Blown Up

Chapter 8

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"Oh! You brought a friend!" Sayu let Raito and Ryuuzaki in, and closed the door behind them. "Dinner will be ready in a few," she watched Raito go up the stairs. "Do you have anything in particular that you want me to make, Oniichan?" she asked him.

Raito didn't answer and kept on walking. "Uh, hello. I'm Ryuuga. Yagami-kun doesn't feel well right now. Maybe you can just make him something that will improve his condition. He's been having a bad day," Ryuuzaki turned to Sayu.

"It's nice to meet you, Ryuuga-kun. I'm Sayu." Sayu bowed. "I hope that you'll be staying for dinner."

"I hope I will not be a nuisance. I have offered Yagami-kun my company until he feels better." He said, following Sayu to the kitchen, where the scent of boiling miso soup invaded his nose.

"No, stay away from me!" said Raito, trying to get out of Ryuuk's grasp. "Stay away!"

"Hn." Ryuuk smirked, grabbing Raito's arm as he forced the pants off. He held Raito's head down on the bed so that his entrance faced the god. He then held Raito's hands behind his back with a hand. Ryuuk licked his opening. Raito closed his eyes and bit his lip, preventing himself from screaming. "One lick's good enough." He said, and entered the body without preparation.

Raito buried his face in his pillows to drown out his screams. His body refused to welcome the visitor, and the wounds from the previous sexual assault opened up again and started bleeding. The blood trailed down his legs, and made it easier for Ryuuk to ram into him harder, for it lubed up the tight hole.

"You're staying over? Perfect! Oniichan really needs someone to talk to other than those books of his," said Sayu, checking the rice if it was already done. "He doesn't really have a lot of friends, so I'm glad that you're here." she smiled at him. "Go upstairs. I'll call you when dinner's ready,"

Ryuuzaki nodded in her direction and made his way upstairs. He knocked on Raito's door. "Yagami-kun?" he turned the knob and stepped in. "Yagami-kun!"

Raito was on the bed, and the bed looked like someone had been jumping on it. The sheets were almost off the bed, and the pillows were on the floor. Raito's pants were on the floor as well, and he was sitting against the header of the bed, his legs folded in close to his chest, breathing heavily, hair messed up and sweaty, eyes contracted, and staring at the bathroom door. There was blood on his legs, on his lips, and on the sheets. "Get away from me…" Raito whispered clenching his fists that were on his chest, holding together his open shirt.

Ryuuzaki almost hesitated to approach him, but he took one heavy step after another towards the bed, unsure of what will happen if he touched the shivering body. "Yagami-kun?" he brushed the bangs away from Raito's eyes as he sat on the edge of the bed. "You really need to tell me who did this to you."

Raito looked at him. "Ryuuga…" he pulled Ryuuzaki in. "Don't leave…don't let him touch me…" once again, Raito couldn't believe what he was doing. He was clutching L in his arms, telling him not to leave. Was he going insane? "Don't leave me alone…he's coming for me…"

Ryuuzaki didn't know if he was supposed to wrap his arms around him like what the other was doing, but he did. He knew it was useless asking about who the culprit was. He knew Raito wouldn't give him the answer that he wanted. But still it didn't hurt to try. Was this what happened in the surveillance? Did the same thing happen in the shower room? "Yagami-kun, you need to calm down," he cupped Raito's face. "We're going to clean up, okay? And then you're going to tell me what happened,"

He helped Raito off the bed, and assisted him to the bathroom, where he prepared Raito's warm shower, and waited for him to finish. Though he didn't expect Raito to just sit there behind the mosaic glass in the warm, steamy cubicle, hugging his folded in legs, staring at the blue tiled wall opposite him.

There was something wrong, and this shouldn't have been happened. Nothing should have happened. The once case that was planned to solve for the Kira crimes now was a case to look for Raito's rapist. What was it, really? Was it a person? If it was, how come cameras didn't get his image? Ryuuzaki wouldn't believe it if it was something paranormal. Was a spirit's hate and desire for revenge that strong, that he was able to rape someone?

Ryuuzaki's thinking was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was Sayu, bringing them up food. He opened the door, and saw Sayu standing there, holding a tray of food. "Thank you, Sayu-san," he said, taking the tray and putting it on Raito's desk near the computer. "I'll make sure he eats,"

"Thank you," said Sayu worriedly. "He's really…you know, making me worried. This is the first time Mom's been away for a while, and well, I don't think Oniichan is doing very well, either. He hasn't eaten much lately. I'm worried about his health…" she didn't mention anything about weird things happening. She did see him getting stripped by something in the kitchen. Ryuuzaki only nodded. "I'll get the rest of your dinner," she closed the door.

After preparing their dinner when Sayu came back with the rest of their food, Ryuuzaki went back to the bathroom, where he saw a dripping wet and steaming Raito putting on a bathrobe. "Do you feel better now?" he asked, handing him a face towel to dry his face and hair.

Raito didn't answer immediately. He wiped his face, and got the excess water off his hair, then he answered. "I'm fine," he lied.

Ryuuzaki watched him walk past him and sit on his bed, ignoring the food on his desk. "I know you won't tell me, but won't you at least eat? Your sister is very worried, you know." he said, closing the bathroom door. "You have to eat."

"I'm not hungry." He said, laying on his side on the bed, facing the small terrace he had, seeing the moon shine down on him like the night he was first raped. The moon was the silent witness to what happened, and sometimes Raito hated her light. She shed light on one of the most terrible things in his life. But still he found her beautiful, and her light was comforting.


"I said I'm not hungry." He repeated softly. He just wanted someone there. Someone so that Ryuuk wouldn't do anything. He discovered that in the bathroom. When Ryuuzaki came in, he immediately stopped and disappeared.

"Okay, fine," said Ryuuzaki. "If you don't want to eat, I'll just leave you alone then."

Raito jerked up, facing Ryuuzaki who had his back turned on him, about to exit his room. "No! Don't go!" right then, Raito couldn't believe that he was doing this again. For the sake of safety, he was willing to be accompanied by his enemy?

The detective turned back around. "Then eat."

Raito nodded. Ryuuzaki brought his tray to his bed, and Raito ate slowly, forcing the food down his throat just so Ryuuzaki would stay. He had to get out of this somehow. But what should he do? It's not like that Shinigami would listen to him. Ryuuk had said it. He wouldn't listen to Raito anymore, so what was the use?


Unless he figured out a way on how to take advantage of Ryuuk's assaults.

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