Summary: Darkwing Duck has been missing for seven years, and is presumed dead by most, if not all. But that might change when Gosalyn finds a clue indicating otherwise...

Rated: K+ (just to be safe)

Takes place just after the original series ended at first, then jumps ahead seven years.


Chapter One


It was a seemingly calm night in the metropolis town of St. Canard. But, like a lot of things, appearances where deceiving.

"I'm the terror that flaps in the night! I'm the gum that sticks to your shoe! I'm Darkwing Duck!" a voice challenged the night. But as was expected, no one took up the challenge.

"Might as well be talking to a brick wall." Darkwing commented, sitting down on the ledge of the building's roof. "Of course, now that I think about it, I doubt anybody could hear me from on top of this skyscraper."

Times were especially rough for the crime fighter. F.O.W.L, the Fiendish Organization for World Larceny, had been recently disbanded by the top-secret government agency, S.H.U.S.H. Going with FOWL was half of Darkwing's enemies, leaving few behind for him to fight and battle every night.

To top it off, the usual supercriminals in St. Canard had all either been defeated or thrown into jail, among them was evil scientist Dr. Reginald Bushroot and Quackerjack, two of many of Darkwing's arch enemies. All that remained out there was Megavolt, a rat with a liking for electricity, lots of it, and Negaduck, Darkwing's own evil twin.

But Negaduck had virtually vanished, telling Darkwing that their last encounter really was the last and Negaduck really had gotten defeated. Darkwing had always suspected it was so, but there was significant room for doubt, plus Negaduck had a knack for always coming back. But never had he vanished for so long, he usually was back very quickly to taunt Darkwing again.

Megavolt, on the other hand, feared Darkwing, and more often than not, tried to stay out of Darkwing's way. More so than often for the past few months, telling Megavolt was fresh out of evil schemes for the moment. Of course, some of Megavolt's schemes were just for personal gain, but then, who's wasn't for a bad guy?

In short, the crime rate in St. Canard was at an all-time low, the first time in fifty years. Most were saying that was thanks to Darkwing Duck, which was good, but it didn't increase his popularity nor fan-base any. And for Darkwing, that was a very important thing in being a crime fighter.

"Whatcha thinking about, DW?" a voice asked from behind Darkwing.

Darkwing turned, and saw his sidekick and pilot, Launchpad McQuack, standing behind him, munching on a chocolate bar.

"Just how much things have changed, LP." Darkwing answered, turning back to face the St. Canard skyline. "Not much need for me to be out anymore."

"Sure there is!" Launchpad exclaimed, sitting down next to his friend. "What about that robbery yesterday?"

"That didn't count." Darkwing said. "That was merely a janitor accidently tripping the alarm."

"Okay, what about that woman you rescued last week?" Launchpad asked next.

"That didn't count either!" Darkwing said, frustrated. "She didn't even need saving. Her boyfriend was merely just tickling her so much her laughs became screams."

"But what about that little girl you stopped from trying to parachute off the roof of her house two weeks ago?" Launchpad asked.

"That was Gosalyn!" Darkwing exclaimed, slapping his purple cape aside in his swelling anger. "And I didn't even really save her, anyway. I just happened to be under her when she leapt, and her landing on me broke her fall."

Launchpad tried to think of another incident, scratching his head.

"Any other glorious moments you can think of, sidekick?" Darkwing asked sarcastically.

"No." Launchpad admitted unworried. He went back to eating.

Darkwing sighed. "Let's just call it a night Launchpad." he said. "We've been out here for half the night already, and nothing's happened. Might as well put the rest of the night to use."

He got up and started walking for the staircase leading off the roof. Launchpad followed. "How so?" he asked.

"By sleeping." Darkwing said. "I get little enough as is during the day."

"I don't see how." Launchpad said as they marched down the stairs. "It's summer!"

"Exactly." Darkwing said. "Gosalyn is out of school and home all the time."

