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To say Neji was annoyed would be an understatement; to say he was pissed would be a more appropriate term.

He was currently at his team's training ground, but there was no training just Gai and Lee babbling about the wonders of youth and rivals, oh yes a lot about rivals.

"Neji-kun!" Yelled Lee.

Neji's eyebrow twitched as he tried his best to ignore his ridiculous sensei and teammate. And how you ask by kicking a dummy that resembled the oh so youthful Gai.

"Uhhh don't they ever stop?" Asked TenTen.

"No they will always be pompous fools." Replied Neji. "Believe me"

"Now now Neji that's no way to talk about your team."



A tickmark appeared on Sakura's head at that "little" comment. "Hey I'm not a little girl anymore!"

"Oh they grow up so fast! It seems like only yesterday when you were taking your first steps!" Yelled Gai dramatically.


"But you're just so cute my dear. It's only natural to dote on my beloved goddaughter!"

"…I don't recall ever being your goddaughter."

"Gai-Sensei you know this flower of beauty?" Asked Lee.

Everyone except Lee and Gai sweat dropped at that comment.

"But of course Lee, she is in fact the daughter of my lifelong rival."

Lee was now staring at Sakura in amazement and admiration. "Sakura-san right."

"NO NOT AGAIN!" Thought Sakura.

"Here we go again." Thought Neji.

"Sakura-san please be my girlfriend I will protect you until the day I die." Proclaimed Lee.

Never in his life, had Neji wanted to gentle fist someone more than he did now…okay Sasuke was the only exception.

"I'm sorry Lee but um uh Gai-sensei the Hokage asked me to get Neji" Said Sakura changing the subject.

"But Sakura you still haven't answered my darling Lee."


"Sandaime said immediately, as in NOW!" Said Sakura in desperation to get away.

"Sakura-chan." Thought Hinata as she shook her head in slight annoyance.

"Very well."

And at that Sakura then grabbed both Neji's and Hinata's wrists and made a mad dash to the Hokage tower leaving a bewildered Lee, TenTen, and Gai.

"Well she seemed nice." Said TenTen cheerfully.

Lee then started weeping crazy tears of sorrow. "MY DEAR SAKURA-SAN HAS YET TO ANSWER MEEEEE!"

"Alas Lee! She will come to terms with her feelings in time, although I think she likes you." Said Gai.

"Pfft sorry Lee but she'd sooner like Neji than you." Thought TenTen. (Hey she's a smart girl.)


Sakura ran up to where Hinata was waiting patiently.

"Doesn't he ever give up?!" Yelled Sakura in disbelief and annoyance as she ran up to her still meek friend.

"Aw but Saku-chan it is rather sweet." Said Hinata.

"No it's not!" She snapped back.

"Don't forget he's just met you and that means hasn't gotten a chance for you to set him straight."

"Right almost forgot, we're in the past now." Said Sakura.

"Past, present, whatever If he does it again I will personally make sure to break each and every one of his limbs." Neji said calmly.

Hinata and Sakura stopped running and looked at each other with shocked looked on their faces because they knew he was serious. Sakura then ran up to her jealousy-prone boyfriend.

"Woah Neji are you actually jealous?" She asked slowly.


"Aww you're jealous."

"Nii-san is capable of jealousy after all." Marveled Hinata

Neji could feel a migraine coming on, "Let's go now."

"Yeah yeah we're going, but you don't have to be bossy." Said Sakura.

"But I wasn't…"

"Oh we know we're just playing with you." Said Hinata.

Neji shook his head in annoyance, "Can't you two ever get serious? We have a mission to complete."

"Hinata can but as we all know I am incapable of such things." Answered Sakura teasingly.

Neji sighed, grabbed Sakura by the arm and started marching off toward the Hokage tower.

"H-hey let go! Gah let me go!" Sakura yelled.


"Huh oh h-hai."


The team had arrived at the Hokage Tower and were currently explaining their mission to the elderly Sandaime, who apparently was having a hard time taking it all in.

