Chapter 7

By: Bored-Is-My-Favorite-Word

"Where?" he simply asked Harry with a stony face, giving nothing away to the fact that he would rather be frisked by a hinky punk then go anywhere near the old man.

Harry arched an eyebrow, which made him silently fume because good god how unfair was this world when someone had to beg for the ability to move one facial muscle, and replied "Professor McGonagall's office, he flewed in using her fireplace, special permission from the Board of Governors."

"Probably twisted their arm over this Heir business," Ron grumbled, Blaise had finally exited the closet, looking no worse for wear damn him, and nodded to Harry.



"Weasley!" Ron snapped casting annoyed looks at them, "Now that we all know each other, perhaps you could go stall them Harry while I attempt to look like I haven't been snogging for the past 10 minutes?"

A grin lit Harry's face, "Suuuuuuuuuure have fun with that, cause I'm pretty sure those," he pointed at Ron's neck, "aren't going anywhere any time soon."

Knowing that his face was probably turning an unattractive red he gave him one last glare before about facing and stomping into the nearest bathroom. Blaise followed behind him, quiet for once, and leaned against the sink while Ron peered into the mirror.

Oh wow.

You, Ron Weasley, look completely and thoroughly snogged.

His hair was in disarray, sticking up all over the place, his lips were bruised red, and was that DUST on his BACK? He knew that damn broom closet was full of disgusting, dust filled… and what if there had been SPIDERS? That would have been extremely attractive, running away from a spider in front of Zabini.

Carefully, he procured his wand and used a spell Hermione has taught him to tame hair, letting it fall in a slightly more manageable way before cleaning off his robe. Nothing to do about the lips but there was one more thing…

"Did you really have to leave me a hickey?" he questioned sourly, poking at said hickey. Harry had exaggerated, it was only one and not even that large, however it was placed just above the collar line making it visible to all.

A dark chuckle came from the other man, a smirking face replying, "I didn't exactly hear you complaining."

Very quickly Ron placed a disillusion charm on it, it would do for now but he might have to get some make up from Hermione to cover it later, and god that just sounds like the most fun plan he will ever have.

He straightened his collar again before exiting the bathroom, Zabini hot on his heels, "You don't have to come to this meeting. In fact I would rather you didn't considering I have no idea what he might discuss and don't want to embarrass myself or you."

A hand grabbed his shoulder and he stopped to give the other man a questioning look, and was slowly backed into the hall wall. Blaise was positioned comfortably between his legs and his blue eyes pinned him as effectively as his hands were. A small flush rose up to his cheeks, not completely over the events that had just happened.

"If you think you are getting anymore snogging then you are clearly delusional," he said flatly.

The blue eyes were now rolling at him, jerk, "Are you sure you don't want me to go to the meeting?"

"Nah," Ron grinned, "If I can handle Skeeter then my Grandfather should be a piece of cake."

The Italian looked like he didn't believe him, and if he was being truthful he wasn't sure himself, but backed down from him.

"Then at least allow me to escort you to McGonagall's office."

It wasn't a question.

Ron huffed in exasperation, "How can I say no to that?"

Blaise grinned before starting down the corridor, Ron hot on his heels. As they continued walking Ron started to consider exactly how to approach the situation with his Grandfather. The man was rutheless when it came to putting his family back into High Society. It wasn't really out of a sense of familial obligation but more to keep up appearances. The Prewitt family was a very old family, not as old as the Weasleys, but then they also didn't have extremely strict guidelines in place as to who could be Heir for the Weasleys. When he was younger his mother had two older twin brothers, the eldest of which was suppose to inherit the Prewitt titles. However they both died during the first war with Voldemort and then his mum married a Weasley. His Grandfather was so angry with his daughter, claiming that no child of a Weasley would ever inherit the Prewitt titles. He never cast Molly out of the family, after all she was his last child, however he refused to associate with them, only showing up at each of the children's christenings and the occasional visit on birthdays.

He use to visit Bill a lot, surveying him to see if he would make a good family heir, however he stopped once Bill made it known that he wanted to be a curse breaker. He tried again with Charlie and declared him a "dragon loving fool." After that he refused to attempt to know any of the other Weasley children especially when Fred and George threw firecrackers in his soup one time, causing it to explode hot boiling soup onto the man's face.

A smile worked its way on his face at the memory and Blaise gave him a curious look, "Something funny?" he questioned lightly.

Ron was snapped out of his thoughts realizing they were entering the Transfiguration wing. "I'll tell you about it later," he waived off, "I'll see you later?" he questioned.

