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Secret Spells

First Spell

Warm Golden Glow

Hermione slipped into the locker room for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, the game just barely over and the last of the rain clouds drifting away. Most of the winning Gryffindor team members had already been carried away to the common room in the Gryffindor tower for a celebration party of the entire house, but the curly haired teenager rarely attended the parties from their beginning. She typically would show up about a half hour later, when most of the house was starting to feel warm and tired from the stashed butterbeer. Right after the games, though, she paid a little visit to the team's locker room, with most of the team unable to change directly after a winning game.

Closing the door behind her, she smiled a bit at the familiar scent of metal lockers and fresh broom wax. From the thin high windows of the small room, golden light filtered in from the setting sun and through the fading rain clouds, casting the wooden walls of the room in a pleasant warm glow. On the other side of the room by the door leading out to the field, Hermione's honey brown eyes took in the sight of one of the team's players, sitting with a worn secondhand broom resting against palms.

The Chaser peered at Hermione through dirty damp red hair, a smile touching the player's lips and lighting up soft brown eyes. Hermione walked across the golden room, wrapping her fingers around the Chaser's faded broom handle when she stopped. The Chaser watched as Hermione slid her fingers along the smooth wood, running a finger against the broom handle's tip. Pulling the broom out of the Chaser's fingerless gloved hand, Hermione gently leaned it against the wall as she moved forward to catch the player's smiling lips with her own.

After a brief kiss, Hermione pulled away a bit and said in a breathy whisper, "Great game today, Ginny. You made quite a few goals…" Ginny laughed against Hermione's lips, kissing the intelligent witch while intertwining her calloused fingers into soft brunette curls.

"I always make quite a few goals," the Chaser replied, drawing a warm chuckle from Hermione. The two closed the distance between them, falling into another kiss. Hermione soon pulled away to bury her face against the Chaser's hair and neck, deeply inhaling the enticing scent of wet dirt and sweat. She sighed at the sense, drawn into it and her body heating up from it in reaction.

Lightly her soft hand brushed against the hem of the Chaser's jersey underneath her mud smeared red robes, seeking smooth skin. Ginny shivered when she felt Hermione's fingernails lightly dancing across her stomach, making her inhale hard. While her fingertips teased sensitive skin, Hermione kissed and sucked the side of Ginny's neck, licking the light taste of dirt and sweat from her lips lustily. Hermione's breath came a little harder, her mind and body singing from the rugged scent of the athlete with her back to the wall.

Ginny placed her hands on Hermione's curved hips, letting her fingers grip the brunette's jeans while they pressed their bodies against one another. Hermione's long sleeved shirt grew damp as it soaked in the moisture from the Chaser's rain-touched playing robes. The young witch felt her nipples growing hard against the wet fabric, no bra interfering since she chose to omit it due to feeling particularly playful that day. With this in mind, Hermione gently guided one of Ginny's rough hands underneath her thin fabric and urged it up. Continuing with Hermione's hint, Ginny rolled her cold fingertips along the contours of an erect nipple, moving to make circle motions lightly and slowly around it.

Hermione meanwhile let her dancing fingernails tread lower along Ginny's stomach. She could feel the Chaser's breath coming more urgently against her ear, and she smiled to herself. Stroking the button to Ginny's faded denim jeans, Hermione teased her until Ginny growled and squeezed the breast in hand in opposition. Hermione gasped softly in surprise. She easily tugged the button free, the button hole worn enough for easy release. Her fingertips grasped the warm bit of metal and pulled down, opening the zipper and giving her hand adequate room.

By now Ginny's other hand was rubbing Hermione's inner thighs, the Chaser feeling her heart race much harder than it had during the tense game. She pulled up a knee and draped her other leg from the edge of the bench, opening herself up to Hermione's tender caresses. Ginny moaned, the sound very breathy and full of urgency. Her hand moved up to cup Hermione through her jeans and she rubbed her fingertips slowly against the witch. This gentle touch made Hermione pant.

In answer to the touch, Hermione ran a finger along the Chaser's wet sex. Her finger moved back and forth a number of times very slowly until she suddenly pushed it into Ginny. The red haired girl squealed lightly, shutting her eyes and pressing her head into the crook of the brunette's neck. Hermione gasped softy against the Chaser's hair, lifting her head so her lips were by a sensitive ear.

Breathing on it rapidly, the warm air from Hermione's body swept across Ginny's sensitive skin and she shivered. Her head lifted away from Hermione's soft hair as she gasped into the golden light of the locker room. Pulling her hands away from Hermione intimately to desperately clutch onto her shirt, she twisted the fabric between her rough fingers. Hermione was moving a little quicker with her hand and the Chaser found that she really rather liked it… quite a lot.

The golden light in the room began to fade out bit by bit to be replaced with a cooler shade, transitioning into the purples and blues of twilight. The light put the room through many moods of color while the two girls continued on with the tradition that had suddenly sparked up after the first game of the Quidditch season. That moment was still very fresh in their minds, and after that their new ritual had continued after each and every winning Gryffindor game.

Ginny had an entirely new reason to work so hard for a win. Hermione would only visit her in such an intimate way in the locker room after the winning games, for whatever reason the Chaser still had to figure out. Some nights it would drive the red headed Weasley mad as she racked her mind to try to discover the reason, alone in her bed. Other times she was only focused on the next game and strategic ways of making sure it was won.

