Starlight, Starbright

It was amazing how many stars there where in the sky. Each one another sun, some that had died long ago, and others that were young. Some of them even had their own planets orbiting like the one his black wheels rested on right now.

Bumblebee didn't often leave the driveway during the night, but sometimes he just felt the need to go for a drive. The need to move around a bit. He didn't know if Sam knew or not and frankly he didn't care. Sam was his best friend and he cared for him, but every once in a while a car needs to just move. He needed to be alone to think. He didn't risk transforming, but sat at the edge of the hill as a yellow Camaro.

He liked to think about Cybertron, before it was destroyed by its own dominant species. He was too young to remember a time before the war, the equivalent of a human teenager really, maybe a bit younger than that. However, the war had made him grow up fast. It had forced him to learn the ruthlessness of fighting and doing whatever it took to come out of a battle alive. The others admired him for staying positive despite when sadness and terror surrounded them but Bumblebee saw it as his duty to make sure the others were in high sprits. You cannot win a war on an empty soul.

As Bumblebee's optics looked out at the night sky, he couldn't help but wonder if he could find his former planet's sun. He hoped it hadn't died with his planet, but the distance might still mean it was still shining in Earth's sky. If he could find it, then for a brief moment he could pretend that Cybertron was still there. Waiting for him to come home.

Star Light, Star Bright

First Star I see tonight

I wish I may

I wish I might

Have this wish

I wish tonight…

I wish…

I could go home…

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