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The fire crackled loudly, letting out small sparks as it did so. The heat was intense no one got too close to it. Five or six long logs surrounded it, forming a circle. Even though the fire was hot, it was still a chilly night so everyone was forced to huddle together.

The tents had been set up during the day, where they had also made a fire. Blaise and Draco had been the ones voted to go fetch firewood and they had take four first years who volunteered with them. Betsy, Arnold, Luke and Darcey were all keen on the outdoors. They all loved herbology, not as much as Neville of course! But loved it all the same. They had collected such a big pile of twigs and dead wood while they were out they could have constructed about eight campfires!

Once they had set them up, the muggle way of course, Hermione had decided to make the evening meal. She cooked tinned sausages, some eggs and everyone got two pieces of bread, messily buttered by Ron. She handed out the food, and cleaned up too, all in the muggle way. It wasnt too hard for her though, she was used to it after being brought up by muggles.

Now it was almost eleven, the sky was dark and through the clearings, the stars sparkled like minature diamonds on velvet. Blaise watched as Draco pointed out all the constellations to Hermione. They made a lovely couple. Whoever said opposites attract was compltely right. Hermione was studious and down to earth, Draco on the other hand was full of himself and vain. Yet, they were completed each other in some odd way. When around Hermione, Draco became a nicer, calmer person whereas Hermione became more confident and out-going. How he never saw it before, he didnt know, but they seemed destined to be together even since this week began. Asking Hermione to the ball had a been a brillaint plan of his to make Draco jelous. He thought it would be a good way to set them up, and look after a few mishaps it worked out brilliantly.

"Guys, I think its time for bed." Ron said loudly to get everyones attention. The six girls did as they were told and clambered into the two tents put up for them. The boys on the other hand started complaining and whining about how unfair it was and how it wasnt late at all. Blaise stood up,

"You heard Ron, scram!" he laughed. They immediately got up and sulked off towards their designated tents. "You know I think I'll go too, hey Ron why dont you come and I'll show you how to make shadow puppets using the torch?"

"COOL!" Ron jumped up and literally jumped inside the tent. "Come on Blaise! I wanna see the puppets!" he whined.

"Night guys." Blaise said his goodnights then clambered into the tent with Ron. Anyone would think there was something sexual going on with that amount of shrieks of joys and giggles coming from their compartment!

"And you have to share a compartment with them tonight!" Hermione laughed and cuddled closer into her new boyfriends coat.

"I dont have to you know." he murmered into her hair.

"You want to stay with me for the night?"

"Hermione Granger! How dare you ask such a question, we both know i'd never do such an awful- Ahh go on then!" he laughed.

"No funny buisness though!" she laughed with him.

"Of course." and with that he kissed her full on the lips.

That morning when Hermione woke up in his arms, she was the happiest she had been in a long time. She lay there never wanting to move, never wanting the moment to end. Being with him felt like the most natural thing to her. He was her other half there was no doubt about that. When he was around she felt more confident, she felt as though she could accomplish anything, she was no longer scared for he'd be there to catch her when she fell. Hermione could feel his breath against her neck,

"Good morning beautiful." he said.

Draco loved the feel of her agaisnt him. The way she would always find a way to get closer to him, cuddle up warmly against his chest. She rolled over to face him,

"Good morning to you too." she smiled at him, her eyes shining.

Everything about her he loved. The way she could make him smile, make him want to do things for her, and let me tell you Draco rarely did things for others. When he was around her, he lost his normal arrogance. He didnt want to tease others or show off to impress them. The only person he ever wanted to impress was her. Draco had always thought family honour and money had been the most important thing in lfe. Now he'd found something even better, and he didnt plan on losing it.

"You know when they first paired us up on this trip, I wanted to kill myself. I didnt want to spend a week with you at all." she laughed.

"Well, it wasnt exactly a basket of roses for me to find out either!" he brushed the hair out of her eyes, and propped himself up on his elbow.

"But, I wouldnt have ever imagined it turning out like this." she continued.

"Me neither, but I wouldnt change it for the world." he smiled down at her.

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