"So let me get this straight you three are from three years into the future and you have come to the past to prevent certain events from happening. Things that leave Konoha in a state of destruction and in order to do that you had to use the Sacred Scroll of Time."

"Yes." They said in unison.

"I'm getting too old for this…wait did you say that I was succeeded by Tsunade?"

Sakura looked confused, "Um yes?"

"Well that solves the dilemma of choosing the next Hokage. Now I would like to speak to her in person please."

"Um of course Hokage-sama, just give me a minute or two."

"Sakura is that you?"

"Hai Shishou."

"So I trust all is going to plan."

"Tsunade it's nice to see that you are well."

"Huh? Oh hello Sarutobi-Sensei, and yes I am doing well."

"It has come to my recent understanding that the village has come under some…problems."

Tsunade visibly winced, "Yes we had come into war with both Sound and the Akatsuki."

"Hmm and how did that go?"

"The village has suffered damage and there were a few casualties, but other than that the villagers were safely evacuated and we were victorious."

"Well it seems that you are finally understanding what it takes to be Hokage, and I am so proud."

"So you understand why I have sent them to the past?"

"Yes and I will make sure that their mission succeeds, though I will have to tell their sensei's."

"Yes of course."

"Oh and how are Asuma and Konohamaru doing in the future?"

"Um, Konohamaru is coming along nicely and uhhhhh Asuma has become a father."

"Ah that is great news, I'm guessing the mother is Kurenai."

"Yes in fact she is."

"Oh I always knew they would end up together in the end."

"Oh I know they are just so…"

"EXCUSE ME!" Yelled Sakura.

Tsunade and Sarutobi both turned to look at Sakura.

"I'm sorry to break up this conversation, but my arm feels like it's going to fall off."

"Oh right well then you kids best be off then." Said the Sandaime.

"Bye everyone! Oh and Sakura I have someth…" Slam

Sakura, Neji, Hinata wasted no time as they left the office in a hurry. With quick goodbyes they left and ran toward the places they were supposed to be at during this time. Hinata went to the school playground to eat with her team, Neji ran back to his team's training grounds, and Sakura walked back to 'the bench' and sat down.

"This place brings back so many memories."

"Yeah such happy memories first getting rejected then knocked out, FUN."

"I know hey aren't the happiest memories, but still."

Then she saw it Sasuke leaning against a tree staring at her.

"Great here we go again, Naruto you never learn."

"Sakura I never noticed…"

"Stop right there, I know it's you Naruto."

Naruto looked shocked and transformed back into his original self, "How'd you know Sakura-chan?"

Sakura smirked, "I have a knack for these kind of things, plus your transformation jutsu sucks…sorry."

Naruto pouted and as he did he began to feel the urge to use the bathroom and started running off. "Stupid milk!!!!!!!!"

Sakura just stared with a disgusted look on her face.

"Hey, have you seen Naruto?" Called Sasuke from behind her.

Sakura turned around, "Yeah he went that way, but I wouldn't if I were you."

"Hn." Was all he said as he walked past her.

"Still rude as ever."

"Yeah…but he's still hott."

"Excuse me?!"

"Like you weren't thinking it."

"FYI, I have a boyfriend."

"…Whatever you say Saki."

"Ugh I don't have time for this!" Sakura yelled to the sky as she then started walking back to the academy, only to be stopped by her 'father'.

"Time for what Sakura? From what I hear time is what you have plenty of." Said Kakashi as he lazily flipped through his book.

Sakura glared at him, "Don't read that perverted trash in front of me!"

Kakashi raised an eyebrow, "And how exactly do you know what I'm reading?"

"I know Jiraiya, nuff said…look dad I have to get to the academy, and unlike you I want to be on time." And with that she quickly formed her hand seals and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

And of course he was late, by two hours…Naruto was upset and was now setting up a trap for their 'unknown' sensei.

And just like before Sasuke told him it wasn't going to work and for the heck of it Sakura reprimanded him like she did years back on this day. It was after Naruto jumped down from the stool to admire his handiwork Kakashi walked in and was lightly bopped on the head with the chalk eraser.