"It can't be that bad, DW." Launchpad said as they walked out of the building on ground floor.

"Launchpad, she tired to blow up the living room with two-hundred fireworks just yesterday!" Darkwing exclaimed, climbing on the Ratcatcher, Darkwing's motorbike.

"That was just yesterday!" Launchpad pointed out, climbing into the motorbike's sidecar. "She doesn't do that everyday, does she?"

"No." Darkwing admitted as they took off down the silent streets, "The day before that she exploded all ten of the potatoes I was going to use to make dinner in the microwave, and on Monday she cooked a double-batch of popcorn on the stove without a lid on the pan."

"I'm sure she cleaned up the mess." Launchpad said.

"No, actually, she didn't." Darkwing said, "She left it to me to clean. Understand why I haven't been getting the sleep a crime fighter such as me needs now?"

"No," Launchpad stated defiantly, "What about the time-"

But he got no farther, for at that moment, the power all over St. Canard suddenly went out, plunging the Ratcatcher into darkness. Darkwing brought the motorbike to a sudden halt.

"Well, that was sudden." Launchpad remarked, blinking his eyes to adjust to the sudden change in light. "It's almost pitch black out here. The only source of light I see is the Ratcatcher's..."

Darkwing suddenly switched off the engine on the motorbike.

"...headlights." Launchpad ended, staring at the spot the headlight was glowing a moment before. "Now it really is pitch black out here."

"Not quite, LP." Darkwing said, "Look, up ahead, there's a faint glow coming from further up the street."

Launchpad looked, squinting his eyes. "What do you think it is, DW?" he asked.

"There's only thing it could be!" Darkwing exclaimed, jumping from the Ratcatcher's seat. "Villainous actions!" The two ran off the corner the source was being emitted from while Darkwing continued. "Baddies at work! Foul play! Criminal operations! Felonious exertions!"

They rounded the corner and came face to face with...

"A streetlight!" Launchpad exclaimed.

Darkwing stared at the lonely lamp, glowing brightly.

"It's behind the black out?" Launchpad asked, confused.

"No..." Darkwing said, "But it's a clue. Look around you. All the other streetlights are dark. So why is this one still producing it's luminescent glow?"

"It's not the only one!" Launchpad exclaimed suddenly, "There's another down the street!"

He pointed at another streetlight, the only other one still glowing in sight.

"And it's on a street corner too." Darkwing noted, rubbing his beak. "Like a marker..."

He grabbed Launchpad's hand and dragged him back towards the Ratcatcher. "Quickly, Launchpad, to the Thunderquack!" he said, "We'll look for a pattern in these seemingly random glowing streetlights!"

They hopped onto the motorbike and zoomed off. "Good thing the hideout is nearby." Darkwing noted.

Moments later, they were cruising over St. Canard in the Thunderquack, a specially designed jet plane.

"Look DW!" Launchpad said as he piloted the craft, looking at the city below.

"I see it LP!" Darkwing exclaimed. "The still lit streetlights are making a trail through the city! It must have been planned! Quick, take us lower, and lets see if we can find out why!"

Launchpad brought the Thunderquack into a nose dive and leveled out just above the roof tops of the buildings lining a particularly long stretch of lit streetlights.

"There's our culprit!" Darkwing suddenly exclaimed, pointing at a figure on what looked like a skateboard. "My arch nemesis, Megavolt!"

"I thought Negaduck was your arch nemesis, DW." Launchpad said.

"Well, he is." Darkwing admitted.

"And what about Quackerjack?" Launchpad asked.

"Uh, well, he is too." Darkwing said.

"And what about your neighbor, Herb Muddlefoot?" Launchpad continued undeterred.

"So I have a lot of arch nemeses!" Darkwing said angrily, "But my point is that Megavolt is down there, in the attempt of fleeing, no doubt, from causing this black out! And if we don't act swiftly, he's going to get away!" Darkwing got out of his seat and headed for the back of the jet. "Quick, we'll use Plan R to catch him!"

