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The Powers of Light
Chapter 1:
Dreams of Darkness

By: Rika24

She scanned the area, trying to find any signs of a human or Digimon. All she saw however, was a dark forest. The trees stood eerily still as not even a slight breeze rustled their leaves. Suddenly, she heard heavy footsteps. Whoever it was, they were moving slowly as the footsteps were seconds apart.

"Who's there," the girl asked, trying to sound brave, but her fear shown through as her voice cracked.

Out of nowhere a large, black figure appeared in front of her. She shook at the sight of the Digimon; she knew it was evil from the look of it. She scanned the Digimon until her eyes locked with its own. She felt a chill run down her spine as she couldn't take away her gaze at the blood red eyes that look menacingly at her. His face was like a skull and its shoulders and chest each had large eyes that matched its main eyes' menacing stare.

A deep, rumbling voice came out of the Digimon. "The light must be destroyed." He said as he raised his red blade and brought it down toward her.

"Ahhhh! Kari screamed as she shot up in bed. She breathed heavily as sweat ran down her face. Her fear filled eyes scanned her darkness filled room. She was about to calm down when something grabbed her arm. Kari winced at the touch.

"Kari are you ok?" came a soothing, yet frightened voice.

Kari relaxed as her eyes focused on the small, white cat Digimon next to her.

"Yeah, now I am," Kari smiled weakly at Gatomon, her digimon partner.

"Bad dream?" Gatomon asked.

"Yeah, the same one I've been having every night this month," she raised her arm to wipe the sweat off her face and continued. "But it was even more intense and clear than the last. Could this be a premonition?"

"Maybe, that could be a new enemy," Gatomon said.


Far away, another digidestined shot up from his nightmare, but was not comforted by a Digimon partner; only silence and darkness welcomed him back to reality. Kouji scanned the area all too similar to his dream. For a moment he expected the Warrior of Darkness, Duskmon, to appear just like in his dream. He calmed down however, knowing he was safe at the moment.

"Who was that girl Duskmon was after?" he thought aloud. He continued to think when a rustle in the bushes grabbed his attention.

"Kouji, you ok buddy?" came a concerned voice. Kouji relaxed at hearing the voice as the figure came into the open.

"Yeah," Kouji answered him. "Just another bad dream Takuya."

Takuya walked over and sat down next to him. "The same one?" Takuya asked, giving his full attention to his friend.

"Yeah, but clearer, and longer this time. It can't be a coincidence. Maybe if it happened once or twice, but not 25 nights in a row. It means something all right."

"Yeah, maybe it means you shouldn't be sleeping by yourself," Takuya teased, trying to get Kouji to stop worrying.

"Ha ha, very funny Takuya," Kouji scoffed as he stood up, Takuya was always trying to get him to join the team around the fire at night. "I'm sure it means something important."

"What about the girl, does she look familiar at all?" Takuya asked seriously.

Kouji shook his head, "no, but I KNOW Duskmon is after her. The strange thing is, Duskmon always says: 'the light must be destroyed.' But that makes no sense, I'm the Warrior of Light, not that girl."

"She is not the Warrior of Light, but she is still connected to the power of light, just like you," said a woman's voice.

"Ophanimon, you know about my dream?" Kouji asked the voice that came out of his blue and white D-Tector.

"I more than know about it Kouji, I've seen it as well."

Takuya and Kouji just looked at each other, could Ophanimon really read our minds or see our dreams? They both thought.

"Go back to the others and I will explain to all of you."

So what did you think? This story has been playing in my head for months now. Very clearly too, which is why I can't focus on any of my other stories at the moment. I know that this is shorter than my usual chapters but I want to start reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, why does that sound like Bleach? I'd almost expect Ichigo or Rukia to appear lol. This takes place before Kouichi appears, but ignore the ages in the show. For this story Kari and the others are 14. I'm thinking of putting some Yakari (Matt and Kari) or Koukari (Kouji and Kari) in, but I'm not sure. I'm a huge Yakari fan, but there are hardly any Koukari fics (obviously since they're from different Digimon series, but the coupling does exist in fanfics). I'm also thinking of putting in some Michi (Mimi and Tai), Takumi (Takuya and Zoe), and one-sided Takari (T.K. and Kari) too. Please tell me what you think about which ones you'd like to see in your review. Just keep in mind that I won't focus on the couples, the plot is more important.