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Chapter 11

Well, that's a nice way to break it to him...

"Harry…" Hermione asked, her eyes betraying her calm posture. Harry shot to his feet, backing away from Ron and Hermione. He reminded them of a scared deer, confused. "Harry…" Hermione whispered, moving closer. She held out her hand to take his. He jerked his arm away from her.

"Don't you touch me Mudblood!" He snapped at her.

She turned to Ron, "Did he--"

"Yeah…" Ron replied just as disbelieving. "Harry…"

"What do you want Weasel? What am I doing in your shack?" He snapped, moving toward the door. Ron watched him, his tongue tied out of anger and confusion. Hermione took Harry's hand stopping him.

"Harry, are you ok?" She asked looking him in the eye.

"'Course I'm fine Granger. At least I will be once you stop touching me and I can get out of this flea dump." He pulled his hand from her.

"Hey! This 'flea dump' has been your second home for almost seven years!" Ron snapped, moving in front of Hermione. He glared at his best mate.

"This shack? My home? You've got to be kidding me." Harry snapped. He moved out the door. "My parents'll hear about this Weasel! They don't take too kindly to their oldest son getting kidnapped!" He shouted as he rushed down the stairs, two at a time. Ron and Hermione ran after him.

"Harry!" Hermione cried.

"Your parents are dead!" Ron shouted. The Weasly's stood in the kitchen door way watching the trio. Harry froze, his face in shock.

"That…is a mean…and nasty trick, Weasel!" Harry shouted, thinking of his words carefully. He turned and faced Ron. Harry's usually calm green eyes were furious.

"Nice way to break it to him, Ronald." Hermione snapped, slapping his shoulder.

"It got him to stop didn't it?" Ron argued.

She sighed and turned to Harry. "Harry, that potion must have messed with your personality…and obviously your memory…"

"Mudblood, what potion?" Harry snapped.

"The potion that you thought it would be a good idea to make. What the He--" Hermione started to scold.

"Harry, your scars gone." Ginny smiled. Harry glared at her, his glare sharper than it needed.

"What scar? What are you blood traitors talking about?" He asked, looking at each one in turn.

"Harry…" Ginny's voice failed. The Weasly's stared as Harry grew more and more confused.

"Well! Harry! We take you in! We defend you! We do everything in our power to make sure you have a family and this is how you repay us? FINALLY YOUR TRUE COLORS SHOW!" Molly snapped. "Into the kitchen kids. Ron, Hermione, you too."

Harry watched her. "What are you talking about? I have my family to give me a family. Sure I don't always like 'em but I'm stuck with 'em. I don't need you." Harry snapped.

Hermione stopped. "You honestly think your family's alive?"

"Of course I do. I got a package from mum just last week. Her cookies and the scarf she always makes. Who else would do that?" Harry reasoned, his face turning soft.

"Harry, I think something terrible has happened." Hermione rushed to him, wrapping her arms around him as he cried.

"She's dead? When? What--? Voldemort!" He asked, once he was sure he wouldn't start blubbering like Hagrid again.

"Hermione…" Molly stared sternly. The Weasly boys knew that tone, they'd all heard it from their mum more than once. It was knew to Hermione.

"Mrs. Weasly, let me explain…really it's the other Harry's fault…" Hermione started, searching for just the right words.

"ONE!" Molly started.

For once Hermione was speechless. Ron rushed to her side. "Hermione was working on this potion and Harry found it and tried it out and, we told him not to touch the cauldron but of course he did anyway, and there was this big flash and when it went away this Harry was here and our Harry was gone. Please stop counting!" Ron rambled, on one breath.

Molly turned to Hermione, "Now, was that so hard to explain?" She shook her head and turned to Harry. "Harry, dear are you hungry?"

"yeah…actually…." He smiled cautiously. He turned to Hermione and Ron, "You two better find a way to get me back home."

"No problem, your majesty." Ron said sarcastically.

"Thanks Weasel." He smiled. It was both Harry's and Draco's.