Fate/Stay Night: Endless

-A Real Dream -

Practically every jaw hung open. Including Rin and Shiro, of course.

Saber stood, her legs wrapped with high, black stocking. She let her hair down, Shiro noted mildly. She's not quite comfortable with her hair and the uniform, and her gaze was fixed on Shiro.

No words left from her mouth. Everyone was examining the eternal beauty of hers.

"Be nice to her." Fujimura warned seriously to them, "She's my friend."

Everyone made no reply as the door slide opened.


A girl bowed at them, smiling with a twinkle of mischief in her strikingly beautiful smooth sapphire eyes. Her dark ebony hair framed her creamy, white as snow face stunningly. Her hairs were long and straight at front to frame her face, and her back hair was put behind her ears, unruffled and shiny.

"This is Hiuriks Hay, or Hay Hiuriks." Fujimura added hastily, and smiled at the beauty "Hay-san, can you introduce yourself along with Zicnil Kyunai behind you?"

A boy stepped out of the shadows. His hair was sexily messy in a colour of deep ebony that's a completely different depth from Hiuriks's hair colour. His eyes were cold icy blue that made him heavenly handsome. Every girl blushed at the sight of him, including Rin. She blushed so deeply, attracting Saber's glance.

"Zixnl Kionai." His voice's deep and sexy, and he made no attempt of stopping the girls' blushing with lifting his head and flashed them a cold, cool, collected look with his heavenly eyes.

"Spelled as Z, I, X, N, L, Kionai." Hiuriks said helpfully, "Pronounced as ZicXinNl KyoNai."

"Thank you, Hay-san." Cheerful as Fujimura, she didn't like boys' whose acted cool.

"It's better off with Hiuriks." She flashed a charming smile.

"Well, Hiuriks, you'll sit with Tohsaka." Fujimura ordered, "Zixnl, you'll sit beside Hiuriks and Saber, you'll sit beside Shiro!"

Saber strode towards Shiro almost immediately as Issei refused to move behind.

"Why!" he drawled, making no attempt of moving.

"Umm… how do you know Emiya, Saber-san?" a student asked hesitantly, "You can recognize Emiya almost immediately…"

Saber didn't reply as she regarded Issei with cold eyes.

"Okay." He said, crossly. Shiro, who's observing him saw his eyes became blank as he pulled his things over to the seat behind Shiro.

He is being possessed by someone! Shiro realized. When Rin signaled Hiuriks to go beside her, Shiro found himself suffocated with large pressure when both of them passed him. He glanced at them, breathing heavily.

"Hiuriks Hay, nice to meet you." Hiuriks offered a handshake. Rin took her hand with a graceful smile.

"Tohsaka. Tohsaka Rin."

Hiuriks smiled calculatingly as the class went on.


"Why you're here, Saber?" Shiro asked frantically on the rooftop, accompanied by none than Tohsaka Rin.

"Ilya kindly brought Archer, I and Berserker to her place for a short rest." Saber said formally, "Rin," she turned, "Do you notice their auras?"

"Yeah." Rin nodded, "It's so demanding yet alluring. So large amount of aura."

"I felt being suffocated just then." Shiro confessed, and his pupils drew to Saber "You still didn't make a reasonable explanation, Saber."

"Well, Ilya said that my appearance is too shocking and unbelievable. Maybe we're summoned for next Holy Grail War."

"You're right." Rin agreed immediately, "I thought about that too."

"So, I enroll into this school to protect you." Saber finished off. Shiro shrugged.

"Well, it might…"

Hiuriks turned over from her eavesdropping. She faced Zixnl who's hidden in shadows.

"Well, Master," she said smoothly, "Three masters are found."

"Raekyu," Dylan, who masked as Zixnl spoke up, "Don't you think anyone could be new masters?"

"Well," she said soothingly, "Only magicians, right?"

"I am still confused. Aren't we sorcerers?" Dylan watched the trio left the scene, speaking lowly.


Archer dimly watched them, a slow and steady smile grew fondly on his face.


A new voice came striking in.

"I don't think so."

Raekyu, as known as Hiuriks Hay's eyes shone brightly in mysterious as Archer fainted down. Ilya, who stood beside Archer jumped and leapt to the sky, landing safely while Archer made her landing soft.

"That's a good paralyzing spell, Servant Raekyu." Archer smirked.

They disappeared into the shadows, leaving nothing behind as Archer and Ilya set off.


"Dylan! Who is this girl?!" his mother shrieked in agony.

"I summoned her." Slowly, he murmured, showing them the symbol. His mother gasped.

"You're still so young! Just 6 years old!" his mother was in a surge of tears "You must had summoned an incomplete Servant!"

"Tell me, girl." His father asked crossly, glaring at the shivering 6 year-old girl, "What is your name? What heroic soul are you? Why are you so young?"

"I don't know." She sobbed, "I don't know, I don't know, I don't know!" she screamed.

"… her name is Raekyu."

"Huh?" the girl turned to him, sobbing, "Nine Dragons of Heaven?"

"Yup." Dylan murmured, "Father, mother, I had foreseen the girl's identity. She is the heroic soul of Nine Dragons of Heaven, which reborn every time when the nine of them were summoned in a whole form."

"But…" his mother shuttered, "The war is still going on!"

"She will be prepared from now on until then, for her special identity." He said, not facing them, "I don't know what you should be called, but I will call you Raekyu. Since it's your true name."

Raekyu, lost, nodded.

His father and mother went off to see the elders to discuss while Dylan looked at her, intently.

"Master." She called out shyly, "I can do this."

Her hands started to waver as they became two swords.

Her hands became swords.

"I don't know what is your ability." He confessed, looking at her hands, correctly, swords, "But the nine dragons can form to any shape, and control nine elements."

"I am that good?"

"Of course, they had a disadvantage." Dylan said, "When they are summoned during the war, they are still young, unable to control their powers."


"You had overcome this disadvantage." His eyes shone, "We will definitely get the Holy Grail."

"For what?" she asked.

"Destroy the human on earth, of course!" he smirked handsomely at her, "We're the legendary peoples who inherited magical powers from generations to generations by an eternal curse."

"The Destroyers."

- A Real Dream - End