Alright, this is a short story, about three chapters or so. NOT YAOI, Guy and Luke's relationship is PLATONIC.

Disclaimer: Tales of the Abyss is not mine, and I'm glad it's not, cuz then I would know everything, and it would be no fun to play it.

Summary: A story of how Luke's and Guy's relationship as friends and family progresses through the game. Of why Guy's luck is so high at the casino, and the medallion around his neck. About a promise they once made.

Sorry, my skill with summaries is rather poor. The story is a lot better than it sounds.

The sun's rays fell upon the courtyard and caused everything to glow softly. Crisp morning air produced small droplets of dew to gather on the plants and cold stone. The manor was silent save for the whisperings of the servants just now awakening and preparing for the new day.

A door leading to the courtyard opened slightly and a tall adolescent swiftly passed through and closed the door behind him. He walked to a bench near the center and stretched, breathing in the sweet air. His blonde hair glistened like gold in the morning light as he looked around the peaceful scenery.

The young man was about to stroll over to the lone living quarters at one end of the yard when he stopped suddenly. Without turning his head he glanced to the bushes at his side. There wasn't a hint of movement, nor any sounds coming from it.

He smirked and casually walked over to it.

"Hmm, what a nice bush; such lovely foliage," he said rather loudly, "It'd be a shame for any one to ruin them by hiding in them. Isn't that right Luke?"

"Aww!" the bush seemed to say.

There was a rustling and a flaming red head popped out. A small boy, no older than eleven, climbed out of the bushes and stood beside the young man.

"How did you know Guy? I didn't move or make a sound or nuthin'," the boy called Luke pouted.

"You can't hide from me. I know all about you, so I always know where you are," Guy laughed pleasantly, "I can tell when you're lying too. So I want a straight answer: what are you doing out here so early?"

Luke smiled brightly and said innocently, "Cuz I wanted to spend time with Guy!"

Guy was slightly surprised, but said nothing because the boy began to speak again.

"And! And!" Luke started excitedly, but then stopped himself. He looked around and saw some of the other servants watching curiously. He grabbed Guy's hand and dragged him off to his room. He pushed Guy in and slammed the door shut behind him.

"Luke, what's going-?"

"Tomorrow! Guy knows what tomorrow is right?!" Luke jumped up and down in excitement.

Guy sighed fondly. His young charge was a bundle of energy. Luke may have almost been eleven years old, but ever since he had returned from his kidnapping, he acted more like a five year old. Which actually, was pretty good, considering that was a few months ago and back then he couldn't even remember how to walk, let alone talk.

"Hmm, that would be the Kimlascan Parent's Day," Guy said playfully, "What, have you got something in mind?"

Luke nodded enthusiastically and said, "Yeah, yeah! A maid told me about it!"

Suddenly the boy ran over to a dresser and opened up a drawer. He pulled out a sack. Turning it upside down, a pile of stuff spilled on his bed: pretty stones, some bright string, colorful paper, drawing supplies, and many other objects.

"I wanna make somethin' for mama and papa, but…" Luke looked sheepishly at his feet, "I've never made anythin' before…"

Guy smiled warmly and picked up one of the rocks and examined it, "So you want me to help you out?"

Luke looked up and nodded earnestly.

"Heh, sure, why not?" Guy put the stone down, "I can catch up on my chores later."

"Thanks Guy!" Luke jumped up onto Guy and swung his arms around his neck. Luke was getting a little big to carry now, but Guy held him without complaint until he hopped down and started sifting through his pile.

"What 'bout a necklace for mama? I gots lots of pretty rocks!" Luke held the assortment of stones before Guy.

"That sounds good to me. And you've got copper wire too," Guy noticed the coil in the pile, "Okay, how about I get a chain and make a clasp, then attach a stone. While I'm doing that, you can make a card."

"Okey-dokey!" Luke climbed up on his bed and began to gather paper and other materials.

Guy smiled and stepped out of the room.

He returned shortly with a fine gold chain. Luke was lying on his stomach and drawing on a big folded piece of paper. He looked up as Guy entered the room and his face lit up.

"Ooh! Pretty! Where did Guy find it?"

"It…it was one of my mother's," Guy put up a big, yet strained smile.

"Whaaaaat?!" Luke sat up, distressed, "Then Guy hasta keep it!"

Guy merely shook his head, "Nah, it's okay. I've got some more. I want you to use it."

Luke still looked hesitant, but Guy picked up some tools and the wire and said to him, "So, did you pick one out for your mother?"

Luke silently held out his hand and in it was a dark cerulean colored stone. In the light it shone different hues of indigo and violet; the colors of the deep sea.

"Wow, that's a nice one!" Guy took it and sat down beside the bed.

He immediately set to work. As he bent the wire to curl around the stone, Luke slowly set back to work on his card. Every once and a while he looked up to watch Guy work, then went back to his own.

After a long silence Luke spoke up, "What does Guy think I should give to papa?"