"Right, Plan R." Launchpad said, bringing the Thunderquack to hang over the fleeing figure below. "R for Ratcatcher."

Megavolt was grumbling to himself as he balanced on the self-propelling skateboard.

"Of all days for my getaway car to break down." He mumbled to myself, "Stuck on this battery with wheels instead, which doesn't even have a decent headlight...had to rig these streetlights to glow in order for me to see where I'm heading...going to draw Darkwing Duck here like a magnet...can't travel faster than thirty miles per hour on this thing...didn't even need to do this at all if-"

He stopped when he heard a faint hum. He looked up in time to see Darkwing Duck get dropped out of the Thunderquack on the Ratcatcher, revving the motorbike's engine as he landed to keep up with Megavolt.

"Oh no, not you!" Megavolt bemoaned. "Isn't there somebody else you could be going after?"

"I am the terror that flaps in the night!" Darkwing Duck answered, pursuing after the rat as they both sped up, shooting down the dark road. "I'm the superhero who had nothing else to do! I'm Darkwing Duck!"

Gulping, Megavolt looked for an escape route, knowing that Darkwing's motorbike could easily outrun him. Seeing an narrow alley, he steered his self-propelling skateboard into it. Darkwing easily kept on Megavolt's tail, keeping him in the motorbike's headlights.

"You can't escape me, Megavolt!" Darkwing shouted as they both exited on the other side of the alley.

"Maybe not now!" Megavolt called back, realizing he had just unwittingly just took a shortcut in his original escape route, and was now much closer to his destination.

In sight directly ahead were a set of power poles with the lines running above the nearby buildings, crossing over the street. On one of the lines, speeding towards them was a contraption wheeling down the line like a bike on a tightrope. Dangling down from it was a handle on a long cable. As it passed over Megavolt jumped and grabbed it, and began to be carried away.

But he didn't go fast enough, for a moment later, Darkwing latched onto his feet, and he too was pulled away, as both of their vehicles zoomed onward a few feet by themselves until they crashed into each other.

"Go away!" Megavolt shouted at Darkwing, trying to shake the crime-fighter off his feet. Darkwing hung on tight, regardless.

"I'll only go away when you're safely in jail, Sparky!" he shouted at Megavolt.

"Don't call me Sparky!" Megavolt whined, trying to send an electrical charge through is suit to shock Darkwing off, but Darkwing was prepared, wearing thick gloves that shielded his hands.

They zoomed along the power lines for several moments more. Megavolt wanted to pull off Darkwing with his hands, but he needed both to hang on to his contraption.

"Give it up, Megavolt!" Darkwing shouted persistently, knowing Megavolt didn't have any means to get rid of him at the moment, "There's no way you would have gotten away with causing a black out!"

"You think I wanted to cause a black out?" Megavolt exclaimed, frustrated, "I mean, sure, I do that from time to time, it's how I relax, have a bit of fun, but I had to this time, because the power converter on my getaway car broke down, and I needed to study another one in order to make a replacement, and the power plant just happened to have one!" He motioned to a small, chip-like, device he held between two fingers. "I was going to put it right back once I was done!" he promised.

"Sorry, Megavolt, but if it interferes with this city's everyday operations, I gotta stop you from doing it!" Darkwing said, shifting his position from where he hang off of Megavolt's feet.

"See, I knew you'd do that!" Megavolt continued, "I knew you'd find me if I kept those streetlights lit to mark my escape path, but I didn't have a choice there either, cause I can't see in the dark!"

"Well, neither can I, so at least we have that much in common." Darkwing admitted, he grunted as he tried to find a more comfortable position to hang from, "How much farther until your hideout Megs? I'm getting tired from hanging here, so let's hurry up and get this over with!"

"Not much farther now." Megavolt assured Darkwing. "See, there it is!"

