Title: Snowflake Thoughts
Author: fbi-woman
Rating: K / PG or whatever
Type: Cold Mountain
Spoilers: Don't read if you haven't seen the movie lol.

Disclaimer: I own nothing and I'm not claiming to. This is just an original work inspired by a movie.
Summary: A poem about what Ada might be thinking when she's looking out her window at the snow.
A/N: I still really hate not having my poems rhyme lol. This is also for a contest on one of my forums, so please let me know what you think. And please, try to be constructive, even if you hate it. Flaming isn't going to help.


I watch the crystalline snow descend

Softly falling, silently landing

Concealing my barren world

I open the bedroom window

Let the snow dance on my skin

Gather strength from my icy breaths

I hear the sound of movement below

Life still goes on

Despite my aching soul

I won't join them just yet

There is work to be done

But my heart is weak

I am slowly adjusting to the new life I have

But each day I wonder

Just how I go on

I pick up my book to find the answer

And there you are

And then I know

I wonder if you have survived out there

Would you remember my name?

Could you still feel our kiss?

I may not have know you for very long

But those few treasured moments

Are fixed in my mind

I pray for this fighting to come to an end

And bring your safe return

Yet fear of the worst lingers on

I try my best to banish those thoughts

But the time drags on

Dividing and changing us both

I sigh and accept the day that's ahead

Hoping peace comes

And you find your way home