Fyi Hailey and Jackie are the main characters the story revolves around so far. I hope you guys like the story though. I thought it would be kool to make Jackie have a sister make it more interesting. Ben, Sue, Jonathan, and Debs will be involved in the story in later chapters, THAT IS if you guys tell me to continue it. If you have any suggestions please feel free to tell me. R&R please and thanks!!

She sighed and walked over to answer it. It was Dino Whitman, "Ah, So your Jackie's asshole of a boyfriend." He cocked an eyebrow, "Nice to meet you too." He came in and shut the door behind him, "So where's Jackie?" Hailey sat on the couch, "She didn't tell you? She had to help my mom with something. So you can just leave now." He slumped down next to her on the couch. "I can't. Ben dropped me off cause he's taking Sue on a date and needs the car-", "Jackie told me about that piece of shit thing." "Hm, well aren't you nice?" She cocked an eyebrow, "Why thank you for noticing." He grabbed the remote and started flipping through channels. "You know I was actually watching something." He put his feet up on the table, "Good. And now you're watching something else." She kicked his feet off the table, "Wow, you know I really don't get what Jackie sees in you….honestly. You seem like your typical asshole jock." Ignoring the comment Dino continued channel surfing, "Hey kiddo, you got a computer somewhere around here?" "Yeah…but why would I let you use it." He sighed, "Come on. I gotta check something really quick." She got off the couch and led him into her room to use her computer.

The room had dark blue walls, and was pretty cramped. The bed left almost no room in the room. It was right in back of the computer chair.

Dino crammed his way into the chair and logged online to check his mail. "Thanks kid." She stood up next to him checking what he was doing, "You know this is MY computer. My room. And for your information I'm 15. 2 years younger than you…not so much of a kid buddy." "Fine, I guess your not such a kid. But you're totally different than your sister." She laughed, "Thank God. And I know you really just want in my sister's pants." He did a fake laugh, "Come on. I really do like Jackie. I'm not ONLY interested in sex." She started cracking up, "Oh please. Come on there Captain Hormone, give it a break." He kept trying to pretend like he was looking something up online, "Very funny." "Come on. You're only interested in sex, its pretty obvious." He stood up, "That's totally not true." She got in his face, "Yeah it is." "No!" "Yup." "No!" They were screaming going back and forth with each other. "No way!" "YES!" Dino leaned in and kissed Hailey. She fell back onto the bed with him on top of her. The innocent kiss quickly turned into a make out session. Dino put his hand under the back of her shirt and went to unhook her bra. That is until the door opened, "What the hell is going on?!"

At that very moment Jackie was standing at the door. Hailey pushed Dino off of her and sat up staring at her sister, and then Dino got up off the bed. "Jackie I-"She shook her head, "Just get out…" He tried to ignore it, "Jackie I'm-" A tear fell from her face to the ground, "Get out!" She yelled at him trying not to even look at him. He finally walked out and Jackie slammed the door behind him, "You know I expected him to do something stupid, but I thought you were better than to let him." She held in most of the rage she was feeling, "I can't believe you Hailey! You're my sister, as in blood related and you go and do something stupid!"

Hailey just sat there listening to her sister and thinking to herself. Man. I can't believe I kissed him. I mean it was harmless, Right? Its not like I enjoyed it…well…maybe I did, but that's besides the point. Damn, I mean she's my sister for Christ's sake!

"And you know I never thought my sister, who I trusted with my life, would do this to me. I've known you for 15 years!" Realizing her sister wasn't paying much attention to it she stormed out of the room.

As Jackie slammed the door behind her Hailey slumped down on the bed. "Damn it."