Keep Holding On

Chapter One: Always Something There To Remind Me

I walk along the city streets you used to walk along with me,
and every step I take reminds me of just how we used to be.
Well, how can I forget you, boy?
When there is always something there to remind me.
always something there to remind me.
As shadows fall, I pass a small cafe where we would dance at night.
And I can't help recalling how it how it felt to kiss and hold you tight
Well, how can I forget you, boy?
When there is always something there to remind me.
always something there to remind me.
I was born to love him, and I'll never be free.
You'll always be a part of me.

Sakura sighed to her self as she walked down the street. It had been seven years since the birth of her daughter: Uchiha Misaki. Her daughter was the top student in the academy. She had just received her sharingan this year. And Sasuke was teaching her how to control it. Sasuke had his own child. His name was Hiroshi, they called him Hiro.

Sasuke had fallen deeply in love with a woman. She only wanted him for his status and money. When she found out he wasn't the leader of the Uchiha clan she left. Only to come back and give him a child. Thankfully he looked just like his father. He was only a year younger then Misaki.

The two of them reviled against each other on who was better. So far, Hiro hadn't won once against Misaki. She was the perfect prodigy.

And for Sakura, she was okay. She could hear people whisper about the day that Uchiha Itachi number one traitor died protecting Kohona. Everyone told the stories some made it a romance story for the new kunoichi. Others made it a war story to tell the young boys. But only the ones who were alive at the time new that the woman was still alive.

No one spoke his name in front of her. Except for Sasuke. Sakura sighed again she looked up and noticed that she was standing in front of the grave of her love. Tsunade had taken the body to make sure no one would get him remains. And they just made a grave here. She smiled down at the grave. Her short pink hair spined around her.

She felt she could make her hair any length and he would love it. So she kept it short to show she was strong. She would never cry. Well, not over him. She cried the first time Misaki got lost and she couldn't find her. She cried like a baby the first time Misaki got hurt. She was just a big baby.

But not as bad as the new Hokage Uzumaki Naruto. Sakura giggled at the thought. She remembered all times when they where younger and he yelled around town that he would be the next Hokage. She would have laughed in your face if you would have told her that Naruto would be the sixth Hokage and that a woman would actually leave the Uchiha Sasuke.

She walked back into the house, putting the groceries away. "I'm home!" Sakura called.

"Welcome home Auntie Sakura!" the young Hiro called.

"Where's your daddy?" Sakura asked.

"Pft.. He's sleeping."

"Well, we'll just have to wake him up now won't we?" she winked at him, handing him a glass of water.


"WHAT THE FUCK!" Sasuke screamed. He ran into the kitchen seeing a smiling Sakura. "You're a bitch." he mumbled.

"Woof woof." she laughed. "Can you go pick Misaki up for me."

"What ever."


"We're home!" Sasuke yelled. Misaki ran into the kitchen to see her mother setting down plates with food.

"Guess what mom!"


"Konohamaru-sensei says that I can test to graduate!" she smiled.

"That's great hunney." Sakura smiled.

"I can't wait! Uncle Sasuke will you help me learn new jutsu?"

"Hn." he said, which usually meant yes. He was in the middle of eating.

"I didn't say you could eat yet!" Sakura yelled smacking him with her spoon.


"Bye Uncle Sasuke! Bye Hiro!" Misaki waved as they left to their own home. Misaki walked back into the house. Her mother was putting away the now clean dishes. "Momma, where is my daddy?" Misaki asked.

Sakura looked up stunned. She looked back down at the dishes. "Your not old enough to see your daddy yet." she mumbled.

"When will I be old enough?" Misaki asked.

"When you turn eight I'll take you to meet your daddy." Sakura said, shutting the cabinet.

"Okay." Misaki said.

"Why don't you go take a shower."

"Okay momma."


Sakura sighed to her self as she walked through the Kohona streets she stared at the tea shop that wasn't so new anymore. Her and Itachi had gone there when in first opened. She looked down at the ground and kept walking. She hated Kohona. It had so many memories. Some happy some sad. But most had Itachi. She stopped in front of the village gate.

It was here. Seven years ago today Itachi had died. Seven years ago she felt a piece of her die. She sighed and sat down that day she had killed the leader of the Akatsuki. Kisame, Deidara and Tobi lived in a confined area of Kohona. They where not killed because Sakura wouldn't allow it to be that way. She would still visit them.

She sat down and stared at the still fading blood stain that was left on the ground. It symbolized the death of the greatest man in Sakura's life. The worst enemy to Kohona but yet the greatest husband. Sakura felt her eyes swell up with tears. She quickly stood back up and left.


Again. And again. She found her self staring at the stone.

Uchiha Itachi

So much pain and happiness if just one word. So much want, need, hate, tears. Love. She loved him and always would. No one else could give her that much love. No matter how much they cared for her. They would never be Uchiha Itachi. She sighed to her self. She looked up at the night sky seeing a flash of heat lightning. Summer was coming in.

She looked back down at the stone. She felt a tear fall from her eyes. She couldn't help it. She was dying inside. Her heart was worse then broken it was almost shattered. But there was one thing keeping her from that. The love her daughter gave to her. Gave to everyone.

She smiled, and let a small laugh escape her lips. "She's almost just like you... Itachi. She reminds me so much of you. It's hard to believe. I wish you would have been there." tears fell freely from her eyes. She didn't bother to wipe them away.

"It was funny. Your little brother passed out." she giggled a little. "And Naruto finally became our Hokage. And Misaki. Oh Misaki. She's the most beautiful young girl. She already has little boys casing after her. To bad..." her voice cracked a little she looked up to the sky. "To bad your not here to see her."


YAY! The first chapter to the sequel is done! Hoped you guys liked it.