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"Human speech,"

"Human thought,"

"Demon/Boss speech,"

"Demon/boss thought,"


(Wave country/ Haku's grave 12:00 a.m.)

Naruto stood in front of Haku's Grave with tears in his eyes. Tomorrow was the day that Team 7 left back to the village and Naruto didn't want to leave. Naruto got down on his hands and knees and cried while pounding his fist on to the ground in front of Haku's grave. "Damn it Haku! Way? Way did you Die?" said Naruto out loud with tears in his eyes


Naruto stood in front of Haku on the bridge with anger and sadness in his sapphire blue eyes looking into Haku own light brown eyes. "Haku-chan way? He was my best friend, my only friend!? Things didn't have to be like this?" said Naruto. Haku giggled a bit at this. "I know they didn't, but they did. If you and I meet at a different place in a different time then maybe we could have been friends, and maybe more," said Haku before she went into a mirror and intercepted Kakashi's Chidori. "Nar..uto…kun please do…n't forg…et… me," were her final words, before it started to snow as Naruto and Zabuza started the Slater fest of Gatou's men .

Flashback end

Naruto was brought into his mind by the red chakra that was there when he battled Haku. Now he stood in front of a cage with a giant fox looking at him. W-who ar-are you?" said Naruto looking at the fox. "Kit you'd better stop acting like a scared little fool. I know you as well as you know yourself," said Kyubi. Naruto looked at the fox with sharpened eyes. "Alright you got me fuz ball. So what do you want?" said Naruto setting down. "I want to make a deal with you. I take you back in time, but you must show your true skills and no holding back. Also I'll give you a little gift. Thank of it as a bloodline. Oh and by the way call me Kaa-san," said Kyubi. "Who would have thought Kyubi was a woman. Alright lets say I bite how do we go about this?" said Naruto crossing his arms.

Easy kit just take off a piece of the seal," said Kyubi Naruto ripped off a small part of the seal. The next thing Naruto know he was in a world of darkness.

Naruto awoke in his apartment in the leaf. He looked at himself in the mirror. "Hum' I must be between 7 and 8," said Naruto until he looked at the calendar. "SHIT! Today is October 10th, that means I'm a dead man if I can't get to the Hokage tower. "Relax brat. You still have all your skills and chakra from that time so just use your transformation Jutsu," said Kyubi scratching her ear. "Transform," said Naruto turning into a 40 year old man.

Naruto exited his apartment and walked to the Hokage tower in only 8 minutes walking in he saw the Hokage putting on his traveling clock. "Ah Naruto I have a question do you want to come with me to visit a old friend in the village only a few miles away?" said the Hokage. "Sure old man," said Naruto undoing the Jutsu and hopping on his shoulder and they flash stepped a few villages away and kept it up until they we're at the village. They walked until they reached a man in his mid 40's wearing a black robe. "Hey Sarutobi-san is he the one?" said the man. "Yes Azien," said Sarutobi. "He's a little weaker then I thought," said Azien standing up "Hey fuz ball what the hell is going on?" thought Naruto. "Damn. You changed the timeline only hours after arriving here. You weren't suppose to leave the village the day of your 8th birthday, but because you did some things are about to change," said Kyubi in a foreboding tone. "Why do I not like your tone Kaa-san," thought Naruto. as they entered Azien's house.

His home looked like a cross between a tattoo parlor and a sword training. "Please take off your shirt Naruto-kun," said Azien. Naruto removed his shirt as Azien started to do the 7 forbidden hand signs. He touched Naruto's right arm. Naruto grabbed his arm in pain as a claw marked shaped tattoo, with Kanji for protect, all around the lower part of his right arm. Naruto screamed as an unbearable pain came into his arm. He grabbed his arm and held it until there was a flash of white and gold blinding Sarutobi and Azien. When the light faded there was a double-edged sword about 5 inches wide and 4 feet long, with a 6 inch hilt.

"Interesting. He must have a strong will to get something so strong. I can fill the power rolling off him and the sword," thought Sarutobi and Azien. "Azien I know you swore never to take an apprentice, but…" started the Hokage but was stopped by Azien. "Say no more old friend. I will return him when he turns 11," said Azien. When Naruto awoke they discussed some details of his training and The Hokage left, but not before leaving 6 scrolls of Fire Jutsu, 4 scrolls for water Jutsu, 7 scrolls for wind Jutsu, and the forbidden scroll. When Sarutobi left Azien began Naruto's hell training.

