Remembrance: A series of drabbles set after DH. I own nothing.

1- Innocent

After everything – especially a battle – there was a lot of mess to be cleared up. In the case of the Battle of Hogwarts, this meant clearing away the bodies for proper burial, arresting any surviving Death Eaters, and rounding up the assorted magical beasts lurking around. Harry was sitting on a low wall in the courtyard, watching Aurors bringing in captured and wandless Death Eaters.

"Scum," an Auror spat; "Azkaban's too good for them."

Part of Harry couldn't help but agree, but a glimpse of white-blonde hair had him on his feet and elbowing his way through the crowd of spectators. He fought his way through to the side of the Auror in charge, a man he suspected was called Corman, although he could have been mistaken. "No," he said.

"What?" the man – Gorman; that was it – replied with a confused frown.

"You can't send her to Azkaban."

Narcissa Malfoy stared at him, her robes torn and bedraggled, her pale hair tangled, dirty and splattered with blood. Gorman looked rather like he'd just swallowed something foul tasting. He also stared at Harry, but with something akin to disbelief and possibly even contempt in his eyes.

"She is a Death Eater."

"She saved my life."

Gorman gave a snort, as if he highly doubted this story. In the background, Lucius raised an eyebrow at his wife. She glared defiantly back and he smiled faintly. Harry didn't notice this – he held the Auror's gaze, not backing down an inch. Gorman's lip curled, and Harry looked away in disgust. Seeming unaware of the multitude of wands aimed at her, Narcissa ignored the Aurors and stepped out of line. She bowed deeply – Harry supposed the shackles on her hands and feet would have made a curtsey impossible – and smiled at Harry as she straightened. "You saved my son's life, and helped me find him. I can never repay you," she said quite calmly. Utterly lost, Lucius cast an imploring sort of look at Draco, who gave an apologetic half-shrug.

"Let her go," Harry repeated, glaring death at Gorman. Muttering obscenities under his breath, the Auror complied.