Disclaimer: Happy Feet is not mine. Wish it was though.

AN: From the eyes of the Great 'Guin ...

He looked upon His children, from the exuberant Adelie colonies to the increasing scarcity of the reclusive Yellow-eyed penguins and despaired for the future of all. No matter how He increased His bounties of fish, all but a fraction was stolen from the beaks of His children by the humans. His power was restricted to His children, but it was enough for Him to try and change the bleak future He had foreseen.

Humans could not understand the voices of his children, but upon the coming of the ever-night, amidst the prayers and hymns sung to Him by the males, came a rich voice that sung not of Him but of longing for his mate. The male, distracted by his memories broke the most sacred of rules and dropped his egg.

He took mercy on His child and bade the little one to live as he shaped the little one into a saviour. He molded the unhatched ones' heart to express itself with not song, but dance, something that, perhaps, the humans would understand. The first year of life would be full of hardship for His little happy-feet, of the trials his curiousity would incur. He would be sure to watch His chosen and the new future He was sure His chosen would bring.