The power line suddenly dipped and lead towards a short, three-story building, stopping to connect with the wiring in the building next to a window on the top floor. Megavolt began to skillfully swing into it, but he forgot to take Darkwing's presence into consideration, and fell short. Grabbing the windowsill, he hung there, wondering what to do now. Darkwing was one step ahead of him, and quickly scrambled up Megavolt and clambered through the window.

Safely inside the building, he turned back around the face the window and pulled the power converter from Megavolt's grasp.

"Hey!" Megavolt complained, swiping at it and nearly losing his grip and falling, "I need that!"

"Sorry, Sparky, St. Canard needs it more than you do." Darkwing said, holding the converter in his hand and studying it.

"DON'T...CALL...ME...SPARKY!" Megavolt said, pulling himself into the window, and took Darkwing's distraction as an opportunity to aim a bolt of energy at him.

Darkwing dodged the bolt at the last possible moment, whipping out his gas gun from his belt. "Suck gas, evil-doer!" he shouted, pulling the trigger.

The capsule containing a fair amount of sleeping gas shot towards Megavolt, but as Megavolt slid through the window, he slipped and fell to the floor. The capsule zipped over his head and out the window. Megavolt reacted quickly, and let loose another bolt of electricity. This one struck Darkwing's gun, knocking it from his grasp and into a corner.

Before Darkwing could move to retrieve it, Megavolt tackled him. They fell to the floor, and rolled about for several moments, fighting, occasionally knocking into the worktables Megavolt had lined around his hideout. Finally, Darkwing managed to get both of his webbed feet under Megavolt, and kicked the villain off of him and into a nearby chair. Darkwing grabbed the first thing that would work as a rope, in this case some kind of electrical cable, and began tying Megavolt up to the chair.

Megavolt sighed, allowing himself to be tied up. "Guess I lose." he said, "Again."

"Cheer up." Darkwing said, wrapping the end of the cord around Megavolt's arms, "The police department has been building a cell just for you."

"Yeah, I've heard of it." Megavolt admitted. "They're building individual cells for every supervillain, each one designed to keep it's occupant in, neutralizing each one's special abilities. In my case, it'd be electrocution proof. Which means that unless a miracle happens, I'm not getting out of there anytime soon."

Darkwing nodded in agreement. "If it makes you feel any better, once you're in jail, I'm pretty much out of a job." he said, starting tie the cord. "With these new special cells and St. Canard's crime rate at an all time low among other things, no one really needs a crime fighter anymore."

Megavolt was slightly surprised by this news. "So..." he said, cautiously, "What are you going to do when that happens?"

"I don't know." Darkwing admitted. "I might retire, or, more likely, find crime somewhere else in the world."

He was still tying the knot. Megavolt was watching intently. "Um, you may want to be careful." he said suddenly. "That cable is touching my power battery, and sometimes it'll discharge without warning. And seeing that your improvised rope is a power cord, the electrical current would carry through it up to your..."

He didn't need to say anything more after that, for the event he was describing actually happened, and the end result was that it shocked Darkwing, who had at one point lost both of his gloves in the fight. Surprised, the crime fighter staggered backwards towards another open window on the other side of the room. Then, before Megavolt could say a thing more, Darkwing tripped and fell over, sailing right out the open window and vanishing from sight.

Megavolt gasped, wondering if Darkwing was alright. The chair he was strapped in had wheels, so he twisted it around and used his feet to push off the nearby wall and rolled across the room. He slapped into the opposite wall, next to the window Darkwing had tumbled out of. Leaning over, he tried to peer out the window. He leaned slightly too far, and the chair rolled out from under him, causing him to first smash into the windowsill, then crash to the floor.

But he had seen all he needed to see. Outside the window, over four stories below, was the St. Canard river. With nothing to catch as he fell, Darkwing Duck undoubtably fell into the river and was swept away on it's fast moving current...