Zabini gave a small smirk his eyes never once leaving the other as he murmured, "Of course."

He nodded sharply about to go into McGonagall's room before hesitating. His fist tightened and before he could think about it more he turned around gave the other a small peck on his cheek.

"Bye!" he quickly said before stepping into the office.

Blaise raised a hand to his cheek a small grin creeping up, "Bye."

"Ah Mr. Weasley," McGonagall said as soon as he stepped through the door, "How nice for you to join us. I see your ability to tell time has not changed over your years of tutelage here."

Ron winced, great way to start the meeting he thought wryly, "My apologies Professor, I was otherwise detained." He said smartly his eyes trailing to his Grandfather who was idly sitting and drinking a cup of tea as if he had no care in the world. The man raised his eyes to meet his Grandsons. The first thing Ron noticed about the man was his eyes, mostly because they had the exact same ones. A dark chocolate brown color, same shape, although much more cold then Ron's own which had the unfortunate habit of giving away all of his true feelings. His Grandfather was neither tall nor short, with peppered brown hair and dressed in hand maid robes of black with plum colored details.

Ron compared his regale appearance to Ron's own, dressed in old robes one of his Weasley Wizard Wheezes comic t-shirts, this one having just the stores logo for the store on it, and hand me down trainers he had got from Charlie when he out grew them. He was not dressed to impress.

Ron inwardly smirked. Good.

"Grandfather," Ron greeted cordially placing his hands behind his back and rolling on the balls of his feet, "It is, as always, a pleasant surprise." Git.

"Ronald," a smile was on the man's face, one reminiscent of Lucius Malfoy when he found a small matter particularly amusing.

McGonagall surveyed the both of them before standing up, "I shall leave you two alone, Mr. Prewitt you may use the flew once your conversation is over to leave." She then promptly left the room leaving Ron to face the man.

Ron calmly sat down to face the other who was adding more sugar to his tea.

"Would you like a cup of tea?" he asked calmly, Ron replied with a 'No' and the man lent back in his chair surveying Ron from top to bottom. He attempted not to squirm, but couldn't help inwardly cackling when the man obviously saw something he didn't like.

"Well I can gather why I am here to speak to you then?" he wondered giving him a look.

Ron pulled his most innocent face, "What, you aren't here to catch up with the Grandson who, before this day, you assumed a lost cause?"

The man's pleasant demeanor cracked a little, his brown eyes narrowing, "Well I see the Weasley in you is still as prominent as ever."

"Oh very much so," Ron said matter of factly, a little smirk crossing his face, "So let's cut the crap will we? What exactly do you want?"

"Language!" he snapped back at Ron, who was briefly reminded of his mother, before seeming to collect himself. "I came here to talk about this supposed Heir business and your betrothal to one Blaise Zabini. Now, while I know for a fact that the betrothal is indeed real, I have seen the letter myself after all, I wanted to discuss with you your new responsibilities as Heir of the Weasley Clan."

"How do you even know if that's true? It could just be a rumor, people like to do that after all, I would know, because contrary to popular belief the school's main sport isn't quidditch but gossip," Ron queried immediately.

His Grandfather sneered, "I am the Head of the Prewitt Clan, a family that you and your," here is sneer grew, "family, happen to be a part of. I know because I keep up with family archives and as soon as this rumor started I checked them to find to my surprise that a new title had been put underneath your name."

He proceeded to then pulls out said archive from his robes, a small book with never ending pages it had a coat of arms on it, of two rampant hounds. At the very back of the book was the names of his siblings and the second to last near the bottom, with Ginevra Weasley below his, was Ronald Bilius Weasley, Heir to the Weasley Clan.

Ron felt his stomach drop slightly, so there was the actual real proof, before this it had all been happen stance, he said she said bull shit, but now he had legitimate proof of being the Heir. He didn't get long to contemplate however because his Grandfather immediately started to speak once again.

"Now that we are both on the same page I wish to convey my congratulations on being found heir to the Weasley Clan," his face spoke of none of the distaste he had formally expressed about the Weasley family, "and how we are going to prepare you for your new role in society."

Ron startled, "Excuse me?" he questioned incredulously, "I don't know what exactly you are expecting but the only obligations I have are to my family. Yes I will sort out the family treasury and how this will affect my family, however society has done just fine without the Weasleys, and it will continue to do so."

His Grandfather gave him a sharp look, "Do not be ridiculous Ronald, you will do what is best for your family," he stated smartly, "While I have had misgivings about the family my daughter married into, the Weasleys are indeed a line that is old and pure, however now you have your titles and treasury to back it up."

