Clean Up My Act

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Summary: Sesshomaru is dragged by his half brother, to one of those cafes where the waitresses dress up as maids, just because a girl named Kagome worked there and his brother wanted to ask her out but when Sesshomaru is served by a girl named Rin, everything changes but now that his brother has confronted Kagome he won't get the chance to see Rin again. 2 years later Sesshomaru saves a young woman's life only to find out it's Rin and she needs a place to stay. Can Rin help the man who has everything but a heart or was it doomed from the start?

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- Sess, Maid Rin (What Rin and Sesshomaru look like and are wearing, it's also where I got the idea for this story from and it's also what Kagoem and Sango are wearing)
- Teen Couple Inu Kags (What InuYasha is wearing and looks like)
- Hip Miroku and Sango (The outfit Miroku is wearing)

- Kagome 24
- Sango 26
- Rin 19
- InuYasha 26
- Miroku 28
- Sesshomaru 31

Chapter 1:

We begin our story in small corner street café which wasn't your regular café, if you paid close attention to who entered and exited you'd note that 99 percent of those people were men and if you dared to enter this odd café in Tokyo, Japan you'd note that the staff was girls only and they were all gorgeous. They also all wore maid costumes, it barely covered to the knee and was frilly and basically impossible to be used by a real maid. This café was designed for men who wanted to escape single and maybe even married life to a world of fantasy, of course the staff did no more than flirt and serve customers. We start with a young women named Kagome but this by no means her story but rather her friend's.

Kagome glanced up when she heard the bell ring signaling another customer had entered but she returned to her book when she saw it was just Ren, a usual.

"So…you reading that in hopes of getting him to ask you out?"

Kagome glared at the woman across from her, her so called best friend, Sango before glancing at the title of the book she was attempting to read 'Boy Volume III: How to get his attention with out removing clothing'.


"Kagome don't be like that, we care for you and for you to go after a man who spends his time at these sorts of cafes, he doesn't deserve you"

Kagome sighed and book marked her page before looking up at her other friend and co-worker, Rin.

"He isn't like these other perverts, he's actually a gentleman"

"Yea, till he gets in your pants then he'll toss you to the side like a used toy"

Kagome regarded her older friend with sympathy, Sango had thought a customer she once fell for was her one in a million but he turned out to just be your regular perverted bastard.


Kagome was interrupted when the bell rang again and this time it was the man she'd been waiting for. He scanned his surroundings before sitting down in his usual seat with his perverted friend except this time he'd brought another. Kagome stood and stopped the lady heading in the men's direction.

"Kiki, do you mind…umm if I take this one, please?"


Kagome grabbed her note book and checked her uniform was in perfect condition before approaching the three men. She couldn't help but let her attention drift to the man she had a crush on, InuYasha, he had long, wild white hair which reached his waist and eyes the shade of gold. He also had a small pair of white dog ears hidden in his hair signaling he was a half demon. He was wearing a casual blue button up shirt with the top few buttons undone and baggy jeans. His friend beside him, Miroku had black hair which was tied in a tiny ponytail and dark blue eyes. He wore tight jeans and a tight black shirt showing he had muscles, Kagome blushed before turning her attention to the new comer. She had no idea who he was but judging by his feature he was related to InuYasha. He had the same hair except it was tidier and pulled back into a low ponytail. He also had the same eyes except they seemed cold and he had the markings of a full demon. He also wore a suit, his tie still done up, meaning he was a business man and a strict one.

"InuYasha, Miroku and…?"

"Oh, Kagome, this is my older half brother, Sesshomaru"

"A pleasure to meet you, so ready to order drinks?"

"So he finally showed up"

"What do you mean Sango?"

Sango regarded her younger co-worker who had only started a few days ago.

"Well, he shows at least every other day and Kagome always serves him. She was his first waitress and no one has served him since and he ignores or treats anyone else coldly"

"Which one?"

"The one in the blue shirt with the white hair"

"Oh…what about the others?"

"Well the man with black hair beside him is Miroku, and he's been here since his high school days, long before InuYasha started coming. I used to serve him but now that InuYasha is here I let Kagome serve them. And the third one is a new comer I believe and by the looks of it in some way related to InuYasha."

"Why does InuYasha have dog ears?"

"He's a half demon of the dog pack but judging by the older man's markings he is a full demon of the same pack"

"Wow you know a lot"

"My ancestors were demon slayers and I am one to in my spare time"


Kagome emerged from the kitchen to see her friends watching the table where the three men sat.

"Rin, Sango I need help carrying the food and drinks over please"

They nodded before following her into the kitchen and taking a tray with either food or drink on it.

"Sango, that is Miroku's order and Rin that is Sesshomaru's order"

Both girls nodded before following Kagome's lead to InuYasha's table. They bowed before smiling at the boys and setting down their orders. They were about to leave when the black haired man smiled at the girls.

"Girls, my friends and I were wondering if you would mind keeping us company over our meal, if you would like to order anything it's on us and we will tip generously of course"

Sango regarded the man suspiciously.

"Miroku, knowing you this is some bazaar stunt, knowing your perverted ways."

"Sango, my dear you wound me, I am but a humble monk who enjoys your company"

Sango snorted unlady like and sat beside the man while the new comer spoke up for the first time.

"I'm afraid to admit it but the pervert is speaking the truth, he is legally a monk, it's a family thing believe it or not"

"Fine, my friends and I will join you men while you eat but we will not be taken advantage of and I'm starved"

Kagome sat beside InuYasha and due to it only being a four seater booth she had to be rather close making both her and InuYasha blush ferociously. Sango was scanning the menu trying to ignore the man next to hers horrible attempt at flirting. Rin was sitting next to the business man who didn't even seem to notice she was there.

After awhile everyone was talking to there partner except Rin and Sesshomaru who sat in an awkward silence.

"Sesshomaru, if you do not mind me asking what business are you in?"

"I own Takasi Industry, my brother also looks after my business and is basically a partner although it would help if he turned up to work instead of coming here to flirt."

Rin giggled causing the man to regard the beauty beside him, he had to admit it's a laugh he wouldn't mind hearing again.

"So I take it you're an all work and no play kind of man?"
"I suppose you could put it that way"

"Well, it's a good thing you're here then, I believe you have to have balance in your life"

Sesshomaru glanced at his companions who had gotten up to dance leaving Rin and himself alone in the booth.

"I have no time for such stupid things, my business is all that matters and I didn't get to the top by playing games"

Rin laughed again before moving closer to the man till they were practically nose to nose.

"Well its about time you learnt that you aren't always right, it would appear you have never had a real relationship or wife"

"No…how did you know?"

"You sound like you are sure of yourself and that anything that passes your lips is law, no married man could talk like that"

Sesshomaru smiled causing Rin to smile who still hadn't backed away.

"You aren't expecting a kiss or anything are you?"

"Of course not, I would not allow my first kiss to be taken by a stranger no matter how good looking"

Sesshomaru was surprised to hear that the beautiful women before him had never been kissed, especially when she worked at a place like this. She backed away slightly and removed his tie and unbuttoned his top few buttons.

"Much better, now come and dance"

Sesshomaru was left speechless and without thinking stood and joined Rin on the dance floor.