A few times Ginny had almost single handedly made the most ten point goals with the Quaffle. Others she had pushed her fellow team mates out of the dangerous path of Bludgers or risk the end result of the game failing due to an injury. Once, she had even been the one to find the Snitch and pointed the Seeker in the right direction, instantly winning the game after only a few goals had actually been scored. Least to say, Gryffindor was doing mighty fine that Quidditch season.

Crying out, Ginny shut her wet eyes against the force of the pleasure that racked over her body. She clutched onto Hermione tight, feeling the girl's magic through her intimate contact and, just as always, blown away by the power of it. The Chaser never imagined that two magic users shared such a connection with even their magic at an intimate level. That was something that was never taught in her classes.

Through their secretive lovemaking, Ginny could feel the awesome flow of power within Hermione and it made the entire experience that much more intense. Briefly Ginny wondered if Hermione could feel something almost as powerful from herself, but she doubted. She knew she wasn't nearly as talented as Hermione was, but she wasn't aware of the exact feeling Hermione got from Ginny.

Rather than just the Chaser's magic potential, Hermione could also feel the same thing the Quidditch player felt during an exciting game. Hermione loved that feeling, and she relished in it every time she came to Ginny after a winning game. Both of their hearts would race when the felt the end of the game near, Ginny moving fast through the air and Hermione carefully watching from a lone point on the benches. Even now, Hermione could feel the fast pace of Ginny's heartbeats, strongly mirroring her own.

Hermione's gentle tongue ran out against the edge of the Chaser's ear. She exhaled hard against it, moaning a little while Ginny groaned loudly, her sounds reverberating off of the walls. She could feel the redhead trembling against her body. When the moment drew near, Ginny again buried her head into Hermione's soft hair and against her neck, trying to muffle her sounds a bit as they grew steadily louder.

The scent emanating from the excited Chaser mingled with that rugged dirt smell and tickled Hermione's nose in a pleasant way. Gently pressing her lips against Ginny's neck, she took in that fragrance with a slow deep breath and honey brown eyes closed. It was this moment Hermione always wanted ingrained in her mind, so she opened herself to it and took in every single aspect of it. The sensation of still damp red hair brushing against her cheek like a whisper from the wind, the overwhelming smell of the girl in her embrace, the muffled yet desperate cries she could feel against her neck as much as hear, it all seemed so… real. So vivid. She wanted to be able to recall every little detail, drinking deep from it. Even the tickle of Ginny's magical strength was breathtaking.

Hermione herself now released her breath with sound, moaning as all of the feelings washed over her. Ginny's clutching fingers curling slightly into her back made her shiver, and the warmth from the Chaser's hard breathing against her skin made her tingle. With a free hand, Hermione gently ran fingertips along Ginny's ear before moving to run through her dirty damp hair slowly.

A sort of warmth floated throughout Ginny's body and she gasped in reaction to it. Hermione clutched her head when she felt a spasm run throughout Ginny, holding her close while she shared in the Chaser's euphoria through the touch of their magicks bonding together. Ginny bolted upright completely with another gasping cry while the heightened moment took control of her entire reality, pressing herself even more against the embrace of the curly haired brunette and her back away from the wall. In echo Hermione cried out, a little softer than Ginny but nonetheless with the same tone of startled pleasure.

The bond of intertwined magicks seemed to sing within both of the girls, taking over their senses and bringing them to a place all their own that was somewhere between golden wonder and cool grey serenity. The visit was brief but left an impression on the two that would last much longer.

The room around them seemed to be realized into truth again, drawing the two girls back from that place. Ginny panted against Hermione, her hands no longer clutching to the witch's shirt as the strength in her fingers had given out quite some time ago. The light of the atmosphere in the room had already lost the caress of twilight, night growing stronger and gentle darkness settling in.

It was quite a few minutes in passing before the two girls even dared to move again, Ginny afraid of losing the rare intimate moment with Hermione. Slowly Hermione withdrew her hand and Ginny made sure she could stand without her faded jeans slipping off. Quiet passed between the two before Ginny found words to give with a shaking murmur, "Hermione… are we going to go on like this?"

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked, about to stand but reaffirming her seat at the Chaser's speech. Ginny almost sounded afraid to bring it up, and to Hermione it seemed that the redhead feared destroying the strange but passionate bond between them.

Before Ginny spoke again, she studied the way her fingerless playing gloves were worn and frayed from so much hard use. "I mean… us being like this only after a winning game," whispered the Gryffindor Chaser.

Hermione remained quiet for a moment while she let Ginny's words replay through her mind. "Well, what do you want this to be?" she asked, her tone not betraying what she was thinking nor feeling.

At this Ginny finally let her warm chocolate eyes rise to look at Hermione through tangles of red. She studied Hermione's honey browns, searching for a hint or a clue at what the young witch was thinking but finding nothing. This took out the last bit of courage from Ginny. Her eyes fell away from Hermione. "…Nevermind. We should be getting to the celebration before someone notices we're gone," the Chaser finally whispered.

Without looking towards the brunette again, the Chaser stood. The Quidditch player picked up her tired broom and with faded sneakers thrumming softly against the floor headed for the door on the other side of the room. Behind her Hermione watched her go, still with the same solemn look on her face. Without another word or a glance over her shoulder, the Chaser was gone, leaving the intelligent witch to struggle with her own mixed feelings and desires.