I apologize in advance for this one.

Disclaimer: I make no claim for anything in this fic other than the situation itself. The characters, environments, and even the reference to Shin-Chan are all belong to somebody else. :P

Nodoka's Man Dance

One day, out of sheer curiosity, Kasumi, with everyone in the room, turned to Nodoka and said, "Auntie Nodoka, what does it really take to be a man?"

Nodoka smiled, stars in her eyes, then looked determinedly into the distance and said, a hard tune in her words, "TO BE A MAN YOU MUST HAVE HONOR! HONOR AND A PEEEEENIS!" She then got hearts in her eyes and started waving har hands around while swinging her hips a bit and saying "OoooOOooOooeeeeoooohhh!!!" She finally ended with one hand below her chin.

Once she was done, everyone was struck speechless. Not so much by her little dance, but by the fact that Genma had immitated her every move and expression.

Ranma then stalked off to empty his bowels.

Again, I apologize. I saw the words to the Man Dance on my brother's desktop image and I couldn't help myself. :P And if you don't know the Man Dance, go watch a few episodes of Shin-Chan on Adult Swim:D

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