Oh my gosh! A story the same night I posted a chapter! I'm on a roll! This is one of my favorite stories. It's incredibly short, and pretty boring at the begining, but the ending is worth waiting for, I promise! In the story, I've got Axel's age about 18 or 19. It's suppose to kind of like a journal entry, so it gets slightly off track as Axel's putting down his thoughts. I tried to make it sound like Axel, but it might be a little off because I don't see this scenerio coming up in a Kingdom Hearts so I had nothing to base it off of other than a teenager making fun of his best friend's pain...

Disclaimer: takes deep breath I don't own Kingdom Hearts, The Master Card commercial, or Youtube. exhales

Also, I don't skateboard, so I tried to keep skating terms out of it, because frankly I don't know any. But there's like one or two words that might come up, mostly incorrectly used, please don't kill me! It's not my fault I'm not allowed to have a skateboard!

The statue in the middle of the park was the perfect place to skateboard. There were stairs leading down to the statue of a horse and a few wooden benches circled around it. I didn't think anything of grinding my board down the rails, or inviting Demyx and Roxas to come with me. I just did. No questions asked.

It was a perfect day and the trip there was just a much fun as the actual skating would be. It was a great way to get out of the castle and being about the time for spring break for most schools in Twilight Town, so the fact we weren't in school wouldn't be brought up. That's one good thing about being in the Organization. You don't have to go to school. But it's hard to explain to the adults that are questioning why you aren't studying.

I personally enjoyed being around kids my own age. It made me feel normal. The word 'feel' used loosely of course. It gave us a chance to act like normal kids, something that didn't happen very often for a bunch of Nobodies.

We skated past a group of boys about mine and Demyx's age. They nodded as they passed and Demyx smiled and waved back. I was sure our spot was going to be taken and I wasn't about to share.

You see, being the freaks we are and all, we can take a harder hit than the average teen. We're a bit more durable and slightly stronger. And I didn't want to embarrass Roxas. Not that he's bad, but tricks aren't exactly his strong point. He's fine if he's skating in a line or turning, but he's no pro.

The statue was occupied when we got there, but only by a bunch of pigeons. Roxas ran down the stairs sending the flock flying off into the air. "You guys coming?"

I jumped down the stairs and Demyx grinding down the hand rail. We tried all morning to get to the top of the horse's head. We'd grind down the rail and jump right at the end and try and reach the large marble animal. Both Demyx and I managed a quick handstand on its large forehead before we'd crash down on the pavement. Roxas, well, Roxas was doing his own thing.

The run of the day, Roxas's little slip off his skateboard and landing bar between his legs.

How does that commercial go? Skateboard: $35.95. Protective knee pads: $8.00. Catching your best friend's nutcracker on your cell phone: Priceless.

(Roxas is still upset with me. He actually flushed my brand new camera phone down the toilet! Poor guy doesn't know he falls about 8 thousand times a day on YouTube.)

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