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Previously, on Narutar…

Smoke drifted up from numerous smothered branches; ashen wood shavings pricked off blackened treehouses; bridges hung on single ropes if they didn't dismember themselves from the burst outcrops already; crackling fires burned within other small wooden buildings; and black streaks ran across every tree you could see.

One didn't have to turn their head to tell that Smellerbee was the one biting back tears. Kiba picked up Akamaru while Pipsqueak and Longshot stepped in front of the group and scanned the area for any kids. Shino pushed up his glasses while shaking his head, "What a mess."

Kiba nodded in bitter agreement, "It seemed like a nice place, too."

Bits and pieces of the Freedom Fighters' conversation could be heard.

"When did this happen? We were only gone for three hours."

A nod.

Suddenly Smellerbee bolted away from everyone, and Kiba turned around, "Hey! Where are you going?"

"Jet! Jet!"

"I don't know what's going on, but, for whatever reason, you and your father were meant to be alive," Gaara kept his gaze towards the rising sun, his aquamarine eyes shimmering with curiousness. Haru decided to just nod his head, and followed Gaara's gaze.

There was a moment of silence, then the sand shinobi spoke, "Bring me to your dad. I think my mom wants to meet him."

"Follow me."

"Hey! Be careful!" Nara whispered.

"I know I know."

"Troublesome. Okay, the female guard will most likely take up the kunai from you, and when she does—Ino—you will use your Mind Transfer Jutsu to take over her body, quickly take out her partner, and turn off the sensors, got it?"

"Got it."

Shikamaru turned away from the rest of them and kneeled down to get a good look at the alarm system, "Good. Okay, Sokka. Kahn. Don't hurt yourselves. We don't have time for mistakes."

As soon as he said that he heard a shriek ring through the walls of the tank, "YEEEOW!"

"Ow! Sorry, it just hurt, that's all."

"No no no, I'm the one that should say sorry."

The boy hesitated, and then decided to just go along with it. He seethed out every syllable, "My name is Jet. Commander Zhao burned down my hideout and captured me. He said he wanted to sell me to the pirates, but after he found who they were holding hostage, the only thing Zhao wanted to do was seize their ship and bring it into Ba Sing Se's port, which is probably where we're about to dock right now. Don't see what's so special aboutyou, though, firebender."

Hinata blinked while Uncle just frowned, "See? That didn't take long."

Aang stood firmly with his glider as the others stood around Appa.

He was looking up at Azula, who was standing on the top deck of the Drill before her two cronies.

His voice bellowed, "Where's Sokka?"

She took to biting her nails again, and then turned on her heel, walking right back into the Drill, "I don't have time for this," She said to the Commander of the mechanism, "Start for the wall; we're running behind schedule."

"What about the Avatar?" Mae drawled from the window.

"He'll be on his way up here soon. Don't worry."

"Joy." Mae said as she walked out of the Captain's room with Tai Lee.

"This world is in danger."

Kakashi nodded gravely. As did Jiraiya.

"And no one here can stop it."

"Master Hokage, we are well aware of what you have said, but I'm pretty sure neither Kakashi nor I have any idea as towhyyou are saying those things. Why did Kakashi have to use his… —thatjutsu in the first place?" Jiraiya finally cracked after Day 6. He didn't have any more patience. Kakashi was the next egg out of the carton.

The Hokage stopped and looked out the big window that surrounded the room, observing the few stars that poked out of the indigo sail.

Oh, the holes of heaven were in abundance that night.

He answered with his back turned, "It's about time you asked."


(Brig. Daybreak. Jet, Iroh, Hinata.)

"You don't understand! They've taken everything away from me! My home, my friends, my honor! That Fire Nation swine has taken everything and I can't do anything to stop—"

"—Quiet down!" Iroh bellowed from the other cell across the way from Jet's. The boy was screaming like a madman and Iroh could hear the pirates laughing from above. He tried his best to calm the boy down and knock some sense into him, "Don't you know you're only egging them on? They can hear you."

