1Pokemon: The reunion of lovers

Chapter 1

I'm going to Sinnoh

Ash and May reunite in Sinnoh there they finally confess their feeling for each other. This an Advanceshiping don't like then don't read. To all Poke shippers if you can't tolerate the pairing then stop reading the stories because you are just reading to flame this stories and that is just Fucking redundant, Also this my second fic and first Pokemon fic so constructive critisim welcome. Also this is a general prologue to give the back drop of the story. Anyway here we go.

It was a typical day in Sinnoh for our four traveling companions at their campsite. Dawn throwing Pokeballs at the back of Ash's head and claiming it to be an accident. It was however just to get his attention unbeknownst to Ash. You see Dawn has a slight crush on Ash but can't work up the courage to tell him. However if she did she'd be in for a disappointment because Ash has feelings for someone else a coordinator named May Maple. This person is one of his dearest friends and the love of his life. Sadly however he never told her because he thought she had feelings for someone else. The person who he thought her feelings were for is Drew, her long time rival. Now, back to business the fourth person is May's brother Max. He recently decided to join up with Ash because he missed the boy who he thinks as a brother and soon to be Brother and law. You see May also loves Ash but never said anything because she thought he likes Misty. Which luckily for her is not true, No Ash and Misty are more like brother and Sister to him but Misty does see the two of them as something much more.

We start in Johto with May. She is conversing with Harley who has become a bit of an emotional support person for her. She has been in a slump as of late and has been talking to him to try and figure it out.(AN: Harley is slightly OOC, because he feels sorry for her she has lost 5 contests in a row.)

"Girl you are in a rut and I think I know why. You need to go talk to your boyfriend over in Sinnoh."


"Yes you know, what his name Bash or Crash..."

'His name is Ash and he is sniff not my sniff sniff boyfriend.'

"Not yet any way you need to tell him how you feel and have him back in your corner. Face it this started when you stopped traveling with him. Heck you stopped being that happy go lucky girl I am proud to call my rival."

Back with Ash's group...

It is night now.

Brock and Max are talking about how down Ash has been of late.

Wow I just can't figure out why Ash has been so down lately. What is the problem? Do you know Brock?

/Actually Max, I think it is because really misses May, Although neither one would admit it they both loved each other. I also have to give you props Max you are one of only three people who can see past that false smile mask that Ash has been wearing since they separated./

Wow really, I knew they like each other but this makes since you see last time I spoke to May she was sad and all she did was Sigh and talk about how she missed Ash.

/There you have it. You see they are sad because they belong together and need to be with each other to stay happy. It is a soul mate sort of thing./

Really ya know for someone who gets rejected as often as you ya sure do know a lot about love.

/Most of my attempts would be successful if it wasn't for you, Misty, and Toxicroak./

Well I have too admit it is funny torturing you, speaking of Toxicroak by the way where does he drag you when he hits you with Poison Jab?

/I don't feel like discussing that subject right now./

Noticing how suddenly grim Brock got it kind of freaked Max out so he decided to change the subject.

So uh... Brock I was wondering do you think that if after May and Ash finish their journeys we can try to get them together again.

/Yeah definantly from what you said about May it might be for the best to get together and to get them to finally admit their feelings for each other./

That would be great only I think Ash might think May has feelings for Drew and she told me she thinks he has feelings Misty. It is sad because they really love each other and never confessed because of those two.

/Yeah, the problem is that Misty really does like Ash but can't take a hint. Nor will she realize that she has Tracy who really cares for her./

Well, as long as we can make sure she won't interfere then we have nothing to worry about.

/Yeah, it seems that ay but, Dawn also has a crush on Ash./

I see then she could be trouble. We have to make sure she can't interfere. If only you could get Toxicroak to attack other humans.

/If only he would./

Well we will think better after a goodnight sleep Brock.

/Agreed we will have to discuss this while Ash and Dawn are training./

Now we join Ash who is thinking about... well if you haven't figured it out well you are a fucking retard.

:Hmm. I wonder how May is doing in Johto. I really miss her. I have to admit I wish I would have been called to come pick up Charizard instead of him finding me, It would have been a good excuse to find her and spend some time with her. All I would've had to do is say that it is on the way.:

Pika Pi

:Hey Pikachu when did you wake up?:

Pika Pikachu kachu Pika

(An: Strange how Ash is the only human who can understand him.)

:So you couldn't sleep huh:

Pika pikachu pika pi

:Me, I couldn't sleep either and well I'm just thinking about May. I have to admit I do miss her.:

Pikachu pi pika pika pikachu chu pika

:Yeah I really should have told her but I can't help feeling she loves Drew and not me, plus I don't feel I could handle the rejection.:


Pikachu looked at his master sympathetically as he knew Ash really did love May. He to missed her she was so much nicer then that Dawn who hung around them now. He hated her sometimes he just wanted to Zap her into the next millennium for always throwing Poke balls at his best friend's head intentionally and then lying about it. That and he didn't like how bratty she could get at times but with May Pikachu loved it because his trainer was happy and had some one he knew that Ash loved and would be happy with.

Back with said Coordinator.


"You know they say if you sneeze someone is thinking about you, sneeze twice it is bad thoughts, three or more and your just getting a cold."

"You never know your precious Ash could be thinking about you and how much he misses you. Maybe you should go to Sinnoh besides maybe there you can get out of this rut. Besides the Grand festival here is in two weeks and your still stuck on three ribbons. There you have another 6 and a half months. Besides maybe you need a break from the usual faces, I know that is what Soledad did for a while."

'You know what is worse this was the last contest to. That just settles it I need Ash back in my life. Harley would you mind telling the others I said goodbye. I'm going to Sinnoh.'

'Wait for me Ash I'm coming to be with you again my love.'

Well as we say in Naruto Author Style: End chapter jutsu

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