1The Reunion of the true Lovers

Chapter 5

Battle time continues

The battle between Gary and Ash comes to a conclusion. Another Battle starts this one between Ash and Paul.

Ash's Charizard and Gary's Flygon stared each other. Gary decided to make the first move yet again as he saw that he was starting to impress Dawn. This as also an important part here as he knew that this was the first time Ash had brought along a second one of his original pokemon on a new journey. Hence all he had to do was get past Charizard and this battle would be his. Also he had to admit he didn't blame Ash for allowing his Charizard back after finishing his training. He is after all a 9 foot tall 1300 pound Dragon. You'd have to be insane to not want him on your team.

Gary: Flygon use Dragon Breath.

Ash: Charizard counter with Overheat

As the Two attacks collided they instantly cancelled each other out. The two mighty Dragon types took flight and continued this string trying to heat each other with th respective attacks they were commanded to use. It was pretty much the same with them either dodging or the attacks would collide and cancel each other out.

Gary: Flygon try takedown now.

Ash: Charizard counter with Focus Punch.

The two attacks collided and the combined force sent both pokemon flying back through the air. Both stopped and tried again and again trying to over power the other. To Ash and Gary this battle was starting to look like it was going to b a repeat of the Aggron vs. Pikachu. Either pokemon could win but it would take a while.(An yeah that battle lasted a little over an hour and half.)

Gary: Christ I don't need a repeat of Aggron vs. Pikachu. That took out one of my best and this could easily take out the other one.

Ash: Oh no at this rate this battle is going to last forever. It seems that this is on of those cases where it will come down to endurance just like Pikachu's battle with Aggron. Well if anything that battle atleast gives me a slight mental edge on Gary.

As the two were left to their respective musings the battle between the to powerful dragons raged on. Focus Punch kept meeting Takedown and the two dragons kept trying over power each other. However each and every time they tried it would end in a stalemate. Both Dragons were clearly starting to get extremely frustrated by this. The two trainers couldn't help but feel the same way as they weren't in a mood for a second never ending battle inside a battle. Just then Ash got hit by an idea. He waited for Flygon to get close enough before calling his next order out. Once Flygon was at point blank range he called it out.

Ash: Charizard use Scorching Whirlwind.

Both Gary's eyes widened incredibly as he already knew that Flygon had absolutely no chance of dodging that attack now. Flygon took the front of it at point blank but managed to shake it off and stay airborne. Both once again found themselves in a fierce stare down while circling through the air waiting to prey on the first sign of weakness.

Ash: Charizard try Dragonbreath.

Gary: Flygon dodge and use Steel Wing

Flygon dodged the attack with ease and hit Charizard in the leg with Steel wing. The impact was hard and sent Charizard spinning until Charizard managed to stop himself from falling.

Ash: Charizard try a Fire spin attack.

Gary: Flygon counter with Flamethrower.

The two attacks collided and caused yet another explosion.(Pretty common in this battle.) The two dragons continued to fire the respective attacks and they were either colliding or the target of the attack was dodging it with ease. The question was becoming how this battle would end a frustration induced mistake or one of them succumbing to fatigue?

Brock: Well at this rate we might have to get comfortable because this battle is going to last for a while.

May: Wow! I knew Charizard was strong but again this is unbelievable.

Dawn: Wow! I never thought I'd see a battle which featured multiple clash of the titans level rounds.

Max: I gotta challenge the winner no if's end's or but's. It will be awesome not to mention the experience will do my Pokemon some real good. (AN: Damn Ash is really rubbing off on him.)

With the hidden spectators once again.

Drew: Woah I can't believe it he really has a freaking 9ft tall Charizard. How is that possible. That thing must be really well trained. Not mention the strength of that thing really supports my theory. Wow! Screw it I think I will battle him for the heck of it.

Paul: So he really does have a second useful pokemon. Maybe now he will present an actuall challenge.(Yes he really is that full of himself.)

Back to the battle.

Ash: Charizard Try a Fire punch

Gary: Flygon counter that with a Thunder Punch.

The two attacks collided and both were deflected once again by the other.

Gary: Flygon use Hydro Pump.

Ash: Charizard charge towards the attack.

This shocked everyone of the spectators as it seemed like suicide for Charizard to do that. Some were positive that he had a plan while others were figuring that he had out right lost it. As Charizard drew closer to meet the attack Ash gave his command.

Ash: Now spin out of the way.

As Charizard did so he managed to completely avoid the attack while still heading straight towards Flygon and gaining momentum. This was exactly what Ash wanted as it should give Charizard's next attack a little more kick.