He recovered quickly and said, "My first impression of this team…I hate you…"

Team seven all sweat-dropped at his comment but got up to make their way up to the roof.

"Let's see now, I want you to introduce yourselves. You know likes, dislike, stuff like that." Said Kakashi.

"Sensei why don't you go first to show us how it's done." Said Naruto.

"Who me?" Said Kakashi as he pointed to himself. "Hmm I'm Hatake Kakashi. My likes and dislikes? I don't feel like telling you. As for my dream…I have few hobbies."

"Like reading pervy novels." Sakura whispered to both Sasuke and Naruto.

"Eh! And we only learned his name too." Added Naruto.

Kakashi pretended to not hear their conversation and told them to begin starting with Naruto.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto! I like cup ramen. But I like that Ichiraku Ramen Iruka-sensei bought me even more! I hate that three minutes you have to wait after I put the hot water. My hobbies include gardening and eating and comparing cup ramen! And my dream is to be greater than all the other Hokages before me! I'm going to make the village recognize my existence!"

Kakashi looked at the boy with a curious expression as he thought, "I see he grew up in an interesting way…"

"Alright next!"

Sakura saw that it was her turn. "Well you know my name, my dreams were taken away a long time ago, and my hobbies consist of training, training, more training, occasionally hanging out with friends, and more training.

Sasuke looked at her with interest because he was honestly not expecting her to say all that. He expected her to talk about him, shopping, and other ridiculous girly stuff like that. He shook his head ever so slightly and began his introduction.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke. There are a few things I like and many things I hate. My dream…no my ambition is the revival of my clan and to kill a certain man."

When Sasuke finished there was a very awkward silence amongst them. Kakashi just stared at him like he was crazy, Naruto was hoping that Sasuke wasn't referring to him, and Sakura just stared at the sky uninterested.

"Okay you three are insane, very very insane. But that's good…just good. Well anywho we're going to begin a mission tomorrow." Said Kakashi.

"Oh what kind of mission?" Asked Naruto.

"Survival training." Kakashi stated bluntly. "But this is no ordinary training like the kind you had at the academy." He added laughing.

"What's so funny?" Asked Sakura though she knew the answer.

"If I tell you, you wont like it." He replied.

Kakashi's face suddenly became very serious as he looked at his pupils. "Out of the 27 graduates only nine of you will pass and become Genin. The other 18 will go back to the academy. In other words you only have a 33% chance of passing."

The looks on the faces of team seven would have been extremely comical if they weren't in the situation they were in now. Kakashi noticed this and said, "Told you, you wouldn't like it."

Naruto was downright furious about the new and started yelling at his new sensei. He said something about hard work and not going back to the academy. Kakashi just brushed him off and told him that this training was the only way to see who was qualified to become Genin.

"Okay we'll meet at the training grounds at 5 A.M, bring your equipment, and don't eat breakfast." Said Kakashi.

"Why?" Asked Sasuke.

"Cause you'll just throw it up and that's no fun."

"Pfft it's no fun because you'll be the one who has to it up." Muttered Sakura.


After the meeting Sakura slowly made her way back to her home that is she was until she sensed a familiar chakra, which seemed to be following her. She would recognize that chakra anywhere even if it wasn't tainted by darkness yet.

"Sasuke why are you following me?"

Sasuke jumped down from a nearby tree and landed in front of his new teammate. "How'd you know?"

"You really suck at masking your chakra."


"You still haven't answered my question Sasuke."

"Just wondering why you were acting weird."

Sakura raised a delicate pink brow at his response, "So what you're saying is that you were wondering why I wasn't acting like a bimbo fangirl and wanted to see if anything was wrong."


"Nice to know you care but honestly I don't, I just don't see the point of liking anyone who hates my guts."

"I don't hate you." Mumbled Sasuke.

Sakura's eyes widened in actual surprise, "Really, now that's something."

