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Chapter: Prologue

Crouching, Demon circled his opponent, twisted serpentine knives seeking an opening in the Gerudo's defences. The crowd screamed for blood, shouting his name to the heavens. "Demon! Demon!" throbbing through the arena like a physical presence, wrapping the warrior in their blood-lust.

The black rags that Demon had wrapped himself in fluttered raggedly in the wind, giving him an aura of darkness. His cape added to the impression, framing his muscular body on a background of black satin. He almost seemed like the child of darkness the crowd had named him, an avenging spirit from beyond the grave. Even Demon's eyes held no comfort, the ice blue flecked with steel. Deep in the hazy landscape darkness smouldered seeming to pull the warmth from the very air around him. He looked every inch a god of death, ready to do battle.

Demon and the Gerudo still circled, seeking a gap in the others defences. The female warrior had her twin scimitars raised warily, tensed for blood and action. Demon growled, the flames in his eyes hotter than the hell in which they duelled. Clearly unnerved by his appearance the woman shifted warily. Fool, contemplated Demon, to be intimidated so easily.

The glaring sun beat down on the two contestants as they circled, the sandy floor of the arena hot as flames beneath their feet. The Gerudo was already sweating heavily, either from fear, the heat or a mixture of both. Despite his heavy black cape, Demon did not feel the heat. All his awareness was concentrated on his opponent.

Patience at an end the Gerudo lunged forward, leaping into the air and bring both blades forward in a half-arc. The blades would have decapitated Demon, but when they met with a clash his neck was no longer in-between. The warrior had dived forward into a spinning roll, landing on his feet.

No emotion registered on his features as his female opponent turned to face him. Bewildered by the speed of his evasion she attacked more cautiously this time, using the time-honoured Gerudo fighting style. Deadly scythes of steel came at Demon from all directions, but not one could touch the black-cloaked warrior. Sliding smoothly out of the way of even the fastest sword-strike he led the Gerudo onward across the ring. Still the crowd chanted, their mantra rising to almost a fever pitch as they called for Demon to shed blood.

Faster and faster the strikes came, enveloping Demon in a sphere of steel. Panting from exertion the woman finally stopped her attack and fell back into her crouch. Demon remained unscathed, his black cloak fluttering around him. No sound came from the black-cloaked form, but the crowd leaned forward expectantly. This is what they had been waiting for.

Wordlessly, Demon raised his knives, and attacked. Spinning under the Gerudo's guard he kicked upward into her wrist sending one of her scimitars flying across the arena. With that he flipped out of reach, falling into a crouch to watch the horrified Gerudo. Shaking visibly, she steeled herself and attacked again, a vertical slash that would have cut Demon in two. Would have. Demon raised one weapon in a careless deflection. With the other he cut through the Gerudo's wrist. Hand and scimitar fell to the ground, covered in blood. The Gerudo women stumbled back cradling her wounded limb.

"What are you!" she screamed, fear written clearly on her face.

For a moment the black-cloaked warrior stiffened, something sparked in his eyes. Link, Hero of Time. The spark was quickly smothered in the swirling clouds of darkness.

"Demon" he answered raising his knives.