Guy made sure to look away from Luke to hide the burning hatred in his eyes. He despised the thought of giving a gift to that wretched man, and didn't even want to think about it. He found, to his surprise, that he even might have been a little jealous, too. That Luke, whom Guy himself had taken care of for so long, would want to give his father, who hardly even spoke to him, a present.

He hid his bitterness from his voice and said, "I don't know. Maybe a ring with another stone?"

"Hmmm…okay! That sounds fun! I wanna try. But can Guy help?" Luke asked brightly.

"Sure," Guy heard the words come out of his mouth, though he wasn't sure why he said them.

Luke found another stone, this one emerald green and speckled with all the different shades of a forest. Hopping off the bed and over to a table covered in what many would call 'junk', Luke retrieved a small band of flexible, silver metal. He came back to Guy and set them before him.

"Where do you get all this stuff?" Guy asked curiously.

"All around the house!" Luke said, "I look around places when Guy or Master Van are busy." His eyes dulled a tinge and he looked down sadly, "I gots nowhere else to go…"

Guy couldn't help but feel a pang of pain in his heart for the young boy. He knew that this was the son of the man who had ruined his life, whom he had sworn to make suffer and then kill (which inevitably meant killing Luke). Never the less, he felt sorrow for Luke's unjust imprisonment.

"Anyway!! I'm done wid the card! Does Guy like it?" Luke held said card before him.

"That's really nice, Luke," Guy took the card and looked it over.

The cover showed a portrait of the Fabre family (with all the skill that a ten-year-old could posses). Guy opened it up to find the familiar scrawl that was Luke's hand-writing.

Guy set the card down on a table and placed the finished necklace atop it. Luke brought over all the materials for the ring to another table and waited.

Guy watched over Luke and gave instruction as the boy put together the ring. As Luke worked silently he thought, Why am I doing this? I should be doing chores. I'm probably going to get in trouble for this. Why am I willing to do this for him? I should hate him. I do hate him! Guy stared down at the floor, Don't I…?

"There! How's that?" Luke's voice shook Guy out of his thoughts.

He was holding up the ring. The stone looked nice on the band, and for a kid, Luke did a pretty good job.

"I'm…sure he'll like it…" Guy forced himself to say.


Luke took the gifts in hand and began wrapping them in colored tissue, then placing them in small boxes.

Guy glanced over to one of Luke's tables and noticed a round, golden object glint upon its surface. He walked over to it and picked up a coin-sized medallion. It had no design or words inscribed upon it, and it was missing its chain, but it still shone with an elegant beauty.

"What's this?" Guy asked curiously.

"Ah!" Luke chirped excitedly, "I was lookin' around in a old room upstairs, and I saw somethin' shiny. I found it under a desk."

"Are you sure it was okay to take it?"

Luke nodded vigorously, taking the medal out of Guy's open hand and showing up like a prize, "I asked a maid, and she said it was just junk an' I could keep it." Luke's brow creased as he said, "But it's not junk! Ever since I got it, I've had really good luck!"

"Is that so?" Guy raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah! Like after I left the room, I ran into a man and he gave me candy. And you know when those bunch of vases crashed in the hallway? (Guy flinched slightly at that, for he knew about that incident very well. He was the one who had to clean it up. But not before he was almost mowed over by a stampede of maids. He made a mental note to get therapy for that someday.) I was right there, but I didn't get hit wid any glass! Then, for dinner we were gonna have yucky vegetables and stuff, but when I got there, they changed to yummy curry! And lots of other stuff too."

Guy laughed lightly and patted Luke on the head, "Well, if that's all, I've got some chores to catch up on. I'll see you later."

He turned to the door and reached for the knob, when Luke piped up, "Doesn't Guy want to make presents for his mama and papa?"

Guy froze, his hand hovering by the door. For a while he didn't speak or move. Then, without turning, he said quietly, "I…I don't have any…they're gone…no one to give presents to…"

Luke went wide-eyed and stared at Guy, "Why…where did they go…?"

"They…they died…" Guy clenched his fists. He wanted to say they were slaughtered, but couldn't bring himself to do so in front of Luke.

Guy felt a small, warm hand grasp his, and looked down to see Luke smiling gently up at him. It was funny how the innocent smile of a child could heal the pain, even if only for a little while.

"I'll be Guy's family! And Guy can call my mama and papa Guy's too!" his smile became even warmer, "So, please, don't be sad. When Guys' sad, Luke's sad too."

Guy looked away, unsure of how he should feel, "I'm your servant, Luke. I can't be your family."

Luke pulled gently at Guy's arm, determination set on his face, "No, Guy will always be Luke's family!"

Guy put up what he hoped to be some kind of smile and said, "I have to go now, okay? I'll see you later…"

The door shut behind Guy, and Luke slowly turned to his bed. He opened up his hand to stare at the medallion. A smile came across his face, and he closed his fingers over it again. Immediately, he jumped over to his junk pile and set to work.

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