Ladies Love Country Boys

(Summary: Just a one-shot song-fic… using the song "Ladies Love Country Boys" by Trace Adkins… I love the song, and it just hit me that it sounds a lot like the Lorelai/Luke relationship… please R&R… enjoy)

A/N: I would like to thank my beta, henantz, your help is greatly appreciated.

Well she grew up in the city in a little subdivision. Her daddy wore a tie, mama never fried a chicken. Ballet, straight-A's, most likely to succeed.

"Lorelai!! Come down here please… we leave for your recital in 15 minutes"

"My mother ladies and gentlemen the biggest drama queen in all of Hartford " Lorelai thinks as she descends the stairs to see Emily waiting at the bottom. "Why mom? Dad's not going to be home for another half an hour. That is of course if he's not bailing out on me again." Looks at Emily expectantly, "well?"

"Lorelai, dear, he said he would be there, now he might be a little late because you know how his work keeps him there pretty late sometimes, but he will be there," Emily says as she walks towards the kitchen to check on how the maid is doing with supper. "Besides this gives us time to eat before the recital, that is unless you aren't hungry, because in that case we can just leave. I remember my recitals, I was as nervous as could be. Why I remember once when I…"

"MOM! I don't need to know anymore than that… I'll just let my imagination do the work, mainly because I am starving and I don't want to have to wait until afterwards to eat, like last time"

They bought her a car after graduation, sent her down south for some higher education; put her on the fast track to a law degree.

Emily and Richard are standing with Lorelai outside of their mansion and showing Lorelai her graduation present.

"It's a brand new car" Emily says smugly.

"NO! Really mom I couldn't tell," she says. While thinking to herself "It's only sitting right in front of me," and rolling her eyes while facing away from her mother.

"Now you'll have something to bring yourself down to LSU in, become the lawyer you've always wanted to be."

"Yeah… Thank you." Lorelai gives them both a hug while wearing the biggest fake smile she's ever had. "Well I think I'm going to head off now… thank you for everything… really" She climbs in her car that is packed with everything she has and starts the car and begins to drive out of the Gilmore driveway, "More like become the lawyer you've always wanted me to be, but that's ok, they're paying for it." She says to herself.

Now she's coming home to visit holding the hand of a wild eyed boy with a farmer's tan.

"Hey" He says to her back. "You sure don't look like you belong here. Can I help you find something?"

She turns around to see the deepest pair of blue eyes she's ever seen. "Uh, hey yourself. Actually I'm looking for Smith Hall, do you happen to know where I can find that?"

"Uh… yeah. Here I'll take you over there, most people around here don't know where half the buildings are, but I promise, give yourself a year and you'll be able to help the newcomers out. So what major you here for?"

"Ok… now I don't mean to be rude or anything but I don't even know your name. I'm Lorelai by the way"

"Oh. Sorry.. Luke"puts his hand out to shake hers. "Lucas! Get back over here and get to work!" "And that would be my father. Look if you ever need any help finding anything, I know my way around here pretty well, just call my cell, it's always on." He hands her a card with his name and phone number on it.

"Ok, I will. Thank you… now you better be getting back to work or your dad might get a little upset with you." Starts walking away, and Luke turns to find where his father is at. "Oh and by the way, I'll call you later"

She enters her dorm room, meets some of her room-mates, then decided to give him a call.


"Hey this is Lorelai."

"Hey, I didn't expect you to call this fast"

"Well learn fast buddy boy I'm the least bit predictable, now I know this is kinda upfront, but I haven't stopped thinking about you since we met and I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me, maybe get more acquainted, and help me figure some stuff out about this place?"

"I thought it was the guy that was supposed to do the asking"

"Well I'm not traditional either, so… what do you say?"

"I'm going to have to think about it for a little bit can I get back to you?"

"Oh insult, no I want an answer…"

"I was just kidding, of course I would love to. Tonight work for you?

"Hell yes it does! What time?"

"I get off at 6. Give me time to shower and get ready… say 7ish?"

"That works great, but fair warning I eat a lot so don't think I'm one of those girls that doesn't eat at all on a date"


"You are full of surprises you know that?"