Hinata watched the boy as he just inhaled and exhaled roughly, attempting to calm down. She stared on and saw him then scrunch up his hand.

Jet seethed, still on his rant, "I will avenge my people. He's not getting away with this."

Suddenly the door to the brig swung opened and pounded the wall with a bang. Shouts and grunting could be heard, and soon there was the sound of someone being thrown onto the ground. Then, a cell door closed on the other side of the brig.

The person being locked up growled, "Agh! Let me out!"

Hinata and Iroh recognized who it was.

"T-that's…!" Hinata gasped and closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she activated her kekkei genkai, "Byakugan!"

Uncle was about to get up when he saw her veins pop out of her skin. He furrowed his brows and whispered, "That's interesting…" With him and Jet watching, Hinata looked through the walls of the brig to see the figure of Zuko grabbing onto the bars of his cell. He was about five cells down from them. The girl then returned back to her normal vision and turned toward Iroh,

"He's about five cells down from ours," she said. Then she realized that they weren't from her world, so they couldn't comprehend how she knew that, "O-Oh, I'm sorry, I—"

Uncle hushed her and smiled, "That's a great gift you have."

Hinata gasped at his sudden remark.

(Freedom Fighters' Hideout. Daybreak. Smellerbee, Longshot, Pipsqueak, Shino, Kiba, Akamaru.)

"Jet! Where are you?" Smellerbee tore down the place with her search. She looked everywhere and turned over every burnt piece of wood she could find. Kiba, Shino, Longshot and Pipsqueak followed behind her, deciding whether or not to stop her.

Akamaru barked at Kiba as they were running side-by-side. The boy turned toward him and asked him what was wrong. After the dog barked again, Kiba understood, "Good idea, Akamaru!" He then called Longshot and Pipsqueak, and they stopped and turned to face him,

"Guys, do you have anything that smells like Jet?"

The two looked at each other and searched their bags. After a few reaches, Pipsqueak pulled out a flute-like contraption, "Uhh, sometimes Jet plays on this when we're out scouting? I don't think he's used it in some time, though."

Kiba nodded, "That's good enough. Akamaru has an extremely good sense of smell… And so do I. Give it here really fast."

The Freedom Fighter threw the instrument to Kiba and he knelt down for Akamaru to sniff it. After sniffing it himself, both of them pointed somewhere and started running. Kiba called out to the others. "Guys! Follow us! Jet's this way!"

Shino jumped after them, and Longshot and Pipsqueak went to go get Smellerbee. When they reached her, they both took her by the shoulders. The girl screamed,

"Let go of me! We got to find—"

"—That guy knows where Jet is," Pipsqueak told her. He pointed to the two shinobi standing on a branch a couple meters away from them, waving for them to follow.

Smellerbee nodded, and the three Freedom Fighters rushed after the two Konoha ninjas.

(Sunset Village. Daybreak. Gaara, Haru, Tyro.)

Haru made his way around the rubble, Gaara smoothly following him. The earthbender called out to his dad, who was meditating near a still-upright wall, "Dad!"

The man looked up at his son, "What is it, Haru?"

"This man wants to see you," replied Haru, pointing over his shoulder at the Sand shinobi. His dad looked over to give Gaara a look, and he nodded,

"Come, sit down."

Gaara came next to him and sat down, something he would not usually do. He would've stood and talked, but he respected this man enough to follow his orders. Haru just thought he was being nice, though.

The redhead looked at Tyro, "My mom wants to speak with you." Suddenly all the sand from Gaara's gourd and went straight toward the man.

Haru screamed, "DAD!"

(Outskirts of Ba Sing Se. Daybreak. Azula, Mai, Ty Lee; Aang, Katara, Toph, Sakura, Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, Tenten, Lee.)

"Azula! Stop!"

The door shut before Aang could get in another word. The airbender looked toward Katara, "I'm going up there! You guys take down the tanks!"

Katara screamed back, "Aang, don't! That's exactly what Azula wants you to do! We should retreat and come back!"

