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So, I was wondering, I didn't know if Atobe took music lessons or not. If he does, too bad. I'm just too bored for my own good.

"Ne, Yuushi, why doesn't Atobe take any music lessons?" Mukahi asked one day.

Oshitari looked thoughtful for a moment. "You know, I have no idea. I think it has something to do with his attitude."


"Well? Why doesn't he?" Shishido asked.

"I know!" Jirou said.

"Well, why?"

"Welllll, it started like this..."

Five Years Ago

"Atobe, you played a C sharp instead of a C. Please try again," said his piano teacher.

"How dare you tell Ore-sama that I played C sharp instead of a C! You glutton!"


"Are you saying that Ore-sama is wrong, ahhh?"

"Yes, Atobe, you're wrong. If you keep up with this for much longer I'm afraid you will not be fit to play piano anymore."

"How dare you tell Ore-sama that I can't play! I can play just fine! You're just jealous of my good looks!"

"...I QUIT!"

"Someone's having a little temper tantrum. I suggest you go take some counseling."


Violin Lesson Number 1

"Atobe, you're supposed to hold the violin with your LEFT arm, not your right."

"Are you saying that Ore-sama is wrong, ahh?"

"Yes, Atobe, you're wrong."

"How dare you tell Ore-sama that I'm wrong!"

"...Really, Atobe, at this rate you won't be able to play violin."

"That's what my piano teacher said! You're jealous too! How dare you tell me I'm wrong! Glutton!"


"Ore-sama shall play my way!"

"I quit..."

Guitar Lesson Number 2

"Atobe, I told you already. That's an A, not a B!"

"Are you saying that Ore-sama is wrong, ahhh?"

"...I quit."

Trumpet Lesson Number 0 (yes, 0)

The trumpet teacher looked at Atobe for a moment. "I'm not teaching him. I've heard about him. He's too much of a hassle."



"...and that's why Atobe doesn't take music lessons."


"I cannot believe his ego was the size of Taiwan that time." Mukahi rolled his eyes.

"Taiwan's like, the smallest country ever."

"No. It's like, the largest."

"I think you're talking about Russia."

"Yeah, yeah. Taiwan, Russia, same thing."


I'm bored.

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