Title: The Chains That Bind

Author: Centauri2002

Rating: NC-17 (duh!)

Disclaimer: Kannazuki no Miko, its characters, locations and story are copyright to Kaishaku, etc. I am merely borrowing them. All other aspects, including original characters, are copyright to me.

Note: I have changed a few aspects of the story and also mixed a few concepts from both the manga and anime.

Chapter Note: I usually write much, much longer prologues but I just couldn't fit much in here that felt right for it, so it's a short one. I don't think you'll mind getting right into the story anyway. ^^


In the beginning there was nothing...

And then there shone a light, small at first but ever increasing. With the light came warmth, and creation, and life. With it came consciousness, and it's polar opposite. Darkness and Light, forever dancing together but never truly meeting and merging. Skimming around the edge of one another's existence, peering into the others' world but never stepping inside. Fated to play out the same dance, over and over.

Time moved through everything. It watched. It listened. From beginning till end it would be there. A constant companion.