Neville Longbottom and the True Rumors


Summary: Everyone knows what happened to Harry in Deathly Hallows, but not much is known about the occurrences at Hogwarts. What really went down at Hogwarts while Harry was off Horcrux hunting? NEVILLE-CENTRIC

A/n: Well, I haven't written Harry Potter fanfiction in… ages… so I was curious what happened back at Hogwarts, so I decided to write it myself! I will not have many spoilers in the beginning. And will follow along the plot of the book, just telling the other (possibly more interesting) side of the story.

This story will have mainly Neville/Luna with a little bit of Harry/Ginny at select points. The goal of this is to stray a good distance away from Harry (since the entire book was about him (obviously)), and tell it from the POV of Neville.


Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine. If it was… I MUST NOT TELL SPOILERS!!! This disclaimer will be edited when I know most people have read DH.


Neville Alexander Longbottom stared blankly at the ceiling of his bedroom. Gran had refused to tell him much of what was going on, but it wasn't like the Gryffindor didn't have ears. His grandmother was talking to one of her friends just down the hall, and Neville could hear everything they were saying:

"Is it true?" he heard his Gran ask.

There was a brief silence. "Yes."

Well that certainly helped Neville out. This is what he was doing a lot lately. Eavesdropping. One could only read so much in the newspapers. He wanted to know how his friends were doing. How Luna was doing. How Ginny was.

"Is it going to be in the papers?"

More silence. Neville didn't like the tone in his grandmother's voice. It was so horribly much like when she was talking about his grandfather right before the man died. The tone itself was enough for Neville to know that something was wrong.

"Word is already spreading through the Wizarding World," the other witch responded.

Neville let his eyes drift shut. He hoped everyone was safe. He knew that the Weasley Wedding was today. On his birthday. He was going to go, but his Gran didn't want him to. Even though Neville was now a legal wizard, he still listened to the woman (probably most out of habit, and the fact that that woman scared him). He had a very quiet birthday at home, in his garden, with his plants. He remembered the last letter he had gotten from Luna. She was going to the wedding and hoped to see him there.

And Neville really missed everything about her. Her zany descriptions of things that didn't exist. The way she'd wear the radishes as her earrings. The way she'd laugh. The way it felt when he hugged her. Sure they were just friends, but Neville often found himself imagining that it was something more. He often found himself wishing that Luna was his girlfriend rather than just one of his best friends.

But alas, it just wasn't that way.

"What are we going to do?" Neville thought he could hear a fearful sob rip through his normally stoic grandmother.

"I don't know… I really don't…"

What was going on!? Neville wanted to know! Fear was beginning to rush through him.

There was dead silence for a few very long minutes, before the other witch spoke again. "But the Ministry has fallen. Scrimgeour is dead."

Neville felt the breath catch in his chest. Oh God. You-Know-Who… Voldemort had won. A sick feeling grew inside of him until he just couldn't take it anymore and he rushed from his room and made it to the bathroom just in time as the birthday cake came back up.

Voldemort had won. The reality of it sunk in harshly.

What were they going to do?


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