After some days catching up with his days absent from class, Jake Fenton resumes his student life. Danny, Abby, Tori and Val finally accept Shadow as an ally but decided to keep his identity a secret (Abby Phantom didn't have too much of a choice since she's too Phantom-like and everybody knows Danny Phantom is Danny Fenton).

"Dad, why can't I let people know I have ghost powers?" Jake asks.

"Believe me." Danny says. "Once your identity is no longer a secret you'll miss not being famous. I still remember all the fuss around me when my secret was revealed to the world."

"If you think like that why did you name your alter ego Danny Phantom? Did you really believe nobody would suspect anything?"

"It worked to the point people had to see me changing from one form to another to learn the truth. And it was better than being called 'Inviso-Bill'."

Jake couldn't help but laugh at that name. Danny is then called to investigate a mystery robbery at a military base (ever since he was discovered and accepted the government has made him a special agent) and decides to bring his kids with him. Danny is the first to arrive at the base. Later Abby and by last, Shadow. Since Shadow still isn't known the soldiers pointed their guns at him.

"WaitWaitWait! He's with us!!!" Danny and Abby say in unison.

"Alright." The Base Commander says. "In that case welcome, huh..."


"What's with that X in your chest if it's not a part of your name?" The Commander says.

"I am still trying to figure out that." Shadow says. "But why did you call us?"

"I only called Danny Phantom." The Commander says. "His daughter and you only came because he considers you both trustworthy. And I called him because some ghost inutilized the ghost shield that protected the base and then he stole our secret project. I need Danny's help to recover it."

"I'll help." Danny says. "What's this project and what does this ghost look like?"

"I suppose I must tell you but are you really sure this Shadow can be trusted?" The Commander asks.

"I trust him the same way I would trust a son of mine." Danny says.

The commander explains all about the project. It's a special armor moved by ecto-energy. (Basically an upgraded version of the exoskeleton developed by Danny's parents in Reign Storm) They intended to create a new weapon agains ghosts. When the commander described the ghost who stole it Danny was now sure of he already suspected ever since he was told what the stolen project was: the ghost is Skulker. Danny decides to patrol the city to search for tracks of the hunting ghost.

"Jake, Abby. You go home and rest a litle. I'll keep my patrolling." Danny says.

"But, Dad..." They try to protest.

"No buts." Danny says. "If Skulker has a new armor he'll be too dangerous for you. You go home and keep up with your schoolwork."

They agree and go home, where Jake starts doing his homework. Abby has other ideas.

"It's so unfair." Abby says. "We should be out there fighting Evil ghosts."

"You should have already got used to this." Jake replies. "I'm still adjusting my life as both a hero and a student."

"I still think they should take it easy on us about schoolwork. But Dad keeps saying we should focus on that and only get into ghost fighting when there's no way out of it. He was like that even when I was the only child of him to have ghost powers. He says the only reason he won't try to remove your powers is because he thinks that now you've experience having them you'll miss them more than when you never had them."

"Well. I believe in keep up with schoolwork and will study as best as I can. If you think like that it's good for you never keeping it a secret. We should schedule time for studies, training and eventual fights. Preferably studying and doing homework right after schooltime."

Suddenly wisps came from Jake's and Abby's mouths. Skulker came upgraded.

"Skulker?" Both Abby and Jake ask.

"I'm now Skulktech 9.9, the greatest hunter ever." Skulker says.

"With an technoligical armor controlled by me, Technus. Master of all things electronic and beeping. We are now going to kill you so I, Technus, will be able to take over the world's technology. Oops, I bragged my plan again?"

"No wonder Dad considers you the master of long-winded introductions." Jake tells Technus.

"We are going ghost. Abby and Jake say as they turn into Abby Phantom and Shadow.

"Alright." Skulker answers. "But don't expect your Dad to save you. We modified the shield so no ghost or human could enter or leave."

"Just like Plasmius." Shadow says. "I think it's more than a coincidence."

"Since we are gonna kill you there's no problem in telling you." Technus says. "You're right, Shadow."

They start fighting and even the Ghostly Wail didn't help. (Vlad prepared a defense for it) Suddenly Sam started hugging Skulktech 9.9, which somehow weakened him. It's revealed Sam is wearing the deflector belt. It weakened him enabling Shadow to use Matt Foley's upgraded version of the Fenton Thermos on Technus. Unable to use the new armor by himself, Skulker leaves it, opening the ghost shield so he could flee back to his old armor, stationed near Fentonworks.

"The Greatest Hunter of the Ghost Zone won't be stopped by two kids." Skulker says.

"You're right. You'll be stopped by ME." Danny says and punches Skulker's armor's head away and sucks him into a classic Fenton Thermos.

Abby and Jake tell their Dad about how they and their Mom how they defeated Skulktech 9.9. They return what's left of the armor to the military base.

"Thank you, Team Phantom." The Commander says. "I would give you all a homage but we must keep the whole mess a secret."

After that Jake and Abby got back to their school duties.

I'll stop things by now. The only reason I wrote this story was because I wanted to see Jake being discovered and accepted as a good guy and I didn't have the patience to wait DPcrazy to finish the original story. Maybe I'll write a new sequel when "Adventures after a Mistake" is complete or I'll use the characters in another story of mine. Goodbye.