The Book

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I: Alphonse

Alphonse Elric was a thief.

He sat on his bed in their shared dorm and looked over at his sleeping brother. The moonlight coming through the gap in the curtains revealed a blanket-wrapped lump facing the wall that made snuffly noises every now and again.

Al opened his chest plate carefully. He did it so slowly he thought he could hear himself breathe, which he hadn't been able to do for years now. Almost noiselessly, he reached inside and with a swift jerk pulled the book he had taped to his insides free. He thought the room echoed with the sound. He looked over at the other bed. Nothing moved. He sighed in relief.

He looked down at the book. He had stolen it. From the State Library.

It had an innocuous red cloth cover and a slim ragged red ribbon for marking pages slipped through it. The pages were rather thin and it looked well-read. He had found it shoved in the corner of a top shelf, hidden behind dusty pamphlets on the alchemic uses of salt.

He opened it and looked at the title page.

"The Flame Alchemist: An Unauthorised Biography.

By Shamus Ghee."

Al began to read.



Author's Note: I did a drabble and it gave birth to this …and I have no idea where it's going… and I really should be writing my other stuff… and I apologise in advance…lol

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