Ash: Now Charizard use Fire Spin!

Gary: Shit!

Flygon couldn't dodge because the shot was at point Blank. Ash's plan has been revealed. Sadly for Gary it was way to late.

Max: So that's what he was up to. Not bad!

Ash: Now Use Flare Blitz.

The attack hit Flygon fiercely and he came crashing down to the ground. As Flygon struggled to get up he saw Charizard standing there ready to give his next attack.

Ash: Charizard finish it with Blast Burn.

Charizard Char (Translation: I'm Rick James bitch.)

With that both Flygon's and Gary's eyes widened as Charizard delivered a devastating Blast burn attack. When the smoke cleared it revealed that Flygon was out cold. With that Gary knew that he had to take out Charizard now if he was to have a shot a winning. He recalled Flygon and sent the only other pokemon that he felt could take out that Charizard.

Gary: Go Blastoise! Use Hydro pump

Ash: Charizard dodge it and use Flame thrower.

Gary: Blastoise counter it with Water Gun.

The two attacks met and instantly cancelled each other out. The two pokemon instantly charged towards each other which would prove a very bad idea on Blastoise's part.

Ash: Charizard grab Blastoise and fly up as high as you can.

Gary: Blastoise don't lt Charizard get a hold of you.

Sadly Gary was too late as Charizard was already flying up into the sky with Blastoise clutched firmly. Gary was already waiting formulating a plan for Blastoise to get free when Ash gave his next command.

Ash: Charizard use Seismic Toss!

Gary: Blastoise hit Charizard with Hydro Cannon.

With That Blastoise fired a point blank Hydro Cannon at Charizard just as Charizard slammed him down on the ground. A large amount of dust kicked up obscuring everyone's view of the battle as it cleared the scene revealed that this battle was a draw.

Gary: Damn well atleast Charizard is out of the battle.

Ash: This sucks well I still have the others and I trust them to help me win this battle.

Gary: Go Rhyperior.

Ash: "I think I have the perfect pokemon for him" Alright Lucario I choose you.

Gary: Rhyperior use Take Down

Ash: Lucario dodge and use Physic.

Gary: Rhyperior dodge that Attack and use Earthquake.

Ash: Lucario jump as high as you can.

With that Lucario jumped well out of Rhyperior's reach and easily evaded the attack. Rhyperior just grew angry at this and charged Lucario knowing where it would land already. However Ash was well ahead of Rhyperior on this one.

Ash: Lucario Teleport now.

Lucario did just that and Rhyperior missed him by a mile. When he turned around Lucario slammed a Shadow ball in his face. Rhyperior was pretty much pissed off beyond belief.

Gary: No I need Rhyperior to calm down or he'll loose.

Ash: Alright if things keep going at this rate I'll have this wrapped up in no time.

Gary: Rhyperior Calm down and shake things up with Magnitude and Earthquake.

Ash: Lucario Teleport onto Rhyperior's back and hit him with Force Palm.

Gary: Rhyperior just take the hits

This shocked everyone as they were curious about what Gary had up his sleeve. However Brock was the first to realize what was up and had to admit that it was clever but risky.

Brock: So he is going to use Rage. Not bad but the damage Rhyperior will take from these attacks could also lead to his defeat as well. I hope that it won't because I don't want to see such a great battle end with the final round a draw.

Gary: Please let this work it could get me right back in this battle.

Ash: Lucario Hang on and use Focus punch now.

Lucario started to repeatedly hit Rhyperior with Focus punch and was starting to do some real damage. Rhyperior however was getting really angry and ready to do some serious damage to Lucario. As Lucario continued to deal damage and increase Rhyperior's rage Ash became more determined to see Rhyperior knocked out.

Gary: Rhyperior try and shake Lucario off.

Ash: Lucario teleport and hit Rhyperior with Shadow ball.

As Lucario hit Rhyperior with Shadow ball he had triggered something that would end this battle once and for all.

Gary: Rhyperior Hyper beam,

Ash: Lucario Psybeam.

As the two attacks collided one final explosion ended this battle. When the smoke cleared it became obvious that this round was a draw and that Ash had won.

Gary: Sigh Oh well Rhyperior return.

Ash: Nice battle Gary. Nice way to shake off the rust huh?

Gary: Definantly.

With that the two rivals shook hands. Just then both Paul and Drew made their presence known shocking everyone to see them both. Before anyone else could speak Paul was already challenging Ash to a battle.

Paul: Hey loser I'm for a battle right no you versus me!

Drew: Wow this guy is abrupt.

May: Oh no Drew is here. Why can't he take a hint I love Ash not him.

