Author's Note (PLEASE READ): Hello, and thanks for reading this story! As I have mentioned in the smaller summary, this was originally written for my sister, but has been modified slightly so that all fangirls of Leon may enjoy it. Before you start wondering, no, this will NOT be a romantic fanfic - I am not a fan of self-insertion fanfics that involve romances between real people and characters. Instead, my twin, Nicole, will fight alongside Leon to do just as Ashley did - survive in Spain and get out. Nicole is a regular high-school student and rabid gamer, not too girly like Ashley, and has played through RE4. So of course, she will be eager to help out everyone's favorite Raccoon City cop as much as she can.

The "modifications" that I have previously mentioned involve minor name changes (such as mine and hers) and possible setting alterations to better protect our personal information. Her name will still be used throughout the story, but other than that, my twin (and, essentially, the reader) will be referred to as "you". I hope that this places you more in her shoes and the events of Resident Evil 4!

One last important note: Nicole and her family are Christians, and we are not ashamed of it. As this story is about her and she acts according to her personality, there are a few spiritual references later in conversations that she has with certain leaders of Los Illuminados. I am not attempting to preach to any reader in any way at any of these occasions, these are simply examples of how my twin would react in such circumstances. If you don't want to hear about her faith, don't read it. Please don't flame me, because I am NOT trying to force Christianity on ANYONE.

...Oh, and DISCLAIMER: I don't own RE4. There.

Thanks very much:)

It's a gorgeous day - 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and not a cloud in the sky. You're happy to walk outside as you leave lunch, but disappointment overshadows it as you think about your twin sick at home. She's come down with something that's kept her out of school for a few days, and you miss her cheerful company as you walk to your history class alone.

As you ponder the many hilarious jokes that Kaitlin could have told you about the guy in the Lynard Skynard shirt ahead of you, oh my goodness, your flip-flop comes off. Clumsy you. It's as though someone stepped on the back of it, just like Kaitlin used to do when she was healthy enough to go to school and enrich her brain! Oh, my… You need a moment. You've got another minute until the bell rings, so you grab your elusive flip-flop, set down your backpack and binder, and sit on the gray marble bench just outside of the doors to the auditorium lobby. You do feel terrible that Kaitlin is at home playing Resident Evil 4 all day while you slave away here, but then again, she's also going to have a ton of work to make up when she returns. You're more envious than sorry, because you have yet to miss a single day of school this year due to illness.

A soft thud to your right pulls you from your thoughts, but before you can turn to see what caused it something has grabbed you and, a second later, you're on the roof! You try to look around, but you can't move your head. You try to speak, but a large hand is clamped over your mouth. A strong arm is wrapped firmly around your waist, and even though you kick at the muscular legs of whoever has you, they don't even seem to notice. Wow, you really shouldn't have quit karate four years ago…

And you also shouldn't have flailed your legs like that, because there go your flip-flops over the edge… and onto a student's head. She mutters a stream of curses and looks up, but you don't have any hope of her seeing you and calling for help, because you are being taken away rather roughly towards a large, inconspicuous van at the student-drop-off area. The bell rings. You'll never make it to history now.

Your kidnapper pauses at the other end of the roof, and holds you even tighter with the arm around your waist -quickly moving his hand to cover your mouth as the other slips away- as he uses the other to pull something out of a pocket and then hold that over your nose and mouth. Your heart is pounding like mad now. You've seen too many unhappy stories on the news not to be deathly afraid of being captured and drugged by a very strong, unidentified man.

"Just calm down," he mutters, as you flail and thrash against his grip. You recognize his voice, and would gasp if you could inhale enough fresh air. But he doesn't exist…! What's his name…? You mind becomes fuzzy and your vision blurs. You sluggishly glance up and catch a glimpse of blond hair and jagged scars before the liquid on your kidnapper's cloth causes you to become limp in his arms.

...Jack Krauser...?

You lose consciousness.

A/N: My previous readers will notice that this has been changed; I did so to make the kidnapping more believable. I hope you like it!