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Note: As with my Farscape drabbles, I have posted two short stories here. One is a ficlit and one is a drabble.
Rating: Both are PG
Both take place after the series finale

Morning in London

"Morning Sailor," Sarah said with a contented smile.

"Good morning, Mrs. Rabb," Harmon replied with a pleased grin of his own.

"You're just loving that, aren't you?"

His smile got a bit wider. "Maybe… then again, maybe I'm just a little surprised that you agreed to it," Harm admitted.

Sarah shook her head fondly and gave him a soft kiss before slipping out of the bed and padding her way to the mostly unpacked kitchen of their London flat. Harm watched her with eyes that slowly turned thoughtful and serious.

"Why did you agree to it?" he asked after a few moments of watching Sarah as she set herself to making breakfast.


"Why did you agree to it, Mac?"

When she didn't answer, Harm slipped out of bed himself and joined his wife in the kitchen. "Sarah?"

"You won the coin toss," she replied as casually as she could, still moving about as she prepared their breakfast.

"You picked tails," Harm pressed. "You always pick tails, and you always lose. We both know that."

"I didn't lose." She finally faced her husband. "I chose tails… but I didn't lose," she repeated quietly.

Harm met her eyes silently for a few moments before moving to take her in his arms.

"I love you Mrs. Rabb."

"Love you, Sailor," Sarah replied before happily kissing her husband…