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??? POV (I guess you will find out!)

I swam quickly but quietly through the murky water. My powerful tail propelling me forward. A glance over my shoulder told me I had lost my pursuers. I slowed a bit to take a breath. I guess I had better explain. My name is Laneecia and I am what you would call, a mermaid. No, mermaids don't really exist. I was created. There are things about me that wouldn't detail me as a mermaid. For example, I have wings. Unusual for a water creature, I know, but I can go on land too. I can change my tail for legs anytime, but can only keep them legs for two hours a day. Plus, I can't be out of the water for more than three hours a day. It sucks.

The scientists really didn't want me to escape when I did. I come from a place called the School. They experiment on humans, illegally I might add. They took me when I was a baby. I'm 17, and have been on the run for a year now. Sad, I know. There is supposedly others who have escaped. The infamous Maximum Ride and her flock. They should be my age now I would guess. That's what keeps me going really. Knowing that they have been on the run for four years means that I can do it too. Of course I plan on being free forever and not just for four years. Maybe someday I will meet them. Not very likely considering they only fly, and I swim. Well, hope is hope and I will stick with it.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the School is sending things after me. To get me back, of course. They are fish hybrids, like me. Luckily they don't have wings but there are Erasers after me too, incase I decide to go on land. The creatures that chase me in water are called experiment 03394 or aka, Seaworms. They aren't exactly like they sound really. They are humans mutated into sharks. These guys have sharp teeth, are as tall as a grown man, have powerful tails, plus, they have the power of apposable thumbs. Very handy in capturing an escaped hybrid don't you say? They have a taste for blood. Mostly my blood but they will kill fish and sometimes humans, to stay alive. They are more shark like than man.

Man I need rest. I swam until I found a small sea cave, Laneecia shaped. I curled up and closed my eyes. My shining blue, green tail curled protectively in front of me. Not much protection but, it will have to do. Maybe I will survive for tonight.


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