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The two students hurried down the corridor, not wanting to be in each others presences any longer than needed. The whole school was silent apart from the tapping of their shoes against the stone paved floor. As they stormed past the many portraits hanging on the walls, they received the oddest looks from the people inside them. Whispers could be heard loudly of, 'What on earth are those two doing together?' and 'Oh, they must be in trouble, wont be anything too serious if she's there though.' The brunette girl turned around to give the old woman in the frame a dirty look.

A young Hufflepuff heard the coming footsteps as he turned the corner, expecting it to be one of his friends a smile came to his face. As soon as he realised it was not his friend, but two angry looking seventh years, he stepped back out of their way, and his warm smile was replaced with an almost frightened look. The Hufflepuff, whose name was Jeremiah Lent turned back around to see where the girl and boy were heading but saw only the swish of two black robes as they pair turned another corner.

'Phew!' Jeremiah thought to himself and continued back down the corridor.

The seniors carried on walking at this pace right up until they reached a large wooden door which stood stall and alone in the corridor. They looked at one another and both raced to reach the doorknob first.

"Ladies. First." The girl growled trying to keep hold of it.

"Then. Why. Are. You. Trying. To get in. before. Me?" The male asked his face full of concentration.

The brass knob was being rattled ferociously, this way and that until suddenly there was a loud 'clanging' noise which echoed through the school.

The two students looked at each other, eyes piercing one another.

"Great going ferret face! What are we meant to tell Professor Snape?" Hermione hissed.

"We'll tell him some stupid mudblood broke it, how about that." Draco answered with the same amount of venom in his voice.

"Don't call me that." She glared.

"What, mudblood?" he smirked back at her.

"That's it!" she shouted, drawing her long wand from her robes.

"Children," Professor Snape's drone was heard just as she was about to send a hex at Draco. "Put your wands down. And follow me."

Hermione, embarrassed at being told off by a teacher felt her cheeks warming up and most probably glowing a bright pink colour by now. She followed Snape into the dungeon he called a classroom and made sure she got in first before Draco too. Snape walked up the front of the classroom and sat at his desk staring at the two before saying sarcastically,

"Going to stand there all day are we?"

Hermione hurriedly sat down in the closest seat to her, whereas Draco purposely took his time, swaggering down through the rows of desks and sitting opposite Hermione. The two glared at each other before turning back to the Professor.

"So I take it you both know why you're here?" he asked in a bored manner.

"No actually I don't, Professor Mcgonagall said she chose me for an important job and to come and see you today. And then I ran into him," she pointed at Draco "In the corridor and realized he was coming the same way as me. I just decided to ignore him as I thought he could only be coming to see you for detention. Then I tried to get in and he got in my way and broke your knob!" Hermione rambled, with Professor Snape flushing a red colour at this last part. Draco seeing this laughed and received a glare from his Head of House.

"And why would you assume he was here for a detention, Miss Granger?" Snape asked her.

"Why else would he be here?" she laughed nervously. "Unless. Oh no. no!" she shrieked. "I am not doing a job with, him!"

"That is where you are mistaken. For he is infact going to be going on this trip with you and two others." Both Hermione and Draco's jaws dropped at the word trip.

Snape went on to tell them that they'd be going on a 'muggle-camping trip' with some of the first years and they had been chosen to it by their Head of Houses, Snape himself and Mcgonagall. They would spend a week in total with the first years and would be off timetable and given no homework/ work to do either. On the first and second days they would accompany them to Muggle London to purchase what they will need for the trip, they would be staying overnight in a hotel while they were there. On the third and fourth days they would be travelling back via the Hogwarts Express and teaching them, once they had returned how to put a tent up. On the fifth, sixth and seventh days they would be in the forest camping out. Snape also recieved the cries of, 'How come we didnt get this trip in first year?' and 'How is this fair?!' from the two students.

"So, let me get this right. I'm going to have to spend a whole week with Granger, here?" Draco said with a disgusted look on his face.

"Yes and a friend of you're choice." Snape answered him, which brought a smile to Hermione's face.

"Seven days with Granger and Potter?!" He whined.

"Did I ever say I was taking Harry?" She snapped. "I'm taking Ron as a matter of fact."

"WEASEL?" he bellowed. "That's even worse! Just bring Potter!"

"No, he will want as much time with Ginny as he get at the moment, I'm not separating them!" Hermione said, arms crossed against her chest.

Snape wrote down Ron's name on a piece of paper next to Hermione's and rolled his eyes as the two of them continued to bicker.

"And who will be accompanying you Mr Malfoy?" Snape asked him.

"Blaise, Blaise Zabini!" he answered triumphantly.

"ONE WHOLE WEEK WITH THREE BOYS?!" Hermione screamed, slamming her hands on the desk.

"And 15 young and mischievous first years." Snape grinned at them both.

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