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Paint Thy Love Black and Blue

By: Bored-Is-My-Favorite-Word

Chapter 1: The Proposal

Ron sighed as Hermione prodded him awake. He gave her a slightly annoyed look, but she just scowled and mouthed 'pay attention' at him. He responded by letting his head fall back down on his desk with a soft thunk. He had been in History of Magic for what seemed forever and he was really starting to contemplate just saying 'fuck it!' and leave the classroom. True he would probably get detention, but it would be worth it to see the look on Hermione's face.

'What's the point of this class? We all failed it anyway. Besides Mione, it's not everyone else's fault that all they learned was bloody Goblin Wars. Not like anyone cares about that,' he thought covering a snort as Hermione sent him another miffed look.

This year had been sort've boring in actuality. Harry had offed Moldywarts during the summer. Everyone had been greatly relieved and Harry had been more, happier and care free then ever. Now that the threat of Voldemort was gone they had all felt a heavy burden lifted from their shoulders. Then they realized that their seventh year had come up and with that their Newts. It was hell trying dodging Hermione's crazy study sessions. Besides that everything had been great, besides the whole being bored part.

How was he supposed to know that would all change?

Time Skip

It was actually a pretty normal day. He had been woken up by Harry with a cold bucket of water and had proceeded to curse his friend into the next century. He had then gotten out of bed grumbling and had taken a shower brushed his teeth and hair and gotten dressed. The Headmaster had decided to forgo uniforms and they were allowed to wear muggle clothes. So he was currently dressed in a pair of skintight faded jeans and a black sweatshirt with 'Officer of the Queens Guard' written across the front and with a picture of a psychotic looking queen cackling on the back. He had designed it himself actually and if you looked on the tag you would find the odd print of WWW on it. It was actually a good look for him especially since his hair had darkened a shade or two and grown out shaggy. He was very pleased with his new looks now he wasn't tall and gangly. In fact he was really average height at a modest 5"5. He refused to acknowledge the fact that Harry had grown taller then him, which he loved to point out at every opportunity. Of course Ron fixed that problem by hiding his glasses for three days he didn't say anything about it after that.

He had taken a job for the twins on designing funny phrases and hilarious advertising pictures for their merchandise. T-shirt, Sweatshirts, and hell even hats he designed for them. They thought it was bloody awesome and he was getting paid a whole lot, because apparently the rest of the wizarding world thought so too.

Anyway after that he had grabbed his carry on bag and slung it over his shoulder walking down the stairs laughing with Harry. They had then eaten breakfast and headed to their classes for the day. It wasn't until they had gotten down to dinner that something weird happened.

Usually Ron was prepared for anything that could be thrown at him when it came to mail. Whether it was hate mail for Harry, or a Howler from his mum, he was ready.

Well usually…

He was actually writing the last two sentences for his Transfiguration Essay when a hoot was made in front of him. Surprised he jerked his head up giving himself a pain in his neck, but whatever. The owl was regal looking and was a solid black with big yellow eyes, which looked at him reproachfully. He stuck his leg out to Ron and Ron saw something tied there. Ron untied it and gave the owl some ham, which seemed to make it happier as it hooted softly at him before flying away. One thing Ron had learned growing up was to always be nice to the owls you never know if they decide to accidentally mistake your finger for a sausage. He learned this because Errol decided Percy was a perfect specimen when he wouldn't feed him anything after delivering. He snickered slightly at the memory. But I digress.

He finally looked down at the package in his hand. Mistakenly taking a drink at the same time, as it is Seamus found himself with a face full of spit and pumpkin juice as Ron was left staring at the package. It was simple really a scroll rolled up made of old yellow paper and tied around it was a strand of white velvet. On the velvet was red wax with a strange ruin of sorts on it made with red ink. It wasn't really the package that was throwing him off balance. It was the symbolism behind it.

He was sure his face had gone really pale as he shakily broke the seal and untied the ribbon. His friends were looking at him worriedly as he was steadily going paler by the minute. When he was done he stared at the letter for a second in a sort of stunned silence, before his face flooded with rage as he pushed off the bench grabbing the letter as he went stomping over to the Slytherin table. His house mates were staring at him worriedly while the Slytherin's were staring in suspicion, except one who had a triumphant smirk on his face.

Ron finally stopped in front of said wizard breathing deeply in an effort to control his rage.

Blaise Zabini stared back at him coolly with a smirk gracing his face, "Yes Weasley?" he asked and Ron snarled as he waved the letter at him.

"What the hell is this?" he questioned. His voice had so much controlled anger that the air around him was practically sizzling.

Blaise merely arched an eyebrow not taking his eyes off Weasley's. "I do believe it's a letter Weasley," his sarcastic drawl drawing snickers from those around him. Ron's teeth gritted and he looked like he was about to have a coronary.

