reached to accept what was being offered. Unraveling the piece of paper, reading it before his face contorted in absolute confusion.


At this point, Leon was horrified. What in the hell had the note said?! He should have known better than to trust Sephiroth, that bastard! At the moment, a small blond burst into the room screaming something he couldn't understand. He did know one thing, these people horrified him.

"Zack! If you stai-…Oh…" Cloud froze, his gaze settling on the brunet on his couch, Zack was still staring at the note.

"Who's..Uh…this?" Cloud asked, unable to tear his eyes away.

"Said his name's Leon… Came with this…" Zack passed the note over to Cloud, who finally looked away from Leon to the slip. Cloud read the neat writing out loud, confusion settling in as he did.

"Are you my mother?" He read looking up at Zack confused, he shot a look over his shoulder at Vinny's bowl before looking back to Zack who just shrugged, while Leon was torn between anger at not knowing what the note said, and horror at…well, not knowing what the note said.

He was going to kill Sephiroth, that much he did know.

"Uhh…nooo…" Cloud drew out, staring at Leon, trying to keep the whole 'I want to eat you' look out of his eyes and wishing Zack would do the same.

"So…Leon…" Cloud began, pointlessly he soon realized, as the man didn't seem to know English at all. With a stroke of genius Zack decided to use the same technique as he had with his name.

"ME- AMERICA." He said pointing at himself, then at Leon.

"YOU?" Leon seemed to understand, though he was annoyed with the yelling.


At the blank stares he was drawing, Leon closed his eyes and tried not to hate himself for what he was about to do- as well as hoping it wasn't taken the wrong way. Then only thing worse than being stuck with two insane men was being stuck with two insane men who wanted to kill you. Swallowing, he rose his right arm in the air.

"….Hail Hitler…."

"OOOOH!!!" Both men almost yelled, finally getting it.

"You're German, then." Cloud muttered.

He was about to ask another question when Zack began dragging Leon away on some sort of deranged, politically incorrect tour of their apartment. Apparently Zack thought that because Leon was foreign, he was also deaf and blind.

"THIS IS THE LIVING ROOM!" He spoke slowly and loudly before moving along, unaware that the man he was pulling along thought he was going to die.

"THIS- BATHROOM!" Leon seemed frustrated that Zack was speaking so loudly, and let him know in the only way he knew how. He screamed back.

"BATHROOM!" Zack froze.

Leon thought he had gotten he point, and didn't realize that Zack was really only thinking that before now the word 'bathroom' had never turned him on.

Fortunately, Cloud knew the look on his friend's face and took Leon's arm and led him away. While Leon was weary of the blond as well, anyone was better than Zack. Zack was a maniac.

"Let's show him the campus for now, Zack."

The older boy seemed happy to comply and they set off for the door, Zack in excitement, Cloud in intrigue, and Leon in mortal terror.


They were luring him to his death, he just knew it.

Leon walked a few feet behind Cloud and Zack, wishing that someone would save him. It was when the two American boys got into another argument of sorts when Leon saw it. He'd seen a flash of silver round a corner ahead of him. It was Sephiroth! He was safe! Sephiroth would make this all better!

Zack didn't know what was going on as suddenly Leon rushed passed him, breaking into a dead run. The two looked absolutely mortified at the prospect of losing their beautiful German in the first hour of knowing him. They took off after him, turning the corner, both their hearts going aflame with jealousy as they saw their Leon grabbing the arm of some man, the same man Cloud had seen earlier, the blond noted.

Leon was rambling in German to the silver haired man frantically about two insane American boys, gesturing to Cloud and Zack as they approached. Regarding the two with mild disinterest as Leon more or less hid behind him, he spoke with a thick German accent.

"So you're za crazy vons?"

That was all it took to make Zack completely forget Leon's name. He'd never been more attracted to another person in his entire life.

Leon began rattling off again, Sephiroth looking at the poor brunet as he recounted his horrible experience.

"Ah." Sephiroth spoke, stopping Leon and turning again to the two before him.

"So vee are staying with yous?" Sephiroth rolled his eyes.


Both American boys were still glaring in envy, though for different reasons.

Cloud because Leon was hiding behind this man who didn't even respect him enough to hear him out, and Zack because of the attention this beautiful man was giving to Leon.