Lee looked at Katara and said sternly, "Katara, I think Aang should go. Your brother could be up there."

Sasuke looked at the many tanks surrounding the Drill. Activating his Sharingan, he searched for any notable chakra. Suddenly he spotted the tank with Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino. He called to Sakura, who was standing by Katara, "Sakura, I spotted Team Ten in one of the tanks."

The kunoichi gasped, "Really? Which one?"

Sasuke told her it was one of the tanks in the back. Sakura then called the rest of the gang over.

Katara called up at Aang, "Aang! We need to make a plan first!"

The airbender turned to her and leapt off of Appa. They joined Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Tenten, Neji, Lee, and Toph on the ground. She was making up a plan on the spot. First, they needed to find Sokka. However, they also needed to rescue Team 10. Sakura thought it would be a little convenient if they were in the same tank.

"Okay guys, we need a plan. Sasuke said he saw Team Ten in one of the tanks in the back. If we can get rid of all the other tanks first, we can retrieve them and—"

"—Wait," it was Lee who spoke up, "Shouldn't we get the other girl first?"

Neji explained the situation to him, "If we can retrieve Team Ten, we can strengthen our numbers and have a better chance of rescuing Sokka."

Naruto spoke up after him, "He's right."

Lee just looked at him before nodding. Tenten nodded, too.

Sakura continued to take action, "Okay, so what we'll do is this: Lee, I want you and Sasuke to go get Team Ten. Sasuke knows which tank they're in, so it shouldn't be too hard. Neji, Tenten, Toph, and Katara, you guys stay here with me so we can get rid of the rest of the tanks. From the looks of things…" She trailed off before mentally estimating how many tans there were, "There's about twenty of them."

Toph snorted, "Too easy," She then corrected Sakura, "Oh, there's twenty-four, to be exact."

Sakura nodded and continued, "Okay, so that means we can split it up. Neji and Katara, you take the eight left tanks. Tenten, you and I will take down the middle eight tanks. Toph, you're fine on your own right?"

"Psh, chyeah."

"Okay, good. Next, Naruto, go with Aang to the chamber where that girl is waiting. Aang, is that o…" It seemed that the boy disappeared. Sakura straightened up, "Where's Aang?"

The others looked around, and Naruto spotted him already up on the balcony of the Drill, going into the door. He yelled out to him, "Aang, wait!" and dashed over there before the others could say anything to him. As soon as Naruto got onto the Drill, it started moving.

Sakura looked at the others with a frown, "Okay, we have to do this now!"

"Right!" was the unanimous response before everyone went to do their part.

(Fire Nation Tank. Daybreak. Sokka, Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, Kahn, Two guards.)

"What the—"

"Would you brats quiet down?"

The two guards up front were glaring at the kids in the back. Ino had just hit her funny-bone on the metal of the tank because Chouji accidentally bumped it. It caused a shot of pain to fly through her, so she instinctively had to yelp. She quickly apologized, acting like an innocent young lady, "Heh… sorry."

The woman sneered, "Tch, little urchins."

Ino glared at the back of her head and thought, I'll show you, lady.

Sokka then remembered the plan, and he showed off his weapon to the guard, "Ooooh, lookie what I have!" Kahn twirled the kunai he had on his finger, looking at the guard with a stoic face.

The woman saw the kunai in their hands, and she pulled her arm through the window to grab Sokka's, "Hey! You're not allowed to…"

Her eyes magnified in shock. She felt like her mind went numb, and it felt like someone was prodding through it. She thought to herself, What… What is happening to me?

Sorry, woman, but you're mine now. Aren't so tough now, are you?

The guard recognized the voice as the girl she was talking to. She became white in horror, and she mentally yelled.

In the meantime, Shikamaru already unscrewed the wheel of the hatch, which immediately set off the alarm system. Within seconds, according to plan, Shikamaru and Chouji effectively reflected the lasers a the right angle to destroy the others. Sokka cheered,

"All right!"

Kahn then grabbed his shoulder and pointed to the hatch, signaling that they had to get out of there.