"Why Luke-y how sweet of you to notice and like it. Most guys go running after they know all of my quirky qualities"

Spring Break (sophomore year)

"Thank you for doing this for me, once my mom found out I was seeing someone and it was pretty serious, she insisted that she meet you and I couldn't get you out of it… trust me I tried. However this is the real test."


"Meaning… that if you can withstand supper with my parents, my dad is not as hard to impress, my mom… oh don't get me started, than we truly are meant to be. Because none of the guys I've ever dated has lasted after the meeting the parent's dinner. But you're going to be spending the whole week with them, so suck it up and enjoy"

And she's riding in the middle of his pickup truck, blaring Charlie Daniels yelling turn it up, they raised her up a lady but there's one thing they couldn't avoid. Ladies love country boys.

Yeah you know mama's and daddy's want better for their daughters, hope they'll settle down with a doctor or a lawyer, and their uptown, ball gown, hand-me-down royalty.

"So Luke, what is it you do exactly?" Emily inquires.

"Mom?" Lorelai warns her, "don't start."

"What don't we deserve to know what the boy that has won our daughter's heart does?"

"I run a diner during the summer and off-time in Stars Hollow. But during the season my dad and I own and operate a landscaping business" Luke offers up just to keep an argument from forming because of him.

"Well, well, well, seems like a very reliable system you've got going son and at such a young age, I'm impressed."

"Oh well thank you sir…"

"How well is your diner doing son?"

"Very well actually, considering I'm not there to run it most of the time. I've got a lot of extra help to do the work while I'm landscaping and when I'm not landscaping I hightail back up here and run my place until my dad needs me again. I'm always keeping pretty busy."

"Oh I'm sure you are" Emily offers with a glare at Lorelai.

They never understand why their princess falls for some camouflage britches and southern boys drawl.

"I don't get it Richard; I just don't get it… why does she continuously bring home different boys that she knows we'll hate? Did we treat her that badly?" Realizing he's not listening she calls, "Richard? RICHARD?!"

"What dear? I don't know but personally I like this one, he's reliable, has two steady jobs, seems to care for family deeply otherwise he probably wouldn't still be helping his dad during the landscaping season, considering he has his own business to run, and he really seems to care deeply for our daughter. He makes her happy, and that's all that should matter dear, our opinion shouldn't and obviously doesn't matter to her, so we might as well make the best out of this. This is the first boy she's brought home since Christopher and I really didn't like him. So she's made improvements in her life, she's finally realized what she needs in a relationship, and I'm happy for that. Luke seems like a nice boy. Just give him a chance before you start judging him, Ok Emily?"

"Alright Richard, goodnight."

"Goodnight dear." Leans over and kisses her on the cheek before turning out the lights and lying down in bed.

Or why she's riding in the middle of his pickup truck, blaring Hank Jr. yelling turn it up. They raised her up a lady but there's one thing they couldn't avoid. Ladies love country boys.

As Luke and Lorelai pull out of the driveway to head back to LSU, Lorelai motions at the radio and Luke nods. "Can I turn it up?"

"Sure why not. You'll do it anyway"

"Thanks hon!" Starts singing along with "Family Tradition" by Hank Jr.

You can train them, you can try to teach them right from wrong, but it's still gonna turn them on.

Luke picks Lorelai up and carries her over the threshold of their brand new house in Stars Hollow.

"Well Mrs. Danes, what do you think?"

"I think," turns to face Luke, "It's beautiful and I love it." Kisses him slowly and passionately, Luke breaks the kiss.

"I'm glad to hear that, because this is the house that I actually grew up in."

"Oh hon, that's so cool. Now I'm gonna love it even more, you know that right?"

"Oh I kinda had an inkling that that was going to be the case"

"But we're missing one thing"

"What's that?"

"Music, duh!" Walks over to the stereo and plugs in Luke's favorite band.

When they go riding in the middle of a pickup truck, blaring LynyrdSkynyrd yelling turn it up. You can raise her up a lady but there's one thing you just can't avoid. Ladies love country boys.