"I can see that Zabini, what I don't see is why such a letter as this one has appeared to me," he said and before he could reply Malfoy had for him.

"Yes Weasel we know it's hard that someone actually wants to send you a letter. Could you not bring Zabini into the dramatics of it?" he drawled and Ron gave him the scariest glare anyone had ever seen that said quite frankly, I'm-a-crazy-ass-red-head-do-you-really-want-to-piss-me-off?

"I don't believe I was talking to you Malfoy, could you kindly piss off while I interrogate Zabini? Yes? Thank you." He then ignored Malfoy who looked flabbergasted and turned to Blaise who was looking as bored as ever. Ron leaned on his left leg and crossed his arm tapping his foot. Nobody could deny this was Molly Weasley's child now.

"Well Zabini I'm waiting," he stated with an annoyed look.

Blaise shrugged nonchalantly and replied, "It's exactly as the letter said." Smart move ass wipe…

Ron's face grew extremely angry as he lifted the letter, "Okay then you want your answer? Go to Hell!" he shouted and some people screamed when the letter was engulfed in purple fire and dropped on Zabini's plate burning to a crisp. It wasn't that it was on fire though or that it was purple flames. No what was really weird about it was he hadn't used a wand at all.

Ron stalked over to the Gryffindor table where everyone was staring at him in shock as he shouldered his bag muttering angrily under his breath the entire time and stalking out the door. The entire hall watched him go in a daze everyone completely still. They heard crashing and shouting and the unmistakable voice of Ronald Weasley screaming, "Stupid Twit!"

At the Slytherin Table

Everyone was staring at Blaise in utter shock and awe as Blaise sipped on his pumpkin juice noncommittally. Finally Draco broke the silence.

"Fuck Blaise what did you put in that letter?" he asked staring at his friend in awe. Even he had never been able to get Weasley that stirred up. Blaise smirked as he shrugged at them.

"Oh just normal stuff for a letter," he replied amiably. He didn't let on how amused he was by Weasley's actions.

"What kind of letter was that Blaise?" asked Millicent carefully.

Blaise smiled wickedly, "That was the right question m'dear," he said letting his eyes briefly follow the actions of Potter and Granger as they ran out of the hall, obviously to soothe the distraught red head.

He smiled at his friends as he answered Millicent's question, "That was an official letter from the Zabini family to the Weasley family to allow me to court Ronald Weasley." He said with a grin and his house mates looked completely cowed as they stared at him.

"What?!" Draco shouted losing his Malfoy composure at what his best friend had just revealed. He leaned forward as he started hissing at him, "Are you completely insane Zabini or did you perhaps forget that this is Ron Weasley we are talking about?" His voice sounded slightly hysterical and Blaise frowned at him.

"Careful Draco your mask is slipping," he said and Draco scowled before fixing himself up right.

Blaise continued on after that, "And yes I had realized who Ronald Weasley is. Considering the letter was addressed to him."

Draco glared petulantly; "Why the hell would you want to court Weasel?" he demanded his eyes narrowed.

Blaise smirked that smirk that every Slytherin seems to have, "You obviously don't realize what a catch he is," he laced his fingers together and smiled indulgently. "Did you not notice that Weasley has been getting significantly more powerful since the beginning of the school year? Everyday his magic gets stronger and stronger, and he may soon rival Potter. Did you not see the purple flames he conjured? Well what could explain these things happening? It's so obvious; he's become the magical heir of the Weasley clan. The purple flame is a trait only the magical heir of that family can have. It's very powerful magic and doesn't need a wand." He trailed off as he saw the shocked looks on his friend's faces.

"Yes that was my reaction, but my mother confirmed it when I told her everything, all though the flames are new, but that just strengthens my resolve. There hasn't been a magical heir of the Weasley family for over 200 years or so I've been told. That there is one now shows how powerful he is. Besides that though there are also the benefits of being related to that family. The Weasley's are spread out everywhere, Romania, Egypt, hell even those Twins are starting to build a business empire that's going world wide." He let this all sink in, as they all suddenly understood how much influence the Weasleys really had. They hadn't noticed, because of the fact that they were poor, but they really did have a lot of influence over the wizarding world. And if the Weasel really was the magical heir of the family then any off spring from him would be extremely powerful. "I personally don't want to be on their bad side." Blaise stated as he started eating again.

Theodore snorted, "Crummy job you did there, Weasley just told you to go to hell remember?" he questioned.

Blaise merely arched a brow at them his smirk never moving, "Good thing it was a courting letter huh?" he asked. His friends shook their heads at him. The Zabini family was very influential and powerful family but they were also feared for their very illegal way of dealing with things. Enemies of the family were often found to be mysteriously disappearing. If they wanted something they went to extreme lengths to obtain it. They suddenly felt very sorry for Weasley, there was no way for him to get out of this.