Sokka, nodded, "Let's go!—"

Suddenly the kids heard a strange sound, like a thousand birds were flying around tank. In that instant, the roof of the tank was broken into many pieces and two people came crashing down into the tank. One was wearing a green jumpsuit and one was wearing a black outfit.

Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji noticed who they were right away, and they were shocked, "Lee! Sasuke!"

Sokka gaped for a second before noticing Lee, "Lee! Where did you guys come from?"

Lee turned to Sokka, "Oh! You're in here, too! Thank goodness!"

Sokka nodded rapidly before replying, "Where are the others?"

Shikamaru had to interrupt because he sensed that Ino was running out of chakra, "Guys, let's head out!"

The rest of them nodded, and they all jumped out of the hole Sasuke made with his chidori. Ino came back to her own body while Shikamaru carried her out.

When they jumped out of the tank, Lee pointed in the direction of the others, "They're over there!"

Chouji yelled, "We gotta help them!"

Sokka looked at Kahn, wondering if he could take part in fights. He decided to ask him just to make sure, "Kahn, will you be able to fight with us? If not, I can protect you."

The boy just looked at him with deep eyes, "Don't worry about me."

Sokka just furrowed his brows and nodded, "Okay, then. Let's go!"

They all sped back toward the others.

(Drill Interior, Top Suite. Twenty minutes after daybreak. Aang.)

"Azula? Azula, where are you?" Aang searched the top room of the Drill for the Fire Nation princess, his right hand clutching his staff a little too hard. Naruto got up to the room and called in the doors,

"Aang! You in there?"

"Yeah, I'm over here!"

Naruto went inside to where the Avatar was. He looked around the room to see a bunch of extravagant pillows and pillars, "What is this place?"

A feminine voice interrupted them, "This is my room. Do you like it?"

Aang and Naruto spun around to see Azula, their expressions fierce.

The princess stifled a laugh, "Two wannabe heroes itching to fight royalty. How sweet."

Naruto frowned, "I'm getting tired of your sarcasm! Cut it out of I'll destroy you!"

Azula raised an eyebrow, "Oh, really?"

Aang turned to Naruto, "We have to find Sokka. Don't do anything yet."

Azula smirked, "Oh, you won't find Sokka here. He's probably somewhere in the Fire Nation, now. "

Aang growled, "What?"

The princess went on with her lie, "Yeah. He's probably locked up in some prison by now, starving to death. Oh, well, he lived a good life, having met the Avatar and all."

Aang bellowed, "That's it! You're going down!"

Naruto shouted, too, "Let's get her, Aang!"

They flung themselves toward Azula, who still had the smirk on her face.

(Konahagakure. 1:00 PM. Hokage, Kakashi, Jiraiya.)

Jiraiya and Kakashi frowned. Something didn't seem right.

Kakashi spoke up first, "Master Hokage, what do you mean? Why did I have to use my Mangekyou Sharingan on my own students? On all of the students, even the sand shinobi?"

Hiruzen frowned, "Kakashi, you know my days are numbered."

The Copy Ninja stopped and loosened up.

Jiraiya folded his arms, "So by sending these kids to another dimension… what does that do?"

"This world is in grave danger. If the Ninja system continues to exist, there will be countless wars that will cycle between the nations, causing eternal struggle. Currently, there is no one who is capable of bringing worldwide peace."

Jiraiya and Kakashi didn't say a word, urging the Hokage to continue.

Hiruzen sighed, "Kakashi, Jiraiya, there is hope. Apparently, there is a rumor among the Five Kages that there is a person who has the power to change the world."

The two looked at each other, and looked back at the Hokage, "Naruto, right?"

Hiruzen smirked, "No, I'm talking about the Avatar. The Avatar is a person from the dimension over from us that can change his world and become its ruler. I want Naruto to learn from him so that he can gain as much knowledge as he can. After all…"

The two looked at him again, already knowing what he's going to say.

"That boy is going to be Hokage someday. He might as well bring peace to the whole world while he's at it."

To Be Continued...

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