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Disclaimer - All right, I don't own anything. Everybody you recognize in this story belongs to J. K. Rowling.


Chapter 1 - Petunia

Petunia woke up and rubbed her eyes. She was asleep in her little cottage she and her husband owned in Hogsmead. If you looked out her window you could just see the top two levels of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the place her sister had studied. She knew it well. She had studied there too.

Petunia Fudge had graduated from the school of magic a few years ago. She had been in Gryffindor, as had her little sister Lily. There she had met her husband, Cornelius. They had been married and through time he had become the Minister of Magic. Petunia was very proud of him, even though he was sometimes a bit thick headed.

A cry from the other room announced Alex's awakening. Alex Fudge was Petunia's true pride and joy. Her bouncing baby boy. He was only about a year old, the same age as Lily and James' son, Harry. They often had the two play together.

Thought of babies turned her mind to her ex - boyfriend, Vernon Dursley. When she had received her acceptance letter they had been dating, however he made her choose between magic and him. She didn't resent her choice one bit. She shuddered at the thought of what their children would have looked like.

Petunia walked through the house to the kitchen. Cornelius had already left for work. She laughed a bit at the old awful pinstriped cloak he had worn when he first got into office. With a wave of her wand Alex had a bottle and she had her eggs and orange juice ready.

A small pop and the hooting of the family owl, Lunar, announced the arrival of someone. Petunia picked up her wand and turned around to face whoever it was. With a sigh of relief she saw it was just Lily and Harry.

"A bit jumpy, aren't we?" Lily asked.

"Well, with Voldemort out and loose I just feel entirely un safe."

"You? You're married to the Minister of Magic, your house is one of the most well protected in the world! I even had to go down to be photographed, fingerprinted, and wand analyised just to be able to apparate here!" Lily laughed.

"I know, I know..."

"I had to pick up a few things near Daigon Alley. Did you want to come?" Lily said. "I'll buy lunch!"

"If you're buying, I'm game." Petunia said. "Just let me pack a bag for Alex."

Chapter 2 - Lily's Question

A few hours later the sisters sat near on a bench near Merlin Grove in Hogsmead. Both were drinking butterbeers and watching their sons play happily in the grass near a fountain of Merlin surrounded by a nuzzling hippogriff, a singing phoenix, and a prancing unicorn.

"So, did you get everything you need or do we need to go back?" Petunia asked.

Lily sighed and looked over at her son. His black hair contrasted his cousin's blonde and his green eyes sparkled with energy.

"Petunia, I have to ask you something very important." She said, looking into her older sister's now serious face.

"Lily, anything, what's the matter? Did you and James have a fight?"

Lily chuckled a little downheartidly. "If only it was something like that. Petunia, Professor Dumbledore has spies amongst the Death Eaters. One of them brought him some information, very important information, about James and I. It seems as though we are his next victims."

"WHAT?" Petunia shrieked. Alex and Harry looked over at their mothers. They both smiled pleasantly. Satisfied, the children went back to digging in the sand.

"Lily, what are you going to do? You can't let him get to you! He already got dad, and Mum..." Petunia began but trailed off. Lily had been in school during his attack, but Petunia had already graduated. She had seen her mother's pale blue eyes staring emptily back at her. Her father's open mouth, lying amongst their ruined house near London.

Lily choked back a sob and shook her head a little. "Do you think we're just going to lay down and let him? He can go to Bloody Hell for all I Bloody care! We're going to try the Fidelious Charm. The problem is, someone is leaking information about us to Voldemort and we have no idea who." Lily moved uncomfortably in her seat.

"You suspect someone." Petunia stated. Divination had always been a favorite subject for her, much to the envy of Sybyll Trelawney, a girl from Huffelpuff who had been most interested in the subject, but could never grasp it.

"I don't..." Lily began. Petunia glared at her and Lily sighed yet again. "All right. I suspect Peter Pettigrew. I don't trust Divination, never had any true belief in it. And don't give me that look, I know you think that a little chanting at a ball and the future can be revealed for anybody but I still think it's a load of dung. It's just, whenever I see Peter I just get this feeling."

"Trust feelings, they can lead to enlightenment." Petunia said. "I've always wanted to say that. What kind of feeling?"

"It's like he's measuring us up, and I feel like there's this black void in my stomach and a flash of green and a lightening bolt..." Lily clapped her hand over her moth many words to late.

"Feeling huh? Most descriptive for a feeling. You've been having visions! And he's in them isn't he? Peter's there."

"Yes." Lily looked down. "I haven't told James. He and Peter have been friends for so long, I just..."

