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Water worn monuments lumped together as witnesses to a new member joining their ranks. They stood timeless as inscribed reminders of love ones who have traveled on. Most were forgotten and unvisited as families died out, but today the living walked among them. A small burst of color, flowers surrounding the new grave, stood apart from the gray stone monoliths of the Amma Cemetery. A loathsome sweetness clung to the flower scented air, even on an overcast day.

There was no way to escape this day as a mother came to bury her only daughter. The small gathering of family stood at the graveside, saying goodbye to their precious Aida. As the ceremony concluded, the sobbing mother almost toppled to the ground. Her daughter's boyfriend supported her from going down. The sky and her bleakness exact mirrors of each other. Christopher Kramer put on a brave face as friends and family expressed remorse of losing such lovely girl in the prime of her life.

Adelina Jordan lingered at the graveside of her daughter, wishing she could have had some clue to her daughter's actions. She clung to Christopher's arm. "I don't understand this, Chris. How could she do such a thing? Things were going so well for you both."

"Don't torture yourself. Often these things go unanswered."

"She was so happy with you, just as I was when I met her father years ago."

"Come on, Mrs. Jordan, we should go." Chris took her by the hand and led her away from the gravesite to her car. They strolled the short distance as Adelina sobbed. Assisting her into the seat, Chris smiled sweetly. "I'll come visit you soon."

"Oh, Chris. You have been so wonderful. We feel so blessed to have you."

"No, I was the one blessed by having your daughter in my life. You are like family to me, Adelina." The young man leaned forward and planted a kiss upon her cheek.

"Let me drive you somewhere."

"No, I just need a few more moment alone."

"Of course," she said remorsefully. She started the car and pulled away, watching the handsome young man wave goodbye. She felt so lucky to have Chris to lean on.

The young man walked away from the gravesite and up to the adjacent city blocks. He was in a hurry to get to his motel. Tomorrow, this town and this moment would be a bad dream. He strutted as if he owned the earth he walked upon, bumping past anyone in his path with disregard. He ridiculed the small shops and curiosities that littered the busy street. For a moment, he eyes locked on Madam Mysteria's Fortunetelling. "Charlatan!" He scoffed as he strutted by the open door. Suddenly, his arm was captured and he was pulled back to look into the eyes of a blind Asian woman. The alabaster transparency of her eyes gave Chris the willies.

"I know what you have done. The spirit is not at rest. You have destroyed her heart and tonight she will come for your heart."

"Let go of me you old witch!"

Madam Mysteria laughed heartedly. "You think you know better than me. You caused Aida's death and she will come for you. She will come back for revenge. Tonight, you must draw a ring of salt around your bed. Do not break the circle. Hide underneath your bed as the clock strikes midnight or you will be dead in the morning. Mind my words!"

"BAH! Off with you." He forced out, although the fortuneteller knowing Aida's name had stirred fear into him. He swaggered on to his motel, trying hard to dismiss the seer's words.


Later that night…..

Fear gripped Chris as he had watched the clock move slowly for the past hour. The hour readout of 11:59 p.m. enthused terror within him. Finally giving into the moment, he pulled his bed from the wall and drew a salt circle around it. Plunging under it, he was careful not to disturb the ring.

The grandfather clock in the hallway began to ring. His fear opened him into a frightened sweat.

DONG……DONG…………DONG……….DONG. The clock struck midnight and he was underneath his bed, waiting, frightened of what is going to happen. The space between the chimes was excruciating.

DONG…DONG…DONG…DONG…DONG…DONG…DONG…DONG. Silence lingered for a moment. Chris breathed a sigh of relief and began to slide from under the bed. His body inched a few centimeters before he heard a voice- Aida's voice. "Chris?" Footsteps echoed in the hollowness of the hallway.

"Where are you?"

Chris sucked in a breath, trying not to make a single sound. All he could do was wait and listen. A loud knock fell upon a door in the hallway.

KNOCK KNOCK "Not in Here!" Aida's voice said. Then, the pounding came from the room next to him. KNOCK KNOCK "Not in Here!"

Finally, the knocking came to his door. KNOCK KNOCK "Found You!" She did not enter, but kept knocking. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. "Let me in, Chris. Please." Her voice was entrancing and sweet.

Chris didn't move, clinging to the motel floor as if frozen. Finally, Aida's voice became an angry scream and her footsteps echoed away from his door. Her scream continued. Chris took in a breath, holding onto the panic within him. The scream died off and he relaxed as he felt safe. Abruptly her scream rang out again with a crunch of flesh following it. Soon her wail was joined by the sound of another, the screams of a horrified male.