"Hn annoying."

"Wow you sure know how to make a girl feel special, calling her annoying."

"Still annoying."

"Well if I'm annoying you're the anti-social emo-boy with no friends."

Sasuke whipped his head around so fast Sakura could've sworn she felt wind.

"Excuse me." He growled out threateningly.

"You heard me emo-boy."

Sasuke's glare, if possible, grew even scarier. And Sakura returned the favor with one of her own glares.

"Sakura is he bothering you?" Asked the voice suddenly interrupting their glare fest.

Sasuke twitched slightly when he saw the way Sakura smiled at him when he showed himself.

"Hey Neji, and no he isn't bothering me. We were just finishing our conversation, right Sasuke."


"Really." Said Neji as he glared at Sasuke with his eyes full of contempt. "What were you talking about?"

"It's none of your business." Sasuke said harshly as he too glared at Neji.

Sakura could only watch as the two looked at each other with utter looks of hate. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

"Um guys." Sakura said trying to get their attention.

When they ignored her she tried again and the result was the same. Sakura was afraid that they would start a fight, one over her.

And she really didn't want that to happen especially not in public and in front her house. So she resorted to stomping her foot on the ground which caused the ground to shake. The two boys then looked at Sakura.

"Will you two calm down already! Why can't we be civil and just have a nice calm talk?" Said Sakura.

"I'm not talking to that traitor." Neji spat out.

"Neji!" Cried Sakura in shock.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Asked Sasuke with anger evident in his voice as he advanced toward Neji.

Neji also began advancing toward Sasuke, when he was right in front of him he said, "You being a godamn traitor to this village."

"Neji you're being very irrational."

"Yes Neji very irrational."

Sakura looked just about to yell at them when she said, "You know what I don't even want to know. I just want to go home and lay down because you guys have just given me an enormous headache. So I'm going to go inside and hope you two don't kill each other." And with that she turned around, walked to her door, opened it, and went inside without another word.

The two geniuses glared at each other once more before slowly walking backwards in opposite directions.

"Uchiha." Called Neji as Sasuke was about to walk away.


Neji turned his head to look at Sasuke. "Hurt her again and I swear I'll kill you."

Sasuke stopped walking for a brief moment, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"For your sake you better learn soon. Oh and good luck tomorrow, I trust you'll desperately need it." Said Neji with a cocky smirk.

And so it begins…



(Team 8 )

"Well team congratulations on getting this far! But seeing as only 3 teams can truly become Genin I'm going to give you a little test."

"Oi what the hell Kurenai-sensei! Do you mean that all those years in the academy were a complete waste of time?!" Yelled Kiba.

"No of course not! Did you not gain valuable life lessons at the academy?"

"Yeah but…"

"Did you not learn the value and skill of ninjutsu?!"

"Sure but…"

"The wonderous wonder of genjutsu?!"

"Well duh but still…"

"And the intricate movements of taijutsu."

"Well all did but sensei…"


"What. The. Hell."

Suddenly team 8 was struck with the horrible image of their rather pretty sensei growing taller and melting into the much more hideous Gai. They could only stand their ground and try not to puke.

As the ground spun faster and faster and the horrible mass of spandex started getting closer and closer until…

The image was gone.

"Congratulations you pass." Said a beaming Kurenai as her team tried to calm their erratic hearts.

"Eh?!" Was team 8's response.

"Shinobi must keep a cool head at all times and never run away no matter how much fear they feel. You three managed to stand you ground and surprisingly not scream. I'm very impressed."

"Ano Kurenai-sensei?"

"Yes Hinata?"

"If I faint now will that affect your decision in any way?"

Kurenai stared curiously at Hinata. "No why?"

Hinata then promptly fainted to be followed shortly by Kiba and Akamaru.

Kurenai took a deep breath and slowly turned to Shino. "Are you going to faint too?"

There was no answer.



Cautiously Kurenai walked toward Shino and poked him gently on the shoulder.

"Amazing," She whispered. "To have the ability to faint while standing up…"