[time skip 3 years later Sarutobi's office/ 11:23 a.m.

Sarutobi was smoking his pipe while doing his 100th piece of paperwork for that day while his Secretary bout in more. "Damn it Arashi! I should have shoved your ass out the way and done the sealing just to escape the paperwork. Kami please do some divine intervention," thought The Hokage. as if Kami listened him two figures walked in one was Azien and the other was a blonde boy. "Hello Azien who is this?" said Sarutobi not really looking at the blonde. "Old man I'm hurt that you don't recognize me," said the Boy. "Naruto. Boy your going to have fan-girls out the ass in a minute," said Sarutobi smiling at Naruto

Naruto was now 4'11" his hair was now down instead of spiky, his whisker marks looked darker, his sapphire eyes shun with a happy glow, he now wore a blue long sleeve hoodie, with Kanji for Bad on the left breast pocket and Kanji for fox on the back that is zipped half way up, a white shirt, black cargo pants, and black ninja sandals. "Tell me how good is he?" said Sarutobi. "He bordering on low Jonin level skills," said Azien. "Alright. Naruto please head to the academy and give Iruka-kun this," said Sarutobi writing a quick note.

Before Naruto walked out he pulled out a scroll and tossed it to Sarutobi. "I put a tracer Jutsu on the scroll so if it's stolen you can find it," said Naruto leaving them. "You should see the number of fan-girls he has in wind country," said Azien smirking. "Do tell?" said Sarutobi smirking as well.

(at the Academy/ 12:00 p.m.)

Iruka was putting his students through Taijutsu practice when a boy walked up. "Yes how may I help you?" said Iruka. Naruto handed the letter to Iruka. "Well it seems we have a new student who well be joining us until you guys graduate," said Iruka. "Why should a loser be welcomed, just because the Hokage says so?" said a boy with the Uchiha logo on his back. "S-Sasuke-san b-be n-n-nice to peop-people," said Hinata as Sasuke walked over to her and grabbed her chin. "You know I could do whatever I want to you and you can't stop me because of what the council wants?" said Sasuke more to Iruka then Hinata. Sasuke was just about to kiss her when she suddenly vanished.

"You got a lot to learn Uchiha-chan. If a you try that to a girl again I will know and I'm going to hurt you," said Naruto. "So I got plenty of bitchs at my beck and call," said Sasuke as Naruto disappeared and kneed Sasuke in his gut causing him to double over."That is your only warning Uchiha," said Naruto walking to Iruka while the other kids were dumbstruck. "What power maybe he can train me and I can kill him," thought Sasuke.

( a year later)

Naruto stood in front of Iruka with his headband on his head grinning. Naruto now stood about 5'2" just an inch short of Shino or bugboy as some called him. Naruto stuck into a tight group of people that where Hinata, Shikamaru, Choji, Shino, and Ino. They were all dissent people where he was concerned, but Hinata was like his sister and he was on good terms with most of the clan, but a few main members and some branch. It was Sasuke, Sakura and Kiba he did not like. Kiba was to proud and cocky to admit defeat and also keep trying to grope Hinata, while Sasugay was to arrogant and power hungry, and Sakura was just to much of a puppy dog to see past Sasuke.

"Alright, Alright. Settle down. Were about to announce the teams. Team 1 is… Naruto toned him out as he talked to his Kaa-san. "Naruto-kun what do you plan to do?," said Kyu "I'll cross that bridge when the time comes(No pun intended), until then I'll bid my time," thought Naruto. "Alright, but let me out of here damn it. I've been in for the last month and I want out," said Kyu acting like a child. "You can be so childish," thought Naruto as he heard his Name. "Team 7 well be Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. Oh and team 7 well have 2 Jonin sensei's," said Iruka as Sakura jumped up and started to dance like a fool. Team 8 Kiba, Hinata and Shino, and Team 10 will be Ino Choji, And Shikamaru. Meet back here in 1 hour to meet your Jonin Sensei… Just as Iruka was about to finish a Jonin with brown skin, 6'7", wearing a black hoddie, blue jean pants, his Jonin vest and a blue cap turned to the side with his head band wrapped around it.

"What's up Kids. My Name is Ryu I'm one sensei for team 7, but I'm on to train Naruto personally. Right Now the Hokage would like to see you Naruto.

Naruto stood and walked out the room thanking. "I must have changed things greatly to get two sensei's," thought Naruto walking out the door.


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