To get my mind off behind the scenes here's a brand new really random and stupid story about why you should never mess with the time stream.

Clockwork had a boring job. Knowing everything really gets old, you know? He was watching some mindless interdimensional television, switching between "Cooking with Zul'jin" and "All My Offspring". Finally the bored ghost found the interdimensional Oscars. Of course he knew who would win so it kind of took the point away from watching. "And now, the best evil couple this year is…Evil Danny and Plant Girl Sam!" The host announced. Said couple then walked on stage and took the award. "Thank you, thank you." Evil Danny told the cheering crowd. "For this award, my children won't eat you!" Plant Girl Sam said; she then motioned to a bunch of sentient Venus Fly Traps. "So what are you going to do know? MAKE BISCUITS?!" The host asked. "No, we'll probably just make out." Evil Danny replied. The evil couple then started kissing and some vines encased them. "What else is on?" Clockwork asked himself.


Meanwhile a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Oops, wrong story! In actuality the next part of the story takes place at "The Secret Meeting Location" in other words it was where Tucker held secret meetings. Those at today's meeting were Jack, Maddie, himself and Sam. "Okay, today's meeting has been called by them." Tucker explained while point to Mr. and Mrs. Fenton. "Its simple, Jazz has won the student of the year award and we wanted to throw her a party." Maddie began. "But for some reason every time we through a party it's a she says it's a disaster. And I don't see why. So a couple of people were hospitalized last time but that's not too bad." Jack finished. "Anyway we need your help." Maddie finally told them.

"Why isn't Danny here then?" Sam asked. "Simple, he can't keep a secret when it comes to surprises." Tucker explained. "And that's where you come in. If he finds out about this it'll go horribly wrong. So we need you to keep Danny busy the rest of the day." Techno Geek Man added. "How am I supposed to do that?" Sam asked. "I'm sure you'll think of something. Now go!" Tucker then told the Goth. Sam saluted them and ran off. "Do I want to know how she plans to Danny busy?" Jack asked. "Probably not…" Tucker replied.

In the Fenton household everyone was setting up decorations. Danny had mysteriously been called to go to Sam's house. Tucker was trying to make a big banner that said "It's a Boy!" With Boy crossed out with a big black X and replaced with "Student of the Year!" There were streamers on the walls and a table with hats with Jack's face on them. There was also the official Fenton Cake which also had Jack's face on it, in frosting it read: Ghosts are bad but cake is good. In other words the party looked awful. It almost looked like well Tucker and Danny's parents made a party. Speaking of said halfa Tucker called Sam to see how keeping Danny busy was going.

Meanwhile in Sam's room the phone was ringing. "I'll be right back." She told the halfa before picking up the phone. Sam's hair was ruffled and the ponytail had been undone, also one of the straps on her shirt was pulled down. "Hello." She said into the phone. "Hey Sam, how's distracting Clueless One going?" He asked. "Wonderful! I should keep him busy more often!" Sam told him. "What exactly are you doing?" Tucker asked. "Don't worry. We're not doing anything adult rated… yet." She replied. "What was that last part?" "Have to go Tucker! Bye!" Sam then slammed the phone down and walked back over to Danny. "Now, where were we?" She asked.

Okay, next chapter Bearbert dies!