Blown Up

Oh, Kami-sama. Readers, please forgive me!
Summary: Ryuk takes advantage of Raito being home alone.

"Tadaima!" said Raito, entering his dimly lit home, and then realizing that no one was home.

"Looks like nobody's home, Raito," Ryuk flew up to Raito's room, going through every object that was in his way. 'What game shall we play, Raito?' he thought

'Don't you think I know that?' thought Raito, taking off his shoes and going upstairs to his room. Then he realized somebody went in his room. Entering his once again, dimly lit room, he noticed that all of his curtains were all down, not much of the afternoon sunlight coming in from the window/door to the balcony. It seemed like it was sealed shut.

"What game will we play, Raito?" Ryuk asked, not coming out from within the dark, his voice was in a leery tone. "Nobody's home you know, we can play any game we like," he said, watching the boy undress out of his uniform.

'I don't have time to play, Ryuk,' thought Raito, taking off his undershirt, revealing his perfect body to Ryuk. 'I still have loads of criminals to punish,' he put the shirt in the hamper by the door and sat for a moment on the edge of his bed by the feet.

"We will play, Raito, whether you like it or not," he came out from the dark and pinned Raito on the bed.

"Ryuk! Get off of me!" Raito yelled. "Get off!" then Ryuk made his pants and socks suddenly fade away, leaving him with nothing on. "How can you touch me! I thought…! I thought…!"

Who's he talking to?! Get it on infrared mode!

What's happened to his clothes?!

"That I can't touch you, or you can't touch me because I was a Death God?" said Ryuk; his face was implying that he had been planning this for a long time. "If we are of the opposite sex, yes, but we, Raito, are both male,"

"My clothes! Give me back me clothes!" he demanded.

Get it on every mode there is! Now!

"Oh, you won't need them, Raito; you won't need them, trust me,"

"But the it said you can't!" Raito was losing his cool and he can't control it. The fear was just so overwhelming. It was like he had no chance to brace himself from what was about to happen, and he didn't.

"Oh, that? Rule number 79?" said Ryuk. "Rule number 79 states: 'There are male and female gods of death, but it is neither permitted, nor possible for them to have sexual relations with humans. The gods of death also cannot have sex with each other,' no? Well, that was a lie, Raito, a big lie," he spread Raito's legs apart and entered him. But he had some difficulty in doing so, since he was too big.

What the hell is happening?!

What's happening to him?!

Raito threw his head back and let out a hoarse scream. Ryuk moved, but Raito's body still wouldn't take all of him. Load moans and sounds of pain came from Raito as the pain throbbed, firing its way all over his lower body. "No…stop…!" Raito whispered, but it wasn't loud enough for Ryuk to hear. "It's too…big…you're…" Raito clutched the sheets, but Ryuk pulled him up on a sitting position, thus, making it easier for him to force Raito down on him. "Gonna…get…stuck…!" he managed to say in between his wails of pain. "The fucking…" he grabbed Ryuk's shoulders and his long, uncut nails dug into Ryuk's dead skin, but it barely left a mark. "It's too much…!"

Close up on him! On the lower half of the body!

Look! It looks like there's something shoved up in him!

What the hell is it?!

"No, I won't, cuz I won't let it!" Ryuk took a hold of Raito's shoulders and pushed him down on him, making Raito let out his loudest scream.


Ryuk had continued to thrust into him. The more Raito begged for him to stop, the harder and deeper he went in him. "I've been under you long enough," Ryuk almost threw bleeding Raito off him, and onto the bed. "You still have the note you know, but I won't do anything for you ever again, you ungrateful little bastard," Ryuk hid in the darkness once again.

It threw him off!

He's bleeding!

Raito lay in his bed, curled up like a ball, his ass had stopped bleeding. Why did he manipulate other people, well in this case, Ryuk, into doing things he didn't want? Was this a lesson to be learned? Whatever happens to him after this, he knew he was gonna make it out alive. He hoped.

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