?'s POV

Hero of the wizarding world, my ass! Stupid bastard, he killed Voldemort... but he's seemed to have forgotten me. I'm still here and I will kill him. I don't care about the muggles, they're not even a speck on my shoe compared to the damn pure-bloods. They're the ones who kill the innocent people. The pure-bloods are the one who have to pay. I'm so ashamed of having blood as pure as the Malfoys. That's why every night I cut myself and let it out. It's pure, but that is what makes it so tainted. Just like Harry. He used to be so close to me... then he changed. Losing a man he barely knew. I offered him home and family, but he turned it down... But this man... he accepted it from this man that he barely knew. How dare he! Him and those pure bloods... so tainted. So filthy. I'll kill them... I just wish I could get my hands on Sirius and kill him as well. But it's too late for him. Maybe I'll kill the werewolf instead... he's the last link to the dead bastard and Harry's dead pureblood father... Yes, the werewolf... that's it... I'll kill him. But now... I'm so tired but I have to bleed before I go to bed. Yes, bleed to become pure... Just like the others, after they bleed they'll be pure too.


Author's Note: Updates will be slow, for which I apologize. I'm entering my last year of university and the work is difficult. And I'm writing this as I'm going, instead of being like three chapters ahead as with the first parts. I hope you all enjoy this because I know I'm happy to be back and writing the rest of their story!

Also! This will be MPREG. I'm sorry if that is something you don't like, but that is just how the story seems to be going.

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