Rosette. Rosette. Rosette.

I love the way he says my name.

It's different from how everyone else pronounces it. Azmaria adds a little pleading edge to it, a little softness on the "-ette"… Father Remington smiles fondly through the syllables… Claire, Anna, and Marie all like to have a bit of a giggle in it. Sister Kate must love the sound of it since she screams it at me so often. She just puts extra volume into it.

I would recognize Chrno anywhere, as anything, as long as he said my name.

Chrno…lingers over my name. He never slurs it, even if I go down in battle and don't get up. Most people get the soft "Ro" part out easily enough, but Chrno never skips the last, harsher bit. There are three syllables after he's done. Ro-se-tte. He tastes it every time it passes his lips. It's precious in his mouth.

It used to just make me feel special. Now that I'm older, it gives me shivers too.

I don't know everything about his past, what he's done, the crimes he was part of. I don't need to. I hear all that's important every time he calls me. Rosette (I'll be there for you). Rosette (I'm so sorry). Rosette (I love you).

I wonder…What does he hear when I say his name?