Summery: 2 new students enter the academy……after awhile the started to get the idea about the gang's feelings toward each other ……and try to find a way to get them all together…..but it so happens that luck was on there side when the day the plan came into view was the last the of the amusement park opening……..will the plan work …….or will it end in total disaster…..

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Chapter 1: New student's arrival.

It was another day at the academy when the sun was shinning into a certain auburn haired girl's room…….BAKA! BAKA! BAKA! WAKE UP! The clock was ringing as our favorite brunet was waking up from her sleep; she got up and started doing her morning routines. "I'm not gona be late for once."….she thought to her self….. just then….."Bump. "but just before she gona fall, she felt a pair of strong arms catching her , she gaze into his crimson eyes, while thinking "Did...he actually save me…… did Natsume actually save me…….." as she stood up.

"Watch it Polka dots….or should I say strawberries……. "He said smirking as he started to run away knowing she would run after him.

"NATSSSUUUUUMMMMMMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!YOOOOUUUU PEEEEEEERRRRRRRRVVVVVEEEEETTTTT…!" she said while chasing after him just as he thought.

She finally caught up to him, she tried to strangle him from behind, but he was too strong and he just walk to the classroom with Mikan on his back , still trying to strangle him… he opened the door…..

As the entered the classroom they were greeted by some stares and glares and surprising looks from there classmates there was along silence….as Natsume walk to his seat.

"Hey. Polka dot could you let go of me, people are starting to stare. " as Natsume said this Mikan got off him.

There was a long silence me to death." He said coughing until…….

"Wha-what wa-was s-she doing on your back Natsume."Ruka asked nervously

"She tried to choke

Then he notice's Hotaru's camera…

"These pictures will make me millions…."she said with dollar sign's in her eyes. Everybody's sweat drop.

Natsume tried to burn the pictures…., but they wouldn't even light up…..

"Fire proof….Hyuga……….. " she said smirking

"Hnh……"he said


BAKA! BAKA! BAKA! Hotaru shot her with her Idiot gun

"HHOOOOTTTTTTTAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRUUUUUUU…….you meanie…… " she said as she landed on the wall and as usual Yuu help her up.

"Are you okay Mikan-chan?"Yuu asked worriedly.

"I'm okay thank you Yuu." she said smiling

Then Mr. Narumi entered the classroom twirling around like a ballerina….as everyone was taking there seats. "Good morning class." He greeted with his usual smile.

"Good morning" everyone greeted back except Natsume as usual...

"Okay classes to day we are getting two new students" he said.

"Meet Yurri Fukuzawa and Cally Iuwatogi (It is pronounced I-wa-to-gi incase anyone's wondering).Now pls introduce your selves individually." Mr. Narumi said

"Hello I'm Yurri .' said a girl with long blonde hair with curls at the end of her hair with a flower shaped clip, clipped on to the back of her hair so her won't bother her beautiful blue eyes.

"And I'm Cally." Said the girl with long black hair which looked liked Yurri's except a sliver butterfly clip was place on one side on her hair, which made her black eyes very beautiful and noticeable.

"Any questions." Mr. Narumi asked.

"What is there star class and alice?" asked a random student.

"We'll there star class will be two stars…, as for there alice you have to find out your selves." He said

"We'll…. Since you are new your permanent partner's will be each other ……, but seeing that you are new to the academy……….Mikan and Natsume will show you around until you get settled in. " He said smirking "Knowing Natsume…, and so Mikan won't be the only one showing you around…..I've decide to handcuff you two." He said to Mikan and Natsume smirking.

But before Mikan and Natsume could react… Mr. Narumi went to them and….."Clink" the handcuffs were on them. "Those cuffs will sty on you for 3 days I think that would be enough time to show Yurri and Cally around."

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA…………I DON'T WANT TO BE WITH HIM FOR 3 DAYS……..WWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA…….." Mikan whined, as Natsume tried to burn the hand cuffs off…., but he couldn't.

"Don't worry there is no malice to this, when ever you need to go to the bathroom and etc…. the hand cuff will be off you, but for only 15 mins. Then the will link you guys again, so you better be fast, plus the hand cuffs are Alice proof." He continued while smirking. The Natsume – Ruka fan club girls started to give Mikan death glares, while the other were thinking about how they will live like a married couple.

"RRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG……………." The bell rang for lunch and everybody got out of the class room and went to the cafeteria. Yurri and Cally followed Mikan and Natsume out of the classroom; they started to get to know each other along the way. While eating lunch Natsume and Mikan were arguing again …., but when Cally and Yurri notice this they ask the Hotaru and the other's about there relationship , Hotaru and the other's told them about the current situation in a voice soft enough that Mikan and Natsume couldn't hear but loud enough for Yurri and Cally to hear. "RRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG…………." The bell for class rang and all the students were heading back to the classroom. While Yurri and Cally Talked about what Hotaru and the other's said to them…..

"If only we could find away for them to confess to each other." Yurri said

"Yeah. I know but like what they said Mikan's to dense and Natsume's ……. you know. Have you also notice the others. " Cally replied

"Yeah. I used my alice and saw all the love ties in the school." Yurri said.

"Really?! What is your alice anyway?" Cally asked.

"I have a psychic alice, I can you psychic powers, I only know how to use a few of them. So what yours?" Yurri replied in whisper so nobody can hear except for them.

"I have an alice of magic, my alice allows me do magic like magicians, but like I only know a little. " Cally said in a whisper.

"Too bad we can't use our alice to…….." Yurri didn't finish the remark because a sudden idea pops up in her head.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking" Yurri suddenly said in a whisper to signal Cally to do the same.

"That we should use our alice to help them get together." Cally said with excitement in her voice.

Yurri nodded. "Cally can you use telepathy?"Yurri asked.

Cally nodded.

"Good, let's use our telepathy to talk about the plan." Yurri said.

Cally nodded.

(Telepathic conversation)

"So who are we setting up" Cally asked

"The love ties are Mikan and Natsume (obviously), Koko and Anna, Yuu and Nonoko, Tsubasa and Misaki…..and this one your not gona believe….., Ruka and Hotaru?!" Yurri said.

"Really?! I knew something was up with those two…… Whose Tsubasa and Misaki?! " Cally asked.

"You know the guy with the shadow alice and the star on his face, and the girl with short pink hair and has the double ganger alice." Yurri said

"So anyway what's the plan?" Cally asked

"I don't know yet. Were gona be late, so let's talk later okay. "

"okay" Cally said.


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