Ash: What the...? Paul and Drew are here. Great now Paul wants to battle right after my battle with Gary. This isn't good I can't battle him now.


Pikachu's cry brought everyone from their respective thoughts. He stood on one side of Ash while Lucario stood on the other side of Ash ready to fight as well.

Ash: Are you guys sure about this?



Ash: Alright then Paul your on.

Paul: I knew you'd accept loser. Go Chimchar

Ash: Heh, I'll fight fire with Fire. Go Charizard!

With that the mighty dragon came out ready for yet another fight. However when he saw a Chimchar he was kinda dissapointed. Meanwhile the others were except Brock and Dawn were shocked Ash would use Charizard to start.

Gary: Isn't Ash going over board starting with Charizard.

Brock: If it beats Paul then the answer is no.

May: But why? Also, how come those two look like they're ready to kill each other.

Dawn: That's because those two hate each other. Personally I don't blame Ash with the way that Paul jerk treats his Pokemon. He treats them like garbage and if they disappoint him he abandon's them.

May was mortified by the thought that someone could be so blatantly cruel. It really disgusted her that people like that exist.

May: Well still what's with the using one of his strongest so early.

Brock: They usually have 3-on-3 battles

May: Well I hope Ash crushes this guy.

Back to the battle. Chimchar was kinda scared to see that he was up against. Charizard was just glad to get in a easy battle(The draw with Blastoise left a bad taste in his mouth).

Paul: Chimchar use Flamewheel!

Ash: Charizard counter with Blastburn!

There was a small explosion which revealed Chimchar had taken some serious damage but was not ready to throw in the towel.

Paul: Come on time to see how pathetic you really are Chimchar

Ash: Charizard end this with Flare Blitz

Charizard hit Chimchar dead on knocking him out instantly. Paul simply recalled Chimchar and summoned his Elekid. Ash also recalled Charizard and decided to let Pikachu have a battle with his rival Elekid.

Ash: Pikachu have you recovered enough from your battles?


Ash: Ok Pikachu then your up buddy.

With that Pikachu leapt into the battle field looking to finish off Elekid and prove he is stronger then him. Elekid meanwhile stared his rival down looking to prove he is the stronger Electric type.

Ash: I hope Pikachu isn't too tired from his part in the battle against Gary.

Paul: Heh sending out a tired little mouse after all it did. I can tell he really wants to beat me if he is going all out like this.

Ash: Pikachu start off with Earthquake!

This start shocked Paul as he wasn't expecting Ash to come at him with a ground type attack like that as a start. This attack had also caught Elekid off guard as well as he expected Pikachu to come charging him.

Ash: Now hit him with Volt Tackle.

Paul: Elekid counter with Thunder punch.

As the two attacks clashed it resulted in a dead even draw with both sides trying to gain the upper hand against each other.

Paul: Elekid use Slam.

Ash: Pikachu counter with Iron Tail.

Again another tie between the two when Ash decided to switch up a little and catch Paul off guard.

Ash: Pikachu dodge the next Slam and use Earthquake.

Pikachu did just that surprising Paul and catching Elekid way off guard. They didn't have time to see what was coming next.

Ash: Now hit Elekid with extreme speed.

Pikachu did just that smashing into Elekid and sending him flying. When elekid landed he was stunned but still had the will power to get up. He got up just in time to be smashed with another Extreme speed.

Paul: Elekid get up and hit Pikachu with Thunder punch.

Ash: Pikachu use your own Thunder Punch.

Pikachu and Elekid charged each other and rammed their fists into each others faces. As they stood there both were close to passing out. Elekid because Pikachu is stringer then him and, Pikachu because this is his 4th battle today. Fatigue is starting to take its toll on him.

Ash: Pikachu lets finish this with Thunder Punch!

Paul: Elekid counter with your own Thunder punch.

Once again both pokemon charged each other and hit each other with Thunder punch. Both stood there completely still before simultaneously passing out. The whole group excluding Ash was shocked to see pikachu manage that tie despite how tired his battles against Gary's pokemon must have left him.

Paul: Useless as ever.

With that Paul scowled and recalled his Elekid and summoned Ursarig. Ash mean while scooped up Pikachu and asked May to look after him. He then summoned his Turtwig who he had a feeling was overdue for a win against Paul.


Paul: Pathetic this will be easy.

With that said this battle is heating up and Paul is determined to win this one. Meanwhile Ash is just as determined to not lose one battle to Paul.

Ok. This chapter was longer then expected. Anyway sorry it took so long. I've been busy with Wrestling. Yeah I'm a wrestler and who says we don't have brains. LOL