I'm always watching them.

I've seen them together, and I've seen them apart. It's easy to see that they do their best work together, but trying to get either one to admit to reasons greater than friendship behind it? You'd have more luck getting Sister Kate to do the foxtrot!

And I really shouldn't be encouraging them. A man of God, playing matchmaker between a nun and a demonā€¦ Even considering my personal situation, many would consider it as crossing the line between controversial and out-right rebellious.

But I just can't help it.

After all, if anyone has a right to judge them, it's me. I was the one hunting Chrno after he took Magdalena. I witnessed her death, and how Chrno reacted to it. I was the one who sealed him in her tomb, with his willing cooperation. And then with Rosette, I've seen her before and after her brother's disappearance. I brought her into the Magdalene Order and I acted as her mentor in those early days when she needed me. Out of all their friends, I am the only one who has been around long enough to see the changes that have come over them.

Call it a 'fatherly' interest, if you must.

Truth is, I never thought the austere life of a nun would suit Rosette. Exorcism, yes, but not the self-denial and sedateness that entering a convent would require. I was right, but that's beside the point. Furthermore, Chrno would never have come near the Order again if it weren't for Rosette. Those two were made for each other, and that's how I know God has a sense of humour. That's why I never complain about Rosette's unconventional ways. That's why I try to tweak at Chrno's jealousy.

They're just so damn cute.

A/N: This is supposed to be light, at least for me. I've always rather liked Father Remington; he knows not to take life too seriously. If only he weren't celibateā€¦ I could have so much fun with his character. Scratch that, I'm STILL going to have fun with his character (eventually).

Also, these ficlets have been done at about three or four in the morning. I'm also the only one editing them, and that's usually at five in the morning when I finally finish them. If someone is interested in beta-ing me, I'd be happy to hear from you.

By the way, I need a new anime to watch. I just finished Escaflowne (and the movie shudder) and I may watch the anime again, but any suggestions of ones similar to Chrno Crusade and/or Escaflowne would be appreciated. I also want to finish reading the manga version of Chrno Crusade, but I can't find anything from Book 6 Ch. 4 (Ch. 39 from the beginning) to the end of Book 8. I've heard talk of a novel too, but I have no idea where to even start looking for that. People who help will be thanked at the beginning (forcing people to read it while looking for the real story) of the next installment of this series, whenever that may be. Thanks, folks!