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Sesshomaru wrinkled his nose in distaste and discomfort. The smell of sour vegetation and mold clotted the room and swarmed his senses. The cell was one he could break out of easily, if he did not have those accursed shackles on his arm and feet. They had a miko curse on them and he could not move his arm or legs.

He had been trapped in the dirty cell for weeks now, bordering on a month. Over that time he had had little to do besides watch as the thin line of mold and non-aquatic algae grew and nearly covered the wall. His captor was taunting him now, he knew it. The guards had recently left him for good, neither bringing food nor making sure he did not somehow break free. Or he had been abandoned.

Whatever the case, he hoped that Rin was safe. She and Jaken had been captured along with him, but had not been allowed to see him save for that one time. Two weeks after he had been imprisoned, Rin had been dragged in, half starved and beaten. His youkai riled at this, and because he could not do anything he bordered on going insane. During his anger, he noticed that Rin seeing him like this, dirty and helpless, broke something in her. Had she been the young child he had first taken under his wing, she would have cried. Over the years, however, when Rin was upset she would put on an emotionless expression not dissimilar to his own.

Rin. She was twelve now, and next week she would have had the celebration she, Jaken and Sesshomaru practiced every year on that date. It marked the day when Sesshomaru had met her in that forest oh so long ago. That is what they used for her birthday celebration that humans held so dear. He would have his servants create a feast and he would get her a gift. Of course, he got her gifts on a regular basis; anything to keep her perfectly content. But the gifts given on these dates usually meant so much more for her. He had planned on getting her something special for this would be the first year that they could live in complete peace. Naruku was finally dead….

Naraku. That bastard. Even in death, he found a way to scald Seeshomaru into a rage. The final battle had taken much. He couldn't help but notice his younger brother's group had been obliterated. The monk and the demon huntress had both been pulled inside the monk's cursed hand. The boy Rin was so fond of, Kohaku, had been killed by Naraku in a last ditch attempt at harvesting any power the uncompleted jewel harbored. The wolf, Kouga, had lost both shards and many wolves to the fight, but was able to crawl away with his tail between his legs. Inuyasha and his wench had done well enough, Sesshomaru grudgingly admitted. Together, the three of them sent the final blow to end the battle. Sesshomaru, obviously, had used the Tokijin. He had cut at Naruku's neck. Inuyasha used his father's other fang, the Tessagai, sending the wind scar at his foe. One of the wench's arrows actually pierced Naraku's chest and purified the Shikon jewel.

Both the jewel and his father's strongest fang had been destroyed, along with Inuyasha and the wench, though he never found their bodies. It was only through Tokjiin that Sesshmaru survived the blast. The only ones who had survivied the massive battle were himself, Kouga, and Kagura, who flew away at the last second.

It was Naraku who Sesshomaru blamed for his misfortune. When the fight was over, he had to stop with Rin and Jaken in a field to heal himself. He was not strong enough and could not sense his attackers. He was literally captured in the dark.

His youkai senses picked up footsteps. He moved himself to the edge of the cell, where he would not be able to be seen, but could see almost everything. He heard two sets of footfalls, heavy and clumsy; those were his previous guards. He also heard one set that was light. His ears listened with interest to the conversation that he could hear from down the hall.

"Didn't Lord Semaj put someone dangerous in here already?"

"Yeah, that silver-headed one. I heard he died." A second voice said loftily.

"Lord Semaji wasn't too upset. The guy got all the attention from the ladies and the girl was too young for any fun…" Sesshomaru had to quell his youkai at this.

"Well, pretty one, how's about that?" said the second voice again. "You get to slowly die next to the bones of a youkai. A little human like you should be honored."

"Do not presume to talk down to me, demon." A clear voice said through the muck.

"Look at the little human, thinking she's above us. Here, tickle tick… OWWW!!! The bitch bit me!"

"Git in there!" The first demon threw something into the cell. The something didn't move. "You dare think you can harm a youkai?"

The thing stirred, Sesshomaru could tell that it was a female by her voice, and was angered that he would be put into a cell with something so weak and pathetic. "I believe I just did."

The coolness of her voice unsettled Sesshomaru for a moment; he was not used to human females that were so brave. In fact, he was not used to human females at all. Apart from Rin, the only human females he knew of were the huntress and miko that his younger brother took to. The huntress he might have been able to deal with, but her harsh voice still grated on his ears. The miko, however was pitiful and whiny. One would have thought her to grow up in royalty to never be able to fend for herself or use a simple bow.

The demon snorted. "Yeah, you think you're tough, but in a week when you have had no food and water and my master comes for you, see how tough you are then." The demon was obviously uneducated, talking in rough sentences and often repeating words. How it annoyed Sesshomaru.

When there was a clang of the door and the footsteps died away, the figure stood up, or at least sounded like she did. Sesshomaru could see nothing in the utter and complete darkness. That was the problem with his night vision. It simply took advantage of available light and magnified it. Somehow this dungeon had no light and he was left for the blind.

"It's all right, you can come out. They're gone." The same voice again, only kinder.

"Do not speak down to this Sesshomaru." He said superiorly.

"Fair enough. Why were you hiding?"

"This Sesshomaru does not hide."

"All right. How long have you been here?" He could tell that the woman was amused.

"Do not find hilarity in me, human. And you will answer my questions." Sesshomaru said almost angrily. There was no answer, only icy silence. "Who are you?"

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