"I don't know Zabini, it still sounds kind of iffy if you ask me," Draco stated.

Blaise grinned, "Aw are you worried about me? I feel so flattered," he replied before turning serious, "Don't worry I can handle anything Weasley can dish out."

Draco rolled his eyes, "I'm warning you Blaise you know what they say about red heads…" he trailed off and Blaise's face suddenly turned feral as he smirked.

"Yeah I hear their great in bed," he then left his friends to their amusement and walked out of the great hall.

Draco snickered, "10 Galleons says that Weasley has a mental break down." His other friends just nodded in amusement. The next couple of weeks were going to be very interesting.

With Ron

Ron stalked into the common room and flopped himself down on the windowsill. He pulled out his sketchbook and started drawing out some new designs for the twins. He still couldn't believe the nerve of Zabini, sending him a courtship letter! Ugh! He just wanted to knock that guys block off. How could he ever think Ron would allow himself to be courted by him? He didn't even know the bastard, well he knew him but not in the since of this way.

'Why would Zabini send me a courtship letter anyway? I don't have anything that he could possibly want. And while yes I have changed over the summer I'm not attractive enough for that to be the case. We don't have a whole lot of money. Except for maybe the twins, but they have a business empire. It's not like I have anything special about me.' He thought back to when he burned Zabini's letter to a crisp and finally realized something. 'Wait the fire was purple and I didn't use a wand! What the hell?!' Ron set his sketch pad down and stared at his hand completely perplexed and then concentrated on the fire again. To his shock he felt his magic flare and then purple flames danced in a ball on his hand. It didn't hurt him and he stared in fascination rolling it around his hand. He closed his fist and the flames puffed out.

Ron stared for a second before blinking slowly 'Okay… weird.' Just as he was going to contemplate this turn of events the portrait door opened bringing him back down to earth. He saw Hermione and Harry and sighed, he really didn't want to deal with their questions right now.

They stopped right in front of him and Ron looked up and sighed before motioning for them to sit down. Harry sat next to him and wrapped an arm around his shoulders in comfort Ron gave him a small smile of gratitude and leaned against him with a sigh. Harry was a great friend he could never find someone better.

Hermione finally was the one to break the silence, "Ron not to be blunt, but what the hell was that?" she asked and Ron laughed with a grin before it faded at the thought of the letter and Ron scowled.

"Zabini sent me a courtship letter," he stated and Hermione's eyes widened and Harry got a look of understanding in his eyes.

"Not that that isn't weird, but why would that upset you that much? Cant you just say no to the courtship?" Harry asked and Ron closed his eyes with a strained look.

"There is something you have to understand Harry. In old tradition it was deemed highly important for someone to receive a courtship letter. Only purebloods or old influential family's can do it now, because only they can know all the intricacies of it. While my family is not very wealthy or influential both my parents have been brought up learning all these traditions. Now days it's very rare for someone to receive a courtship letter. It's supposed to be a sign of deep respect and love. Or in most cases a legally binding contract to bind families together. To send one means that you are completely serious about this working. When you send one you send a letter to both the recipient and the head of the family. So right now the Head of my Family is getting one." He said with a shuttering breath.

Hermione and Harry both looked confused and asked him something, "Why is that bad surely your parents wont make you go through with this, will they?"

Ron snorted with a sardonic look in his eyes, "Oh please my parents? I wish that was all I had to worry about. No I have to worry about my Grandfather Prewitt, the real Head of the Family. He's so set in to getting my family back into High Society that he won't let this rest. He will push this and the worst part is so will my mother. She doesn't much care about High Society, but she's friends with the Zabini's and would love nothing more then to just marry me and Blaise off. She's never mentioned it before, but with the opportunity she will be all for it. And sense my father listens to everything my mother says I am basically screwed over." He said with venom in his voice before tears started to form in his eyes. He hurriedly wiped them away before taking a shuddering breath.

Ron laid his head on his knees and curled up before sighing. He looked at his friends and gave a feeble smile and sat up stretching.

"You know what guys I'm going to go head on up to bed okay? Goodnight." He said and they both nodded good night. And as he left they both looked each other in the eye and nodded as if to say, 'We're going to back him up in whatever he does, even if it kills us.'

Next Day

The next day Hermione and Harry met up with Ron in the common room. They didn't bring up what happened and Ron didn't mention it. Ron had decided to wear some old jeans again along with a black hoody that had a snake and lion fighting each other with, "No the House Rivalry isn't to bad at Hogwarts," this of course was supposed to be sarcastic.

Ron greeted them with a smile and got up slinging his bag over his shoulder as he said good morning. They headed down stairs and went in to the Great Hall. Ron felt the eyes on his back, and shrugged them off intent on getting some food.

He sat down in front of Seamus and Dean who looked at him slightly worried.

"Hey Ron are you okay? We didn't get a chance to talk to you last night. Did Zabini do something to you?" Dean asked his eyes narrowing at the Slytherin table.