"Stop fading out the end of your sentences. You've done that since you were thirteen. Now that you have a suspect, just look for the Dark Mark." Petunia said, taking another drink of butterbeer.

"And how am I supposed to do that without acting suspiciously?"

"Strip Poker?" Petunia said. "A threesome?"

"Bit your tongue Petunia Fudge." Said Lily as she shot daggers at her sister. "No. I need a way that won't be suspicious, but will publicly show him as a Death Eater, and I won't be blamed if he isn't."

"Lily my dear sister," Petunia said. "If we could do that, we'd have every Death Eater from here to Yorkshire."

"I'm digressing. What I wanted to ask you had to do with the Fidelious Charm. We need a Secret Keeper. We would be honored if you would agree to take on the job."

Petunia spit out the butterbeer she was drinking. "Lily! I don't know what to, yes I will of course!"

They broke into big smiles and hugged each other. And at that moment, she couldn't think of it being any other way.

Chapter 3 - Petunia's Plan

The Spell was done a few days later. Even during the ceremony Petunia's brain had been working overtime trying to find a way to capture Peter without him knowing. She too began having visions. There was a black hole, then a door opened and a flash of green light almost blinded her. After that there was the shape of lightening, then Peter appeared and turned into a rat.

It was during one of these dreams one night that she awoke in a sweat, her palms shaking and cold. Her nightgown felt hot and sticky. The whole room did. She climbed out from beneath her covers and went into Alex's room. He was sleeping silently in his crib. She walked over the moon stained carpet to stroke his back.

"Charming, aren't they?" said a voice from behind them. Petunia had her wand out with a steady hand pointed at the man behind her before he could take another step. Then she laughed. It was Professor Dumbledore.

"My dear woman, I assure you that you need not fear me."

"I know Professor. I've just had a dream and am a bit jumpy."

"Did it include Peter?"

Petunia's jaw dropped. "Yes sir, it did. How did you know about him?"

"Lily told me about it the other night at that small party. She's quite afraid I can tell you that for certain."

"I can't blame her Professor. I've been trying to think of a way to show if Peter's a Death Eater, but I just can't do it."

"Keep thinking. I'm sure you will find something." Said the Professor. "I had just come to check if everything was all right. I'll be going now."

He disappeared. Petunia tucked the blankets around Alex more and went back to bed, thinking over the conversation she had with Dumbledore. Lily had told him at the party, party! She could have a party and invite all her friends, and Peter! She would mix his drinks with a Drugging Drought. Once he was nice and doped up, she would have one of her friends seduce him. Which one, Rita Skeeter! She would do this happily if she could have one interview with her. Cornelius, her, Lily and James would watch through a magical mirror. Once his upper torso was exposed they would be able to see if he had the Dark Mark engraved on his inner forearm. It was all beginning to make sense.

Chapter 4 - The Party

Petunia told Cornelius about her idea the next day. He wasn't too enthusiastic at first, but she eventually got him to like the idea. He agreed to it and went off to work. Petunia used Communi Powder to call Lily.

"Lily Potter! Godric's Hallow!" she shouted at the yellow flames once she had added the dust.

Lily's head appeared in the fire. Once she saw Petunia she smiled.

"Petunia! What can I do for you?"

"Lily, I've had an idea. I'm pretty sure this is a secure chimney. It is, isn't it?"

"Yes. What is it?"

And Petunia explained her idea to her younger sister, both grinning wider and wider as it wore on. By the end, Lily was almost squealing like the day she got her acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

"Oh Petunia it's perfect! When's the party?"

"This Friday. Make sure Peter comes."

"I will. If I have to put him under the Imperious Curse he'll come."

The night of the party arrived. Petunia was stunning in robes of silver with her hair done up. With a shudder she remembered how Vernon had always insisted that she wore salmon pink to any formal thing they went to.

Her guests began to arrive in a matter of minutes. Lily and James were the first to arrive, followed by Sirius Black and his newest girlfriend, Olivia. Soon millions of people were milling around the ball room. Petunia quickly found Peter and slipped the potion into his drink. Within seconds he was flirting with Petunia, his bad breath slinking along her robes.

"Oh Peter, this is my friend Rita Skeeter! She writes for the Daily Prophet. I think you two will get along quite well." Petunia said, dragging the half asleep man over to the blonde haired witch in her acid green robes. Rita gave him an evil grin and wrapped her arm around him.

"Peter! I've heard so much about you! So, is it true you helped James Potter defeat a dragon in his seventh year?"

"It was the triiiiiiiiiiwiiiiizzzzurd turnumunt." Peter slurred as Rita led him over to a door.

In a flash Lily, James, and Cornelius were at her side as she led them through the halls and into a room with a large pane of glass in one wall.