"Wait…" Cloud shook his head. "'Vee'?..." He panicked at Sephiroth's raised brow. "We! I mean 'we'…as in…both of you?"

"Ja." Sephiroth answered, slightly amused at the two idiots before him and the unnerved idtiots behind him.

"Is zis a problem?" he asked.

"NO!" Zack screamed. "Not at all! Hi, I'm Zack!" Sephiroth seemed confused by the outburst and Leon rolled his eyes. He didn't have to understand English to know where Zack's interests were.

"Sephiroth." The silver haired man answered.

Cloud decided it was time to ask something, but was going to be subtle.

"Is this your boyfriend?" he asked, instantly wanting to kill himself; so much for subtle.

Smiling evilly, Sephiroth nothing if not a conniving asshole. Reaching around he pulled Leon to him suggestively ignoring Leon's look of shock and disgust.

"Yes. Vee very happy togezzer."

Both Cloud and Zack's worlds went black before Leon started screaming, ripping himself away. Sephiroth smirked.

"No. Squall is mine…" He paused. "Eh…co…cousin?"

He seemed uncertain and Zack's heart melted. This man was absolutely adorable. Intimidating, but adorable.

He and Cloud were also relived that they were related.

"Eef you don't mind, vere is home?" Sephiroth asked, and both boys snapped to attention. They day was shaping out quite nicely.


After getting home and another attempted tour (which Cloud stopped because Zack only wanted to show Sephiroth his bedroom). Cloud and Zack noticed that the two Germans looked beat.

"Tired?" Zack asked Leon, who had just yawned for the third time.

"He dos not know Eng-a-lish." Sephiroth answered, stifling a yawn of his own.

"But yes. Vee are."

Though upset that their questions would have to wait, Cloud and Zack knew that the two men were probably suffering jet lag out the wazoo. Zack quickly ran into his room and grabbed a few things.

"There, you guys can crash in my room for tonight. We'll work out the rest tomorrow."

Sephiroth entered the room without a word, Leon watching with wide eyes. Confused, Zack made a sleeping sign with head and hands and pointed to the room.

Leon stared momentarily before understanding, bounding off to the room with a quick


Cloud, meanwhile, was too excited to form words. He knew what 'Danke' meant!


Cloud and Zack observed with amazement and some fear that Sephiroth and Leon had not stopped arguing since they both went into Zack's room. The two friends were bunking together tonight and they could hear the Germans easily through the thin wall.

As they lay there, they had no idea that a furious battle for the bed was taking place in the next room. Apparently Sephiroth didn't see any reason why a dog should be allowed on the furniture: Leon not finding this amusing at all.

After about five minutes everything seemed to have quieted down, before Leon remembered a certain note that Sephiroth said was supposed to 'help.'

The two Americans had no idea what was being said, they just knew it wasn't happy.


Cloud sat up instantly as a knee connected with his rib cage, followed quickly be a hand coming over to smother his face.

"Shut! Up!" Cloud looked over through the splayed fingers on his face to see that it was Zack attacking him, groaning miserably for him to be quiet.

Blocking the next few kicks and struggles efficiently, Cloud grabbed a pillow to smother Zack with.

"Stop hitting me!"

Zack whined through the fluffy cotton.

"Why won't you stop making noise?!"

The blond was more than a little confused. He knew Zack didn't like to wake up until noon or so, and that he liked to be able do that…but…he hadn't been making any noi-

It was then that he heard loud sounds coming from the living room. It sounded like someone was up and renovating the house. He wasn't sure if the foreign muttering he heard along with it was a comfort or not. At least who ever was doing it wasn't dead?

Cloud flopped back over onto the bed beside his friend, who was now awake, though he wasn't happy about it.

"What do you think they're doing? It's….seven in the morning."

Zack only shrugged in response. They continued to lay listening to the hustling in the next room when a furious growl broke out from another room. You didn't have to speak another language to assume what that tone said. Some form of 'Shut the fuck up, idiot.'

Glancing at each other briefly, both men shot out of bed and into the living room in time to see Leon chuck a hairbrush at Zack's bedroom door.

They were both wondering how Leon could look so perky with so little sleep in his system when the reality of the brunet's action set it.

