A party for four

At burger king…

"Come on, let's sit over here" Charlie said to the kids who were starving

"I want nuggets and coke please daddy??" Diana pleaded with her beautiful brown eyes

"I want a burger and some chips" Owen said, with a nodding Stew by the side

"Okay, why don't you wait here while I go and get the food"

"I want to go with you" the five year old girl told his father

"Sure" he said with a smile

"Me too!" stew pleaded

"No, you better stay here with Owen and save the table"

"Why??" the boy said with watering eyes

"Come on stew, let's just sit" Owen told his nephew


While Owen and Stew were sitting. Charlie turned around once in a while to check on them, while Diana wanted his full attention. But for him this was overwhelming, do to the few time he ever got to spend with her, but on the other hand he hated that when she was around stew and Owen felt left out, and he knew very well that this wasn't a good thing to do to little boys like them or any kid for that matter

Suddenly his cell phone rang "hello?"

"Hi" he heard Kirsten on the other side

"I thought you were on the plane already" he said turning to the boys

"I'm almost there, I just wanted to see how you were doing"

"we are fine"

"okay, so I'm gonna a go now" Kirsten paused "tell them I love them"

"I will hon, love you"

"love you too"

"I hate that girl!" Stew muttered next to Owen

"you can't hate her she's your sister" the ten year told him

"if she is my sister how come she doesn't live with us?" Stew asked

"because she lives with her mom" Owen said

"oh" he managed to say "this is confusing"

"yeah I know what you mean" Owen said looking around for Charlie, he spotted his friend Liam and his mom instead "wait here" he told stew and walked away quietly so his brother couldn't see him

"hey Liam" he said when he reached his friend's table

"Owen!, hi!" he said happily

"honey" Liam's mom said hugging him "how are you?"

"I'm okay"

"Are you here with your brother?" Lauren asked him looking for Charlie with her eyes. Suddenly Owen remembered that Stew was by himself on the table, so he excused himself and walked away

"Are you guy's hungry?" Charlie asked the boys when he and Diana reached the table; the boys nodded as they facing them

"What took you so long?" Owen asked his brother

"Too many people" he said

"When is mummy coming back?" stew asked his father taking a bite of his burger

"In a couple days" Charlie said with a smile

"And when is she going home?" his son asked glancing to his sister

"In a couple weeks"

"Owen you okay bud, you've been quiet all day"

"I'm fine" he said sipping his soda

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm fine"

The rest of the day the boys stayed quiet saying they were tired. But Charlie knew the truth; they were sad or mad about something; maybe it was the fact that Kirsten wasn't around. But still he had a long weekend ahead, so he just tried to ignore their attitude and try to enjoy