"About time. If Lucius Malfoy tells me one more time that there is room for me on his staff I think I'll turn him into a toad." Lily said.

"Do it and you do the community a favor. Now hush." Said Petunia as Cornelius made a move to speak.

"So, you are a friend of James Potter?" Rita said, moving closer to Peter. With an airy laugh she pushed him onto the bed.

"Wull, yarse and non." Peter said, his speech horrible.

"What do you mean yes and no?" Rita asked as she nuzzled his neck.

"I can't tesay whut I mang by dat."

Rita began to pull down his robes. As they passed his fat shoulder a skull with a snake for a tongue appeared.

Taking charge Petunia waved her wand and the glass disappeared. All wands were on Peter as they moved into the room.

"Now about that interview." Rita said.

"Keep this quiet Rita. I'll see you on Monday for your interview."

"Then I'll see you soon." Said Rita and left with a wave of her hand back to the party.

"Jumes!" said Peter.

"Peter, you rat!" spat James. "Stupefy!"

With a red light Peter slumped down unconscience. James, an Auror, took him in to be sent to Azkaban.

Chapter 5 - Voldemort's Attack

Petunia went about her time feeling that she had accomplished something worth while that night, even though Voldemort was still at large and more killings were taking place. The Wizarding World watched helplessly as more wizard Families were being finished off. The Fawcetts, the Lurvigs, and even a member of the Weasleys. Petunia sat in her house feeling doomed.

She could feel dark forces pressing around her house. People were descretly trying to break through the wards. Her and Lily's days were spent trying renforcing them while Harry and Alex played in the nursery.

"Here's a good one. Supposidly it will block dark magic working on light magic around a place." Lily said as they looked through books in the Library.

"Let me see," Petunia said, taking the book and reading over the spell. "Excellent. Here, lets cast it together."

They stood up back to back and pointed their wands at the walls.

"one, two, three!" said Lily. They waved their wands in a circle and cried "Blokmorphicus Etstella!"

bright light blue light shot out and hit the walls where it spread throughout the cottage. There was a small shake and then the light faded away revealing two petrefied little children clinging to their mother's legs.

"MOMMY!" they screamed, shaking like wind blown leaves.

"It's all right, calm down, calm down." Said Lily to Harry while Petunia stroked Alex's hair.

"We're just casting some spells honey." Explained Petunia.

Suddenly there was a large explosion outside of the house. Petunia and Lily ran to the window where they could see, just over some of the trees of the Forbidden Forest large flashes of light and sound coming from Hogwarts.

"He's not. I thought he was too afraid of Dumbledore to attack Hogwarts!" Lily cried.

"I thought he was too! Come on, we have to help!" Petunia said.

"What about the children?"

"We'll have them stay here. I know Lills but it's the best we can do." Petunia said at her sister's face. Telling the children to stay in the nursery they ran to Hogsmead and up the dirt path to the school. People dressed in white hoods and robes were running around casting the Dark Mark into the sky, blasting away the turrets, and among it all Petunia could hear the crying of children and the spells cast in retaliation by the teachers and older students. Smoke burned her eyes and she was already sweating from the run, but many wizards from the town had arrived with them and the Death Eaters suddenly came across a problem. They couldn't disapparate on Hogwarts grounds.

"LIVISIVICIOUS!" screamed Lily. The ground trembled and flying rocks knocked several of the dark followers out.

"EVAPORATIA!" Petunia added, clearing the area of smoke. She found herself seeing a man running by in a cloak she waved her wand and watched him trip. He rolled towards the lake where the giant squid was strangling a few white robbed men.

The battle was obviously turning as more and more good wizards showed up. Most Death Eaters at the attack were either dead or wounded by the time the others escaped into the Forbidden Forest. Dumbledore stumbled over the injured dark ones and made his way to Lily and Petunia.

"You should not have come to our aide. I am grateful, but where are Harry and Alex?"

"I left them at home in the nursery." Said Petunia. "We must get back..."

"There is no sense in going there Petunia. Lord Voldemort (A few flinched at the name) has taken care of them for you." He pointed to where a lazy Dark Mark was twinkling above the former house of the Minister of Magic.

Petunia felt the affects of a jelly - leg curse hit her. Her face turned pale as every ounce of blood in her face drained. Alex...

She took off, running, Lily next to her.

The burnt and charred remains of Petunia's house lay before them, the wreckage still hot and smoke still floating towards the sky. They made their way over to where the Nursery had been. All that was there was a piece of crisped parchment, red ink written out,

The Prophecy Of Defeat has begun to be filled.

L. V.

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