The bedroom door tore open and Sephiroth came storming out of it, looking every bit the sleep deprived, pissed off man that he was.

Zack didn't know about Cloud, but he thought the guy had the hottest bed head he'd ever seen. Instead of all perfect and straight, it was tangled, and poofy. The first connection in Zack's mind was 'Victoria's Secret Sexy Model Hair.'

Beautiful as me may have been, Sephiroth was absolutely furious to find that some time this morning their bags had been delivered, and that his idiot cousin had opened and ransacked every single one of them.

No scratch that, he had ransacked every one of his. Leon's own looked just fine.

Cloud and Zack sat on the couch as they watched the demonic man stalk across the room to the oblivious brunet, silently praying that no one was going to die.

After the first few moments of being hovered over, Leon finally looked up with a smirk at his older cousin, much to the Americans' horror. Standing from Seph's upside down baggage, Leon held out his hand, revealing the note from the day before.

"Are you my mommy" he asked in his heavy accent, the silver-haired man having told him what the note said the night before.

Sephiroth only glared at Leon and the mess he had made.

Cloud and Zack, while mesmerized than Leon had just spoken English, were mortified at what was going to be an obvious and nasty rivalry. Life was either going to be a living hell with these two, or it was going to the best thing that had ever happened to them.


"Psssst, Cloud." Zack whispered, trying to get the blond's attention. Cloud looked over to regard Zack, who looked slightly distressed.

"What?" he whispered back.

"I can't remember his name!" Zack said in a strained tone as he pointed to the silver-haired god in their living room who was working very hard to re-organize his luggage. Cloud stared at him momentarily as he realized that he couldn't remember either. The guy had only said it one time, and it's not like he spoke that clearly.

"I don't know…" Cloud answered in an awed voice.

"Wasn't it like…Strudel, or something?" Zack asked, racking his brain.

"Strudel?" Cloud asked, not too sure about that one…It sounded like a German word…

"Ehh, it's close enough…" Zack whispered.

"Hey, Strudel!" he yelled trying to get the brooding man's attention.

Sephiroth turned slowly to stare at Zack in complete shock. Surely he hadn't just called him a dessert…

Leon's overjoyed cackling distracted him for a moment. The brunet had been digging through his own things when he heard Zack refer to his cousin as 'Strudel.' He definitely knew what that word meant and was loving Sephiroth's disbelief.

"Ah? Strudel?" Leon asked in mirth at the other man's expense. Cloud and Zack tried not to laugh at how happy their mistake seemed to make the brunet. It was just so cute.

Sephiroth glared at the man before leaving his bags to walk over to the couch. This sobered the two American's instantly. Were Germans big on torture?

"'Sephiroth.'" He said as he reached them. "My name eez 'Sephiroth.'"

Cloud stood quickly.

"All right, Sephiroth. Well, uh…Me and Zack decided that him and I are going to share a room from here on out, and you two can just take his."

Sephiroth seemed to grimace, not liking the thought of rooming with a retard, but nodded anyway.

"Ja. Sounds gute." He then yawned.

"But. Idiot here voke me up, and I's still vant sleep. I am going to bed."

At his cousin's departure, Leon looked uncomfortable. It seemed that while the pair may not get along, Leon still relied on Sephiroth entirely, something that Cloud sympathized with strongly.

When Leon gave a yawn of his own, he looked around and stood up, crossing the room for the door, only to find it locked.

He beat on it before yelling a few things that Zack and Cloud couldn't understand.

"Sorry!" they heard Sephiroth call through the door.

"I zon't understand vat you are saying. Speak Eng-a-lisht, please."

Leon stood fuming, glaring at the door, wanting nothing more than to kill the man inside. What had he even said!?

He was about to beat on the door again when the crazy blond man tapped his shoulder and pointed to another room.

Catching his drift, Leon smiled and nodded, giving Sephiroth's door the finger before walking to the other room and shut the door behind him.

Cloud sat back on the couch smiling like a fool.

"He's in my bed."

Zack smiled lazily as he dropped his head back.

"And he's in mine."

Both men sat in companionable silence, contently imagining their fantasies in their beds.

This went on for a while longer before Zack turned fully to Cloud.

"Will you make me a sandwich?"



Well, there it is. Chapter one, and what a beast it was.

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