Four for the party

Note: I know that party of five fanfic is a little old. But I'm been having this on my head for a couple of days already. So hope you like it!!

Summary: four years have passed after the finale. One day Charlie is left alone with the kids (Owen, Stew and Diana) and well…read to find out

"Are you sure you are going to be okay?" Kirsten asked her husband

"Of course I will, plus I have Owen" Charlie said calmly

"And you have Diana too" Kirsten said with a laugh

"So? You go and have fun with your sister, I will take care of the party" Charlie said with a kiss

"Stop that!" Owen exclaimed in front of them

"Hey bud" Charlie said breaking the kiss with a laugh "what's up?"

"Daphne is downstairs, she says she is in a rush" the boy said with a smile and hurried downstairs

"Shall we?" Kirsten said followed by him

"Hey you guys!" Charlie said happily to the woman and the child next to him

"Daddy!" came a exited voice. Little Diana jumped to his father's arms

"Hey princess" he said putting the bags down

"Charlie…" Daphne said with a grin

"Well, we should better get going" Kirsten said glancing towards Charlie

"Yeah, you should" he said with a kiss, placing Diana on the floor

In that moment a little boy appeared rubbing his eyes

"Hey stranger" Kirsten said picking a little boy who was standing next to Owen

"I almost didn't say goodbye to you" his mother said kissing his cheek

"Stop it mummy! The boy giggled

"Okay I should go now" dap he cut off "be good with your daddy, okay?" the blond told her daughter. The girl just nodded

"Bye you guys" Daphne said and with this disappeared

"You should go too" Charlie told his wife with a kiss

"Be good okay?" she looked around at the little kids in front of her "all of you" she grinned to Owen and Stewart (or Stew)

After Kirsten left Charlie was left alone with three hungry kids

"Can we eat macaroni and cheese?" Stew asked his father as they were sitting


"But I want Jam" Diana complained

"I'll go for the macaroni" his brother said in order to help

"Okay. I'll tell you what about if we go out for lunch"

The three kids looked at each other "burger king!" Charlie chucked