Ron crossed his arms, "I am doing what is best for my family; the Weasleys have no place in politics. We much rather pursue our own livelihoods, and honestly? We are the better for it."

"Oh yes, risking life and limb against dragons, working for goblins, opening a pranking store are all very laudable in society!" The man snapped derisively at the younger Weasley.

"Society can stuff it! What exactly has society done for any of us huh? My family has worked itself to the bone, pursuing lives they love. Society may sneer at us but since when have we bothered with that? I don't know who you think you are speaking to but I honestly could not give a single damn as to what society want of me. Or have you forgotten my best friends are a muggleborn witch and Harry Potter, both of which have fought against society and strived to live in a better world based on their own merits?"

"That is a different matter all together, while yes I commend you and your friends efforts against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named that was in the past and this is now the present."

"It was last year!" Ron said back with an aghast look on his face.

"Be that as it may it has nothing to do with your present situation," Prewitt interrupted before Ron could continue his rant. "You are looking at this the wrong way Ronald, consider all the options available to you. As Heir you have the ability to positively influence others to consider your thoughts. Things such as the Wizengamot are now within your power to influence, you can't tell me there isn't at least one thing you wished you could change about our government?"

Ron opened his mouth to reply before quickly snapping it shut as he fully considered the options. Oh he had a slew of things he wished to change about the wizarding world. Isn't that why he had fought against Voldemort, disregarding the fact that he was protecting his best friends and family, and yet what had happened once he was defeated. While it was true some things had been changed for the better most everything else stayed the same. There was still animosity between muggleborns and purebloods, the Ministry still had its head up their collective ass, and nothing really significant had changed. Could he really change things?

Suddenly Ron wasn't so sure if it was a good thing to get on his grandfathers bad side or not. While it was true there was a general dislike for the man there was an even greater respect for his knowledge and ability to navigate politics and society.

Ron exhaled slowly, "What exactly do you propose… Grandfather?"

A very slight smile came on to the man's face.

"So wait you actually said yes?" Harry questioned once Ron arrived back from his meeting. He had immediately dragged Hermione and Harry off to a secluded place.

"Are you sure Ron? I mean what you are thinking of doing… it's just a bit much don't you think?" Hermione questioned carefully.

Ron chewed his lips before shrugging at the other two, "So is helping destroy a crazed megalomaniac, but somehow we were able to do that. Besides I'm not saying yes to everything he wants, I just want to take advantage of his knowledge of politics so I don't flounder if I do decide on this."

Harry narrowed his eyes letting out a puff of air, "Point. Are you sure YOU want this though? I mean you've never said anything about wanting to go into politics."

He distractedly ran a hand through his hair before seriously looking at his two best friends, two of the most important people in his life, feeling no reluctance to bare himself to the two he started, "It's not something I would usually consider, but honestly I think I could make a difference. I'm honestly not that bad at this stuff as I proved with Rita. Besides I don't have your innate intelligence Hermione," he met the other girls eyes and quickly pushed through when it looked like she would argue, "nor do I have Harry's leadership skills," he met the boys eyes and Harry very calmly met him stare for stare, his emerald eyes like green fire in his face, "but this? This I can do and I will succeed. I need to start pulling my weight in this Golden Trio after all," here he met grin for grin with the other two as Hermione let loose a watery laugh, "cause I think we have the ability to change the world."

He finished his monologue, hesitantly waiting for their reactions. Ron wasn't one for inspirational speeches, he was the side kick and he had gotten to a point in his life where he was ok with that. But he wanted, no, he needed, these two at his side.

A warm hand clapped down on his shoulder and he started his eyes up meeting Harry's once more, they were still burning, Ron didn't think the other was actually capable of tempering it, "Ron you are my best friend, I will follow you to the ends of the Earth, I will help you in any way I can, if that means learning side by side with you then so be it."

That was Harry, Ron thought, short and to the point but fitting everything he needed to say in a simple sentence. He looked over to Hermione and was confronted with an emotional hug that left them both falling out of their chairs and laughing.

"You know I am always willing to follow you two into trouble," Hermione said with a smirk, hair flying about her face.

Ron laughed staring at the other two with a wide grin; they had had their break, Voldemort was defeated and while they tried to just have fun and relax none of them were built for that. They needed action, a challenge. As long as Ron had them he could do anything and maybe Zabini would get to that status one day but for now Ron was content.

AN: So I bet you guys weren't expecting all of that were you? I'm turning this story from the fun loving story and to a more serious venture. However never fear! We shall be seeing more of Blaise and Ron and how Blaise will react to Ron's decision to pursue politics. It shall be amusing if nothing else.