Ron shrugged at them before grinning, "Ah don't worry about it, I can handle Zabini. Don't trouble yourselves over it," he stated. Seamus gave him a grin and they started a debate on some issue or other. Dean and Harry however narrowed their eyes but didn't say anything. They all left, heading to Charms laughing about something or other, when a loud rip stopped Ron.

He stared down at all of his books and parchment now on the ground before cursing long and hard picking everything up after repairing his bag. He waved off his friends telling them he would catch up.

"Stupid bloody bag, decides to give way for once in its bloody life…" He said stuffing everything in. He checked everything was there before spotting an inkpot a few feet away. He crawled over and picked it up when a pair of shoes came in to his peripheral vision. Blinking at the shoes for a second he let his eyes travel up the legs over the stomach and to the face of his visitor. Hoping against hope it wasn't whom he thought it was.

His eyes locked with amused blue ones and he cursed insanely inside his head.

"Well, well, what a nice surprise Weasley," stated the cool voice of Blaise as he watched Ron struggle to not punch him. Ron got off the floor brushing himself off as he glanced at him.

"Yeah maybe for you, didn't I tell you yesterday to leave me the hell alone?" he questioned roughly. Zabini smirked at him leaning over so they were inches away. Ron refused to back down and stared at him defiant.

"Aw," he mocked, "That's no way to speak to your fiancé now is it?" he asked and Ron visibly flinched at the word fiancé.

"Fiancé? Pshh… Not yet your not and never will be if I have anything to say about it. Now shoo! Shouldn't you be off terrorizing some poor defenseless first year?" he stated making shooing motions with his hands.

Blaise laughed, "No that's more of Draco's style not mine. And as for the fiancé bit…" he leaned forward pinning Ron against the wall hands on either side of his head with a large smirk plastered to his face. Ron couldn't help but shiver slightly at the feel of the other pressed against him.

"Do you really think your going to get out of this? I have too much to gain from a marriage with you, as does the rest of my family. You don't realize how nice a catch you are, but let me inform you of what I see and a few others are beginning to see." He said and Ron felt his eyes widen slightly. There were others? How many?

"What others?" he blurted out with a horrified look on his face. Shit! So even if Zabini does relinquish the stupid proposal I will have to deal with ignoramus idiots?! Ron felt at this point that he should be allowed to rip each of his hairs out and scream into a big fluffy pillow.

Zabini smirked not answering as he continued where he left off, "Let's see where to start? Your magic increases with each day making you a powerful wizard who knows how to use his power. Your also the Magical Heir of your family, oh I see you know what that is, good. However those are just the side dishes to the main course." He whispered and Ron started to look confused his head spinning. He was the Magical Heir? How could Zabini tell? Unless… he thought back to the purple flames from last night.

Ron felt himself freeze when one of Zabini's arms slipped down his side coming to rest on his waist his thumb rubbing circles on his thigh. Ron growled… I swear if that guy goes any lower…

Thankfully for Blaise's sake he didn't go any lower and just plowed through as he continued, "One of your best qualities of course is the fact that you are absolutely stunning. Your hair is beautiful crimson, your lean tan body, your doe brown eyes… I could go on if you wanted?" he asked watching as Ron was getting more confused by the second.

Damn it what the hell was Zabini doing?! Can't he just leave me in peace? Ron growled and lifted his arms fully intending to strike him as hard as possible. He started flailing and Blaise caught his arms roughly pushing them together over his head. Using his knees he pinned his thighs against the wall also stopping his flailing, but Ron still struggled not taking in the compromising position he was in.

"I suggest you stop moving and take in what you're doing," hissed Zabini in a slightly strained voice. Ron immediately stopped staring at him with wide brown eyes his face flushed and panting slightly. Blaise had to bite back a moan at the delectable look he made right now.

"You pervert!" Ron screamed embarrassed as he reared back his head and slammed it in to the others. Blaise was momentarily stunned as Ron retreated running down the hall.

"You can't run forever Weasley!" shouted Blaise and smirked when he answered.

Ron peered over his shoulder and stuck his tongue out at him replying, "Watch me you pervert!"

Ron went through the rest of his classes for the day without anything happening and when it was all done he was relieved. When the last class was done he latched on to Hermione dragging her down the hall surprising her and all the other Gryffendors.

"Ron! What in the world are you doing?!" she shouted and Ron kept walking as he replied.

"I am dragging you to the library where you are going to help me find a way out of this proposal," he stated silencing her as she looked in surprise that he would voluntarily go to the library. He must be really desperate, she thought looking at him in sympathy before picking up the pace as well.

"Well what are we waiting for lets hop to it," she said and Ron gave her a smile.

"Thanks Herms," he said and Hermione wasn't as annoyed as she usually was by the nick name for some reason.

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