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(Uzumaki compound)

The estates were quiet as Naruto and Kin walked into the house. He figured that everyone was asleep until he walked into the kitchen to find Haku and Hinata there looking at him with glee and a bit of… playfulness. "Look at that Hinata Naruto-kun brought another playmate," said Haku standing up with a grin. "What's the deal behind this girl Naruto-kun?" asked Hinata as Naruto told them what had happened and that stunned both girls. While any other man would take her as a slave Naruto offered her a chance to become a wife.

"Wow Naruto-kun you have a bigger heart then even I thought," said Haku hugging Naruto and then Kin. "Haha. Well girls I have to sleep," said Naruto as he turned to go to his room, but stopped as he looked back at Hinata. "Hinata-chan I will put Neji on the edge of death for what he did," said Naruto as Hinata walked up to him and grabbed his right hand. "Please don't hurt him to badly," said Hinata.

He was tempted to say no to the girl. Oh how he wanted o say no, but he couldn't say no to Hinata. "Alright Hinata-chan," said Naruto sounding like a whipped husband as Hinata kissed him. "Thank you Naruto-kun," said Hinata as Naruto walked up the stairs.

(Konoha stadium- 10:00 a.m.)

It was a beautiful day in Konoha. It was bright, a few clouds in the sky, and the field was perfect for a battle today. Sarutobi sat up with The Kazekage and the Rakikage (?) on either side of him. Hello my friends it is a wonderful day," said Sarutobi. "Yes it is Hokage-dono, but you're getting on in your age," said The Rakikage with a chuckle. "What about this old dog over here?" asked Sarutobi looking at The Kazekage who just glared back. "I'll have you know I'm in my prime thank you, you old monkey," said The Kazekage. "Still young enough to give you a spanking," said Sarutobi as they all laughed a little.

They looked down and saw all of the combatants in the ring except for the Uchiha. "To bad our fun ends so shortly," said the Rakikage. ( Who shall go by Rei from now on and The Kazekage will go by Koza from Now on) "Yes you are Right Rei-sama. Sarutobi-sama if you. The Hokage stood up and gave a small speech before he sat down. "Now let the games begin," said Koza with a smile.

(On the floor)

Naruto was taking claming breaths as he looked at the combatants present. Tatianna, Kankuro, Neji, Gaara, and Temari stood on his right, while Kiba, Haku, Dosu, Shikamaru, and Yugito stood to his left. The only one missing was that thieving eyed bastard. Naruto know he would have to return the eye during the Exam, maybe when the Uchiha was down to 10 of his chakra. While he may have hated Sasuke's guts he didn't want to be blamed for the Death of the Uchiha. He was brought out of his thoughts as the proctor (who was different from the last) came up

"Who the hell are you?" asked Temari. "My name is Genma and I'll be your proctor for this exam. The rules are the same as they were last time. There are no rules. So we're going to get started now. Naruto Uzumaki and Neji Hyuga step forward please," said Genma as Naruto and Neji walked toward him. "Alright everyone else hit the stands," said Genma.

The minute everyone was off the field Naruto glared at Neji with pure hate. "I'm going to beat the shit out of you," said Naruto taking up a stance. "Try it you loser," said Neji getting into the Gentle fist stance

"Begin," said Genma

The minute the words left his mouth Naruto was in front of Neji, who looked stunned by Naruto's speed. Naruto hit Neji with an uppercut that launched him into the air about 5 meters. Neji quickly looked at Naruto before he flipped over in the air and landed about 7 feet away. "That was some insane speed. I lost track of him, with that one attack," thought Neji. "Ox, hare, snake, tiger, dog, ox, dragon, snake. Earth and fire fusion style: magma bullet jutsu," said Narruto as he shot out 20 small fire covered earth bullets. Neji by this point had activated his Byukugan. Neji was able to avoid them for the most part, but the heat that came off them was still enough to give Neji small burns.

(up in the stands)

Anko, Zabuza, Ryu, and Kurenai sat next to each other watching the fight. "Wow I'm impressed Naruto is so strong," said Ryu. "Of course the kid is strong. He was able to beat me in a fight and then he went and put an ass whooping on the snake fag from what you two told me, but the Hyuga still has some kind of fight in him," said Zabuza. "Your right, but with the Arashi Tansengan Naruto has more power and he has that paralyzing thing on his side This Match is already over," said Anko taking a bite of some Dango.

(Back to the fight)

Neji glared at Naruto. "You are strong. I would say one of the destined few," said Neji closing his eyes. "What the hell are you talking about?" asked Naruto. "Let me explain. Out of this whole Village only a few Ninja have ever become truly powerful. The Uchiha, the Hyuga, The Hatake, and the Uzumaki. Each of these clans has the power of a small army making them nearly unbeatable. Even though you are strong, I'm just stronger," said Neji.

"Don't be so arrogant that I will continue holding back. If you haven't noticed my blades are still not out and my eyes have yet to activate," said Naruto. "Then activate them," said Neji looking mad that he was basically being toyed with. "No Neji. If you use something to much you come to relay on it. That shall Not happen to me," said Naruto.

Neji in a fit of rage charge at Naruto. Neji tried to hit Naruto with his many powerful strikes, but Naruto easily moved with the strikes dodging them. It was as if they were dancing to people. Naruto finally had enough and caught both of Neji's hands with his. "Neji this ends now!" said Naruto as he glared into Neji's eyes with the Arashi Tensengan activated. Everyone in the stadium went quite as Neji and Naruto stared into each others eyes with the most powerful glare they could give. It was only a minute later that Neji backed away and raised his hand. "Proctor I forfeit the match to Uzumaki-san here. His eyes are better then my own," said Neji.

"Winner Uzumaki Naruto," said The proctor. The crowed was confused as to what had just happened.

(Up in the stands)

"Can someone please explain what just happened?" asked a random Chunin. "Sure. It was like a mental battle. The second they locked eyes all physical combat stopped only to be replace by a battle of the eyes. You see in the cases of Bloodlines, more specifically doujutsus they lock eyes and for a brief moment they both see the outcome of the battle," said Kurenai. "Yeah, but they can change it right?" asked Zabuza. "Not a snowballs chance in hell. It only shows the victor and everything that happens in that in that vision will come to pass," said Kurenai having some understanding of Doujutsu.

(Back in the arena)

"Neji I would like you to be my friend," said Naruto extending his hand. Neji let a tear fall from his right eye. "Uzumaki Naruto you are to kind to your enemies," said Neji as he shuck Naruto's hand.

They heard clapping and turned to see it was Anko, Haishi, Zabuza, Kurenai, Ryu, Most of the Rookie 9 and the Kages. Soon everyone started to clap and cheer for the two fighters.


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